Purpose built CRM for career focused schools

End-to-end platform for student life-cycle


Increased speed to lead by 12x

We realized we needed something more to be responsive, and able to get back to prospective students quickly.


Increased process efficiency by 75%

With the introduction of LeadSquared and continuous optimization of the product, they have experienced a net increase of 75% in terms of process efficiency & 5% increase in campus appointment.


Average response time got faster by 50%

We are now looking at, at worst, about 5 minutes and the average response time is now 2.7 minutes. It’s accelerated our contact rate and increased conversion.


9% growth over previous high-water mark in enrollment

Last year we enrolled more students than we have in our 38-year history. I’m thankful LeadSquared was implemented when it was to help us achieve this level of growth.


Start Show Rate has climbed to 85%

We can take a deeper look at our processes and utilize new technology to study how we’re doing as an institution. LeadSquared has helped us bring information to students much faster.

All-in-one tool to manage every step of the student life-cycle

Student Journey for a career school

Streamline appointments & boost student enrollment rates

Automate Outbound Calling

In-built Calling & Text capabilities

With a no-code calling and texting feature available in the CRM it makes it easier for different departments of schools to connect with each other.

Lead management

Track potential student interactions, manage communication, and automate follow-up tasks. Streamline lead management process, increase conversion rates and boost your enrollment numbers.

Lead Management
Multi-channel Communications

Multi-channel communication

By integrating various communication channels into your system you can automate personalized communication based on prospect interests and preference. By automating communication, schools can save time, reduce costs, and focus on building relationships with prospects that lead to enrollment.

Applicant portal

Create a paperless applicant portal. Automate the process of uploading and electronically signing documents. This reduces paperwork, saves time, and enhances the applicant experience. Automate communication, track applicant progress, and improve enrollment rates by integrating paperless portal with your CRM.

Application Portal
Prospect Scoring

Prospect scoring

Assign lead score based on student engagement, activity, tasks and other behavioural metrics. This way you can gain a better understanding of the current standing of your leads, prioritize efforts and focus on high-quality leads more likely to convert, resulting in increased efficiency and better conversion rates.

Transform student experience with automated life-cycle management

Student journey builder

Create personalized and automated student journeys. Schools can define stages of the student journey, such as prospect, applicant, and enrolled student, and create customized workflows for each stage. By further automating tasks, and reminders, schools can provide a seamless and engaging experience for students throughout their journey and therefore improve student satisfaction & retention.

Document Collection

Document collection

Automate document verification and management by creating a customized document collection checklist, request documents from students via a secure portal, and track document status in real-time. By automating the document collection process, schools can reduce administrative tasks, save time, and improve compliance.

Payment collection

Schools can create a self-serve payment form that students can access and complete independently. The system integrates with various payment gateways, enabling schools to accept payments online securely and automate payment reminders & notifications. Schools can reduce administrative tasks, save time, and improve the payment experience for students.

Payment Collection

Powerful reporting for Student life-cycle

Attribution reports

Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by analyzing the source of leads and their interactions with the school’s marketing touchpoints. Gain insights into the marketing channels that are driving leads schools can optimize their marketing strategy, make data-driven decisions & improve ROI.

Attribution Reports

Omnichannel engagement

Engage with students across multiple channels. CRM system can integrate with various communication channels, including email, SMS, phone, social media, and web forms. Create a unified, consistent and personalized communication experience for students.

Enrollment funnel report

The funnel allows you to visualize the end-to-end process from student enquiry capture till enrollment. It can also aid in identifying optimization opportunities at every stage of student on-boarding such as the scope for automation, personalization or promptness.

Enrollment-funnel Report
Bulk Texting

Bulk Texting

Reach out to large groups of students via text message. The system enables schools to create customized text messages and send them to targeted groups of students automatically. easily communicate important updates, reminders, and announcements to students, leading to improved student satisfaction and retention rates.

Custom Configurable Reports

Create custom reports to track and analyze student performance, marketing & sales efforts. Choose from various configurable reporting templates and customize the reporting based on specific requirements.

Custom Configurable Reports
Foster collaboration

Foster collaboration with a connected campus

  • Real time integrations: allows seamless data exchange between the CRM and other applications, systems, platform. ​
  • Full audit capabilities: provides a detailed record of all changes made to the system, including user actions, data modifications, and system events ​
  • Scalability: accommodate increased data volumes, user traffic, and functionality demands without compromising performance
  • In-house implementation​: deploy and customize the system internally and exercise flexibility and greater control in your hand.
  • Reporting: Configure & customize reports tailored to specific requirements and make informed decision

10x your enrollment rate with LeadSquared CRM

Career-schools FAQs

Why do schools need a CRM?

Schools can manage the entire student life-cycle end-to-end with a CRM. Schools can track and store important data that’s specific to a schools’ operation and hence helps drive meaningful decisions.

What are the functions of student management system?

A student management system is a comprehensive solution that stores and manages students’ workload, personal information, grades, records, and other relevant data. By centralizing all student-related information into a single system, it streamlines administrative tasks and ensures efficient tracking of student data

What is a CRM in admissions?

CRM is a system designed to manage and streamline the admissions process in educational institutions. It helps centralize and organize prospective student data, track communication and interactions, automate workflows, and provide insights to improve recruitment and enrollment efforts.

Does LeadSquared have a dedicated admission portal?

Yes, we have it.