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Bolt.Earth Achieves 30% Surge in Conversions Using LeadSquared

Discover how Bolt.Earth improved lead capture and conversion rates with LeadSquared's automation and support. Read our customer testimonial for insights into their success story.

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Lindenwood University Finds Customer-Centric Partner in LeadSquared

Explore how Lindenwood empowers reps to adopt a successful contact strategy using LeadSquared.

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Toprankers Student Reach Expands 18x with LeadSquared

Toprankers’ revolutionized Career Guidance & Test Preparation with LeadSquared's CRM, scaling Student Outreach, Engagement and Sales.

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Helped Adopts LeadSquared as Their Ultimate Patient Management Tool

Discover how Helped achieved streamlined workflows, customization, and zero lead leakage and revolutionized patient management with LeadSquared.

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Recklabs Increases their Conversion by 60% with LeadSquared

With 360-degree visibility into the lead pipeline and a 60% increase in conversions, understand how Recklabs optimized its sales operations completely.

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Tandem Care Increases Its Responsiveness by Over 40% Using LeadSquared’s Automation

Experience enhanced caregiving efficiency with LeadSquared. Tandem Care leveraged its automations and real-time reporting to improve caregiving.

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