End-to-end Merchant Lifecycle Management

Onboard more merchants, keep them engaged and increase revenue – all with a single mobile app

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Helping top marketplaces transform their merchant lifecycle operations


How can you Become the Marketplace of Choice for Top Merchants?

Fast & hassle-free onboarding experience, timely engagement and best possible return from your seller platform!

  • Fast Onboarding

    Ensure zero delays in new merchant onboarding. Automate merchant-agent mapping & one-click merchant addition.

  • Paperless Verification

    Documents are uploaded and transferred for verification digitally, which can be instantly approved or rejected.

  • Merchant Engagement

    Engage your prospective + active merchants with relevant insights. Allow them to learn and improve with insights

  • Self-serve Portals

    Improve merchant self-listing rates with self-serve portals. Direct drop-offs to your call center instantly.

  • Field Agent Productivity

    Plan your merchant onboarding agents’ day, allow them to identify vendors near them, and track everything they do.

  • In-depth Insights

    Get insights into the performance of your vendor onboarding teams and of your vendors, to help them improve.

Enlist More Merchants from Every Single Channel

Ensure zero lead leakage, maximum merchant coverage and fast turnaround time

Source merchant inquiries from all your channels

Attract high-quality merchants faster than your competition. Capture leads from all your merchant recruitment campaigns – digital, referral, phone calls, email, social media, events and more. Automated quality screening ensures a high-quality funnel, so your team never wastes a moment on non-serious merchants or low-quality inquiries.

Merchant sourcing - merchant lifecycle management
Merchant portals - merchant lifecycle management

Increase merchant self-listing rates on your portal

While running online merchant recruitment campaigns, improve merchant self-listing rates by directing drop-offs to your call center instantly. Call Center intervention at the right time would ensure that the merchants are encouraged to finish their profiles, which can then be transferred to the merchant onboarding team.

Instantly map merchants to the right agents

Map your merchants/sellers to your onboarding agents based on different criteria – location, product category, years in business, size of operations, agent availability, expertise, experience, performance and more. This increases the chances of closure with high-quality conversation and instant response by the merchant onboarding agent.

Merchant mapping - merchant lifecycle management

Make merchant onboarding fast, easy and completely connected

Easy to use, easy to adapt – across teams and hierarchies

Merchant lifecycle management - onboarding

Onboard new merchants fast and effectively

Allow your merchant onboarding teams to add new vendors with one click. Plus, they can collect, upload, and sync documents digitally and paperlessly – while on the field. Route these new merchants to the verification team instantly. Integrate with verification systems in real-time.

Actively engage your merchants to build long-lasting relationships

Engage with right content at the right time

Keep your merchants engaged

As soon as a merchant meeting is over, you can automatically send meeting details, onboarding steps, tips to improve an existing merchant’s performance and more based on the disposition and purpose of the meeting.

Merchant engagement - merchant lifecycle management
Vendor Onboarding Software - upsell

Identify and act upon up-sell/cross-sell opportunities

Allow your merchant account managers to identify and act upon upsell opportunities, using digital signals + manual activity addition.

For instance: Agents can add activities straight from their mobile app if they identify the need for a loan, insurance or a premium plan (if you offer such services to your merchants); tasks are then automatically created for the respective teams or the merchant account managers to connect with them.

Track all your feet-on-street teams from miles away

FOS management - merchant lifecycle management

Get performance insights throughout the complete merchant lifecycle

Merchant performance, team, agent and category performance, revenue attribution and more

The typical onboarding process for each Dunzo partner store previously took days as it involved multiple steps including capturing details of the store, verification, negotiation, cataloging and more. With LeadSquared, Dunzo has managed to shorten this cycle while improving team collaboration and efforts. The key has been a streamlined process and an efficient team, allowing them to undertake vendor onboarding at scale.

Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a prospective supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute. The best part – not only are our suppliers engaged, but the onboarding process have become much easier for our team. The productivity is up 70%.

Complete Merchant lifecycle management!

Onboard, engage and increase revenue per agent easily