Healthcare Security & Compliance

By prioritizing security and compliance, our healthcare CRM products help organizations build trust with their patients and maintain regulatory compliance with ease. We implement robust security measures, including access controls, encryption, and data backups, to safeguard against unauthorized access or loss of data.

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Healthcare CRM Security & Compliance Credentials

HIPAA Compliance

Protection of ePHI hence ensures that patient information remains private & secure.


Covers the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of service providers

GDPR Compliance

Sets rules and guidelines for the collection, use, and processing of personal data of individuals

Application architecture and security

Application architecture and security

Everything from engineering to deployment, including architecture and quality assurance complies with our highest standards of security.

  • Hosted on AWS
  • AWS Firewall to counter DDoS attacks and network-related intrusions
  • Web application firewall that monitors offending IPs, users, and spam
  • Industry-standard password policies
  • Built-in features: Sales groups, role-based access, permission templates, whitelisting IPs
  • LeadSquared Dev team’s access to the application is controlled and audited.

Application engineering and development

We follow a secure software development lifecycle, where security testing is part of development, testing, and pre-release acceptance.

  • Mandatory security review at every step of application engineering (construction + development)
  • Changes in production environment follow a highly defined and systematic process
  • Production deployments are ONLY done by authorized Devops members
  • Production monitoring: Dedicated 24×7 NOC team 
Application engineering and development
Data security and deletion

Data security and deletion

LeadSquared takes the integrity and protection of customers’ data very seriously.

  • LeadSquared dev team has NO access to data on the production servers.
  • Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256-bit standards (key strength – 1024)
  • Data in transit is encrypted using FIPS-140-2 standard encryption over a secure socket connection
  • Access to systems is strictly managed, based on the principles of need to do/know basis
  • Upon account termination, all your data is deleted cleanly. 

Network security

The LeadSquared office network is secured by industry-grade firewalls and antivirus software.

  • Access to the production environment is via SSH and remote access is possible only via the office network.
  • Audit logs are generated and reviewed for each remote user session.
  • Access to production systems is through a multi-factor authentication mechanism.
  • Our data centers (hosted in AWS) are ISO 27001, SSAE-16, and HIPAA compliant.
Network security
Physical security

Physical security

The LeadSquared development center is under 24×7 physical security protection. Only authorized personnel have access to the building and offices.

  • Biometric authentication for employees
  • Critical locations in the office are accessible only to authorized individuals
  • Strict camera surveillance
  • 24×7, uninterrupted power supply

Training Sessions

We have implemented comprehensive training programs to educate employees on security protocols, privacy practices, and compliance requirements.

  • Best practices for compliance regulations.
  • Regular training sessions to educate employees on the latest security threats & data handling procedures.
  • Encourage & equip the employees to report potential security incident or policy violations.
  • Regularly communicate emerging security trends to ensure employees are well-informed and equipped to mitigate risks.
Ongoing Security and Compliance Commitment

Ongoing Security and Compliance Commitment

Our commitment to security and compliance goes beyond initial implementation. We stay vigilant, regularly monitor and enhance our security protocols to ensure an unwavering commitment to security and compliance.

  • Continuous monitoring and improvement
  • Collaboration with industry experts & compliance organizations
  • Feedback and transparency in addressing customer concerns

Reporting issues and threats

At LeadSquared we take the protection of our customer’s data very seriously. If you have found any issues or flaws impacting the data security or privacy of LeadSquared users, please write to To learn more, visit Legal Security & Info page.

Reporting issues and threats
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Healthcare Security & Compliance FAQs

What is a HIPAA compliant CRM?

A HIPAA-compliant CRM software platform safeguards patient data through confidentiality, secure storage, and backups.

Why do you need security in a CRM?

Security in a CRM is necessary to protect sensitive patient data, comply with regulations, and prevent data breaches.

Is LeadSquared GDPR compliant?

Yes, LeadSquared is fully committed to following the guidelines cited by GDPR. We promise to safeguard your data. You can contact for any questions/comments.

What encryption methods does LeadSquared use for data storage & transmission?

LeadSquared takes the integrity and protection of customers’ data very seriously. Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 bit standards (key strength – 1024) with the keys being managed by AWS Key Management Service. All data in transit is encrypted using FIPS-140-2 standard encryption over a secure socket connection for all accounts hosted with us.

How is the CRM platform kept up-to-date with security patches and protocols?

CRM is always kept up-to-date with regular software updates, monitoring security bulletins, implementing security protocols, security audits & complaince & conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Is LeadSquared HIPAA compliant?

Yes, LeadSquared’s healthcare CRM is fully HIPAA compliant, with Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place to maintain PHI security and overall HIPAA compliance.

Is LeadSquared SOC 2 certified?

Yes, LeadSquared is SOC II certified.

What is CRM used for in healthcare?

It automates patient communication and it also provides insights into that communication. It helps in improving patient engagement, experience and ultimately retention while automating appointments and more.

How does the CRM ensure patient data security and confidentiality?

CRM system ensures patient data security and confidentiality through measures such as access controls, data encryption, secure data storage, regular data backups,  regular updates & auditing and logging.

How does the CRM handle data backups and disaster recovery?

CRM systems handle data backups and disaster recovery through regular automated backups, data restoration processes, disaster recovery planning, testing and validation, and high availability architectures to ensure data protection, recoverability, and continuous access to the CRM system.