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  • Reduce customer acquisition and ownership costs
  • 30% faster loan disbursal
  • Omnichannel lead engagement
  • Increased efficiency of banking sales operation
  • Complete performance reports

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We’re here to answer all your questions!

Customers who use LeadSquared report


Increase in RM Productivity


Faster Loan Disbursal


Increase in DSA efficiency

Near zero downtime and no negative business impact

We use the LeadSquared tool for outbound calling to enhance our tele-sales efforts. The automated lead allocation to agents enables almost a real-time touch-base with the drop-off user thereby increasing the probability of a positive conversion, and a better customer experience. The tech-support is very prompt and resourceful which ensures a near-zero downtime and no negative business impact

Insightful analytics

The platform by LeadSquared has added value in the complete digitization of our lead management process. Additionally, the analytics derived have been extremely insightful for us.