Esthetic Institute Has Saved Over 10,000 Minutes with LeadSquared

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“LeadSquared has literally changed how we are able to interact not only with each other, but also directly with our potential and existing student base. The ability to streamline communication is such a timesaver on a day-to-day basis.”

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Esthetic Institute loves LeadSquared for its:

  • Personalized Customer Support
  • Advanced Automations
  • Easy-to-use Templates
  • Precise Stage Tracking
  • User Friendliness
  • Tailor-made Workflows

Increase in Email Open Rate




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About Esthetic Institute

Established in 1992, Esthetic Institute is a premier vocational career school focused on esthetics, with courses on nail & wax technology, permanent cosmetics, makeup artistry and more. They are based out of Virginia, and are certified by SCHEV, licensed by DPOR, and accredited by NACCAS.


1. Lack of a Streamlined Tool

They used multiple and disperse software for various activities and integrating all of them was a huge hassle.

2. No Stage Tracking

They wanted to be able to follow through with students on a customized basis and know where exactly each student was in the pipeline.

3. Time Wastage

They were unhappy with how much time was consumed in manual tasks such as collecting emails, sending messages, and waiting for follow-ups.

4. No Communication Records

Often due to internal miscommunications and no uniform records, prospects were not properly communicated with. This created lead leakage.

The main challenge that Esthetic faced while on the lookout for a CRM was finding a software that could cater to their needs specifically. Most of the CRMs that they had tried out, including Salesforce, were cumbersome and included several features that weren’t relevant for their business. As a small school, they needed a tool that would prevent manual work and streamline their everyday practices of communicating with students. They also required important functions like tracking student progress, maintaining records of communication, and integrations with their admissions software.

“From the time we communicated with LeadSquared asking for a conversation, it was one of the fastest and easiest transitions that I have experienced. In 2-3 weeks, after implementation and testing, we were up and running. It was very smooth”

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Automation that Saved 10,000 Precious Minutes!

Marketing Automation

Before LeadSquared, when a student would call to receive information, they had to ask for the student’s email and manually send the email to the student. Carrying this procedure out for each student wastes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes while typing out the email to one student, they would have to cater to another student’s call, and would end up forgetting to send the email to the first student. This was creating lead leakage and failure to capture valuable prospects.

With LeadSquared’s Marketing Automation, messages and emails are sent immediately and on their own. Automations allow for instant follow-up communications, and leads are captured without any manual interference. Landing pages collect student data as they request for information, and then the emails are automatically dispatched and recorded in the system. Users can then track which students have received the email and when they were opened, greatly improving transparency.

With 2000+ automated emails sent; Esthetic believes that they have saved on average 5 minutes per email. That results in over 10,000 minutes saved and siphoned towards more productive tasks.

“We’re sending all our SMSs through LeadSquared. We’ve set up a landing page, if someone wants to chat with us, they send a message, and it pops up right there in LeadSquared. It’s a very quick turnaround, and we can respond to them, collect their information, and automatically send them emails.”

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A Single Software for Every Purpose.

One Software for Every Purpose

As Esthetic was shifting from their old methods of paper & pen towards a digital interface, they needed a common place to host all their data. Initially relying on multiple different software for multiple purposes like lead follow-up, emailing, database maintenance etc., was too difficult so they decided to look for a CRM.

They realized that LeadSquared was perfect for a school of their size. Tailored to their requirements and needs, LeadSquared had all the features that they were looking for. Partnering with LeadSquared gives them access to an auto-updating student database, a marketing/communications tool, a lead capture service that prevents any lead leakage, and a lead nurturing tool; all in one place.

“From an end-user perspective, some of the other CRM tools can become cumbersome. They have a lot of information in one place, and it’s tough to learn how to navigate and use it once they are initially set up. But, with LeadSquared, once our information was live and we were using it, it was very simple to use and navigate. We’re using it at its full benefit now.”

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Stage Tracking for Complete Journey Visualization.

Stage Tracking for Complete Journey Visualization

Esthetic wanted a clear picture of where their prospective students were in the pipeline. They wanted to document the journey so when they would hop on a call with the prospect, they would have all the necessary insights ready. Previously, they would have to make phone calls, ask around, and scratch their heads trying to remember all the details of the prospect.

LeadSquared’s Stage Tracking tools allow for each prospect’s journey to be well-documented. Each lead has a unique profile and is automatically updated as and when action is taken. Now, Esthetic knows when emails are sent to the lead, whether the email has been opened or not, how many times has the student requested for information, etc.

“At a very quick glance, you can see where the student is in the admissions process without having to read multiple notes or emails. When you’re looking for a quick answer, all the information is easily available, which is very helpful for our team.”

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An Eveready and Enthusiastic Customer Support Team.

LeadSquared Customer Support Team

With LeadSquared’s Customer Support, Esthetic could solve any issue that they were facing. From the implementation phase itself, the support team was there to help understand their requirements, their problems, and their goals. The LeadSquared team set up the software and automation and helped Esthetic understand how everything worked.

Esthetic loves how they can directly talk to the support team via emails and Zoom calls. The personalized support team holds their hand at every step and helps them get what they need.

“The LeadSquared support team is always present, and if I have any issue, all it takes is just one email. If something’s not working, I don’t have to sit around and wait for 36 hours before someone gets back to me. It is dealt with immediately, and they understand that as a small business we don’t have that luxury of being able to wait until the issue is resolved.”

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LeadSquared has changed the way Esthetic Institute communicates with students. Not only that, but everything is recorded in one database, so there’s no more room for internal miscommunication.

Any team member can go into the database and get details about the student, see which other team members have contacted them, and note down what information has been sent to the student. It has streamlined every process and helps them get things done faster and more efficiently.