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Zero Lead Leakage Zero Lead Leakage
Zero Manual Work Zero Manual Work
Speed-to-lead Speed-to-lead

"Last year we enrolled more students than we have in our 38-year history. I’m thankful LeadSquared was implemented when it was to help us achieve this level of growth"

Jessica Barry

President & Owner

Reduce Response Time 100% Response Rate
Drag-n-drop Automations
Activities & Goals Tracking

"We’re able to increase speed-to-lead by 12x. LeadSquared helped us automate communications throughout the student lifecycle resulting in continued student engagement."

Kim Gasper
Kim Gasper

Corporate Director of Admissions

RM Productivity 2x Pipeline Growth
Reduce Response Time Super-fast Implementation
Call Center Zero Support Issues

“We’ve roughly doubled the amount of leads we’re able to manage. We’re able to cut down our TAT responding to inquiries and communicate with many more leads.”

Tamara Young

Director of Marketing

RM Productivity 10x RM Productivity
Call Center 5x Call center efficiency
Reduce Response Time Reduced response time

"Activity tracking, process monitoring, automation, telephony integrations, and real time reports have helped us improve our contact center productivity by 5x."

Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer, Angel One
Prabhakar Tiwari

Chief Growth Officer

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Discover how we enable 2000+ companies across industries achieve higher sales efficiency and productivity.

Pick your Industry

Discover how we enable 2000+ companies across industries achieve higher sales efficiency and productivity

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Reduction in lead
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Lead leakage


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Get higher sales productivity
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Goodbye guesswork, hello sales efficiency

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Without LeadSquared

Salespeople are less productive because they are unsure what to do next.
Salespeople struggle to score leads and pursue best-fit prospects.
Higher turnaround times decrease engagement and threaten sales.
Disconnected digital customer onboarding processes cause high drop-off rates.
Managers are stuck with ineffective processes unless IT can come to their rescue.

With LeadSquared

Salespeople sail smoothly through each day and get more done in less time.
Salespeople can work smarter, spending more time with the right prospects.
Reduce turnaround times and empower your salespeople to connect with prospects faster.
Enable smooth self-serve and assisted customer and partner onboarding journeys.
Sales and marketing managers can optimize processes without touching a single line of code.

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Kandarp Kant

Achieved 50% More Loan Sales

With LeadSquared, we could bring together all our processes and teams into a single enterprise-wide solution. Our agents are more efficient, and the journeys are more seamless, helping us deliver a premium experience to every borrower. Overall, our loan sales have taken a quantum leap with a significant reduction in our turn-around times.


We’ve doubled our pipeline

We’ve roughly doubled the number of leads we’re able to manage. A lot of that is due to the time-saving factor of working with LeadSquared. We’re able to cut down our turnaround time responding to inquiries and reach out to and communicate with many more leads.

Sales Execution CRM & Marketing Automation – LeadSquared

Shortened the onboarding cycle 

The typical onboarding process for each Dunzo partner store previously took days as it involved multiple steps including capturing details of the store, verification, negotiation, cataloging and more. With LeadSquared, Dunzo has managed to shorten this cycle while improving team collaboration and efforts. The key has been a streamlined process and an efficient team, allowing them to undertake vendor onboarding at scale.

Sales Execution CRM & Marketing Automation – LeadSquared

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