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Multiply your door-to-door sales revenue with one simple and slick application. Real-time tracking, automated day plans, targeted prospecting, crisp reporting and so much more!

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Automate Your Way to Sales Rep Productivity with Leadsquared’s Door-to-door CRM

One versatile application to make your field sales team more efficient than ever.

Optimize day and route planning

Automated mapping of the fastest routes ensuring peak efficiency in closing deals. Get an overview of all your tasks and appointments for the day.

Day plan

Configure the best day plan based on your start time and end-time. Automate task assignment to ensure optimum performance for the day.

Route plan

Spend less time travelling with the shortest routes planned intelligently. Automatically modify routes if any meetings or tasks are re-scheduled.

Meeting Recommendations

Easily view all leads near you. Smart meeting recommendations with existing clients if you have no tasks left for the day.

Day Plan-Door-to-Door CRM

Carve and assign territories-Door-to-Door CRM

Carve and assign territories

Map and create territories to assign leads to your reps. Draw and create areas for automatic lead allocation.
Every time a lead gets captured, assign the leads automatically to your field sales team based on their proximity to them.
Control the number of leads assigned based on historical data of performance, weekly, monthly, yearly targets, etc.

Manage tasks and meetings with no sweat!

From meeting reminders to instant logs, handle all your tasks and meeting effortlessly.


Create custom notifications and reminders to ensure you never miss out on any tasks or activities. Send push notifications to prioritize all your key tasks and reduce response time.

One-click Phone call/ SMS

Call or WhatsApp your prospects with one swipe right on LeadSquared’s Door-to-door CRM app. Bulk send SMS/ WhatsApp messages with pre-existing templates to engage your clients.

Record meeting notes

Audio record all your meetings and have them automatically posted as activity associated with the lead. Log in relevant meeting notes to make personalized follow-ups.

Upload and verify documents

Get precise information that you need from leads with custom forms. Upload documents easily. Get them verified instantly.

Notification-Door-to-Door CRM
Prospect with precision-Door-to-Door CRM

Prospect with precision

Get insights on all the prospects in your vicinity. Set notifications to quickly act upon opportunities. Integrated Google Maps search to get a view of all potential businesses around you.

Refine lead management

Create and save custom filters to find lead details easily. Get access to previous lead activities and interactions with one click.

Custom dashboards

Have all your metrics, tasks and meeting details on the dashboard tailored to you. Drag and drop metrics that matter to you to have a productive day.

Smart views

Get a bucketed view of all your leads, opportunities, day plan—all in one place. The app automatically refreshes to keep you updated.

Upsell and cross-sell

Quickly act upon upsell and cross-sell opportunities through intelligent insights based on existing customer’s activities.

Don’t miss even the remotest areas

Ensure you record your meeting details even when you are in areas with low or no internet connectivity. Add and update lead details and record phone calls with no hassles.

Actionable Insights with Sales
Tracking and Concise Reporting

Maximize productivity with a 360-degree visibility on field
operations and 150+ reports for data-driven decisions.

1. Track with image-based attendance

Let your field reps automatically check-in and check-out as they reach their destination. Avoid fraudulent attendance with geo-tagged image-based check-ins. Set work-day templates to map out when the day starts and ends.

Track with image-based attendance-Door-to-Door CRM
2. Create custom targets

Incentivize your field reps with performance targets. Create targets based on their performance history along with KPIs critical to your business to ensure excellence and avoid burnout.

reate custom targets-Door-to-Door CRM
3. Geo-tag and geo-fence tasks

Avoid manipulations by geo-fencing tasks and meetings. The sales reps can submit forms or add a lead activity only when they are in their designated locations.

Geo-tag and geo-fence tasks-Door-to-Door CRM
4. Monitor all tasks and meetings

Real-time updates on all the activities of your sales teams. Analyze and review meeting notes and recordings and offer relevant recommendations to close deals faster.

Monitor all tasks and meetings-Door-to-Door CRM
5. Generate comprehensive reports

Create exhaustive reports on all aspects of your sales process.
Make a game plan based on:
– Meeting count reports
– Distance travelled reports
– Revenue generated reports
– Sales productivity reports

Generate comprehensive reports-Door-to-Door CRM

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kandarp Kant
Kandarp Kant
Chief Technology Officer

“Our agents are more efficient, and the journeys are more seamless, helping us deliver a premium experience to every customer.”

Increase in Loan Sales
Increase in Call Centre Efficiency
Reduction in Cost Per Lead
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Senior Business Development Manager

“Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute.”

Increase in Productivity
More Conversions
Increased Revenue

Crack open the doors to see why our users love us!

09/08/2023 (via Apple Appstore)

“Works like a charm! Helps me navigate my day without hassle. Has improved leaps and bounds in the last 6 months or so.”

6 June 2023 (via Google Play store)

“Best app for all sales and marketing people, love it!”

16 March 2023 (via Google Play store)
Hareesh Challa

“The geo fencing feature is a huge help in running field operations. Absolutely loving it.”

22 August 2022 (via Google Play store)
Arun Kumar Nair

“The mobile application loads faster than any other CRM. The app is best suitable for people who needs quick page loads to perform their work on field. The new UI is also fantastic.”

Open the Doors to Field Sales Success with Leadsquared

Door-to-door CRM FAQs

What is a door-to-door CRM?

Door-to-door CRM is a mobile app tailored to meet the specific needs of field sales reps who go directly to customers’ homes or businesses to sell products or services.

Which is the best door-to-door CRM?

LeadSquared is one of the best door-to-door CRMs in the industry.

Which is the best app for door-to-door canvassing?

Trusted by over 2000+ companies like Amazon pay, Meesho, bikes23, LeadSquared is one of the best door-to-door canvassing apps.

Which app is a good alternative to Spotio?

With features like territory assignment, geo-fencing, lead management and more, LeadSquared door-to-door CRM is a great alternative to Spotio.

How does a door-to-door CRM benefit my company?

With a door-to-door CRM you can:

  • Map territories
  • Geo-tag and geo-fence tasks
  • Automate route and day planning
  • Take image-based attendance
  • Find prospective leads

How do you keep track of door-to-door field sales reps?

To keep track of door-to-door field sales reps, you can:

  • Automatically geo-tag attendance
  • Geo-fence their tasks
  • Get live meeting updates
  • Record face-to-face meetings
  • Analyze 150+ reports