New Age Lending CRM to Disburse Loans Faster

Your one-stop solution to manage all your processes and teams – Sales, Call Center, Field Sales, Collections and more

lending CRM - leadsquared

Which lending process do you wish to manage?

Make borrowing easy & straightforward for loan applicants

User-friendly application forms, automated back-end processing and more

Complete loan inquiry capture

Attract high-quality borrowers faster than your competition. Capture leads from all your channels – digital, phone calls, email, social media, lending marketplaces, and more. With automated screening at each step, your team will never waste a moment on non-serious borrowers or low-quality inquiries.

lending CRM - lead capture automation
Lending CRM - self-serve forms

Self-serve application forms

User-friendly, mobile-optimized forms ensure a smooth application experience for the borrowers. OTP verification helps junk non-serious requests right at the first step. The application can be resumed anytime, thereby enhancing borrower experience and saving the agents’ time.

Self-serve lending portals

Give your loan applicants and customers their own application portals. The borrowers can easy-apply for loans, manage their profile & applications, upload documents, check application status and receive verification & approval notifications.

lending CRM - self-serve portals

End-to-end loan application management with Process Designer

Provide a seamless digital experience to your teams with loan application workflows

lending CRM - complete loan disbursal lifecycle

Improve the efficiency of your pre-screening, sales & underwriting teams

Preserve your teams’ bandwidth against redundant tasks

lending CRM - seamless application processing

Automated pre-screening checks

Make sure only high-quality applications enter the funnel with pre-screening checks – OTP verification, credit checks, etc. (via integrations with LOS & other tools). This saves your team’s time, improves funnel quality & speeds up loan disbursals.

Smart application distribution

Distribute inquiries and applications automatically to your salespeople, underwriters, fraud control, verification & other teams, based on any criteria you want – loan type, location, agent availability, performance, application status and more.

lending CRM - application distribution
lending CRM - screening

Timely call center intervention

An efficient call center team is the backbone of any lending organization handling large application volume. Preserve your call center bandwidth against junk leads and redundant tasks. Route only those inquiries to call center that don’t close online

Dynamic forms for your teams

Dynamic forms simplify your teams’ tasks by displaying only the fields necessary for a particular loan application type. It gives your team a clutter-free experience when they fill applications on a borrower’s behalf, reduces the chances of manual error and speeds up the application completion.

lending CRM - dynamic forms for your teams

Build lasting relationships with borrowers and customers

Build engagement workflows to engage and enroll more borrowers

lending CRM - smart list segmentation

Smart borrower segmentation + relevant communication

Segment your prospective borrowers and customers based on various factors – loans they have applied for, the status of their applications, demographics, location, financial status, credit history and more. Use this information to always maintain relevant messaging across all communication channels.

Cross-sell opportunity identification

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Borrower Retention Rates by identifying and acting upon cross-selling opportunities. For example, a home loan customer with an excellent credit repayment history who visits car loan page on your website can be offered a pre-approved vehicle loan.

lending CRM - upsell cross-sell

Automate loan offer generation to expedite loan disbursal

By securely accessing relevant data from Loan Origination System and other tools

lending CRM - data gathering

Access borrower info from multiple data points

Use pre-built integrations and data exchange APIs to access all the information you need for loan offer generation. Access data from LOS, CIBIL, Experian Hunter, Perfios, NetBanking Connect, PDF Statement Analyzer, and others. Use this to automate borrower qualification & offer generation.

Offer generation engine

Details like income, age, CIBIL scores, and other attributes can be used to generate offers instantly. The attributes can be user-provided or captured through activity tracking (directly in LeadSquared) or accessed from 3rd party tools (via APIs). Reject applications or generate offers based on this.

Lending CRM - offer generation engine

Build a highly productive field workforce

One mobile app to increase the efficiency of all your feet-on-street teams

Agents’ daily schedule

LeadSquared automatically plans your agents’ day, including meetings in order of priority, best routes to follow, goals for the day, and more. Increase your team’s productivity by auto-identifying possible meetings in their proximity.

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Lending CRM - mobile CRM
lending CRM - geo tracking

Real-time agent tracking

Don’t let your teams slack by tracking everything they do. There’s auto check-in for agents, geo-tracking to validate meetings, geofencing to ensure no meeting is misrepresented, and tracking of all the conversations and activities.

Complete performance reports for your products, teams, agents and more

Reduce borrower acquisition costs and increase operational efficiency

Loved by smart lending businesses across the world

Due to pre-screening automation, we are able to reject files right at the onset. By doing that we are able to improve our main funnel quality by 60 to 70%. Only the quality data moves to the core underwriting process, and our underwriting bandwidth is not getting choked.

LeadSquared helps us manage our lending partnerships with banks & NBFCs, and our internal processes across the lending lifecycle (sales, credit, verification & operations) to disburse loans 30% faster than before. Our DSAs are 55% more efficient than before, and all their work is trackable

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