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Drive paperless admission and nurture students with LeadSquared’s simple and intuitive admission software.

Empowering 800+ Educational Institutions Worldwide

Manage Student Onboarding
Journeys End-to-end

Build transparent processes across teams

Streamline communication and create transparency in communication across departments.

Foster efficiency for follow-ups and nurturing

Create an automated workflow to remind, track, and update the application status of each student.

Reduce manual tasks and human errors

With updates, triggers, and reminders, reduce human errors and smooth student onboarding.

Maintain security and compliance

Ensure students’ details and documents are handled securely.

Add Efficiency to Your Admission Process

1. Automated Inquiry Capture

Ensure zero missed inquiries and maximize student outreach

Automated Inquiry Capture
2. Automated Communication

Send out personalized, targeted messages across channels at scale

Automated Communication
3. Faster Query Resolution

Reach out to students at the right time to ensure they don’t drop out of the funnel

Faster Query Resolution
4. Timely Follow-Ups

Help counselors follow up with prospective students and share progress updates

Timely Follow-Ups
5. Student Activity Tracking

Understand how the student interacts with the content shared and modify messaging

Student Activity Tracking
6. Complete Visibility

Map student activities and conversations to share a historical overview among all teams involved

Complete Visibility
7. Real-Time Reporting

Gather qualitative and quantitative information to identify leaks, fix broken processes, and predict future cycles

Real-Time Reporting
8. Single-View Dashboard

A single window for your counselor to hold and share contextual information while interacting with students

Single-View Dashboard

An Admission Software That’s
Custom-made for You

LeadSquared’s admission software offers pre-built automations and customization
capabilities to meet your needs. Always.

Custom workflows

Create custom workflows to engage, nurture, and delight your students. Enable counselors to work productively by automating repetitive tasks. Notify stakeholders with timely updates and reminders.

Student portals

Build a paperless admissions journey through self-serve portals. Help counselors and students keep track of applications every step of the way.

Seamless integrations

Ensure information is shared and passed across every tool you use, whether sending out emails, messages, payment information, or updating your SIS.

Handy mobile app

Here’s a companion to interact with prospective students even when you’re away from your desk. Execute successful campus fairs, events, and more with a handy mobile app for admissions.

A Peek into the Features LeadSquared’s
Admission Software Offers

  • Student Management
  • Student Response Automation
  • Landing Page Builders
  • Payment Collection
  • Counsellor Dashboards
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Discount Offer Generators
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Custom Reports
  • Referral Management
  • Applicant Portal
  • Student Quality Score
  • Dynamic Student Forms
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • User-friendly
  • Call Center Capabilities
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Reports
  • Student Counsellor Mapping
  • Student Counsellor Mapping
  • Opportunity Management
  • SIS Integration
  • Document Collection
  • Marketing Automation
  • Low Code/Intuitive UI
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Customization & Flexibility
  • Data Security
  • Student Journey Mapping

Find out what our customers love about us!

Rohit Rana
Rohit Rana
Vice Chair

St Andrews Improves Their Admission Process

“With LeadSquared’s intuitive admissions platform, we could focus on how to approach a student and internally improve our processes. This helped us achieve more engaged students and productive counselors”

Inquiries tracked per day
Inquiry capture across sources
Counsellor efficiency
Kattie Sellers
Katie Sellers
Assistant Dean

Esthetic Institute Could Saved Over 10,000 Minutes

“We have saved over 10,000 minutes by streamlining communications with LeadSquared. It is a time-saving tool that resulted in faster turnaround in responding to students.”

Increase in email open rate
Automated messages
Pankoj Roy
Pankoj Roy
Executive Director

Ebenezer Group Increased Admissions by 30%

“The entire lead management process is at our fingertips, as we have complete control over our data. We have increased our enrollments by 30% within a short span, and I strongly recommend LeadSquared”


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What is the difference between an admissions software and an ERP?

An admissions software captures and manages the end-to-end student onboarding process—from inquiry capture to enrollment. In contrast, an ERP system comes into play after the student has been admitted to the institution.

Which is the best admission management software for universities?

Tried and tested by leading institutions, LeadSquared’s admission software is the best admission software for universities. It helps with automated inquiry capture, self-serve portals, process automation, marketing campaign management, and more.