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Capture Holiday Booking Inquiries from All Your Marketing Channels

Unify all lead generation channels for your travel packages

Travel CRM - 3rd party websites

Travel portals and booking partners

Capture inquiries from all travel websites, like TripAdvisor, Goibibo,,, Tripoto and others.

Travel CRM - social media and paid ads

PPC, social media, website etc.

Capture package inquiries from your website, Adwords, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others, directly using landing pages and plug-and-play social integrations.

Travel CRM - website inquiry

Website, customer referral, chat etc.

Capture inquiries that come from anywhere on your website – forms, pop-ups, chat, surveys. Also monitor the leads coming from your customer referral campaigns.

High-converting Landing Page Templates Designed for Travel Businesses

Dozens of beautiful templates to choose from

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Track phone conversations from prospects & customers

Every phone call – inbound or outbound, is captured and recorded in LeadSquared. In case of new booking inquiries, a new lead is created. In case of old customers, the records are updated automatically to reflect new phone conversations. Seamless integration with SuperReceptionist, CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics and other call tracking software.

Travel CRM - call tracking

Automatically Distribute Leads by Trip Location, Budgets etc.

Route inquiries to the package customization teams based on budget, destinations, departure cities and preferences

Travel CRM - lead distribution

Reduce response time with new inquiry notifications

Automate SMS and email communication to your qualification and package customization teams, as soon as a new inquiry is assigned comes in. Helps you reduce response time, and score better than your competitors.

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Customize Everything to Suit Your Needs – Stages, Activities, Scores etc.

LeadSquared fits easily into your current processes

Customize lead stages

Create lead stages relevant for you. Ex: Inquiry, Travel Planned, Unsure, Closed can be stages. Under ‘Travel Planned,’ sub-stages can be – ‘destination decided, dates decided etc.

Travel CRM - funnel customization

Customize lead fields

Create custom lead fields and activities. Ex: No. of travelers, Flexibility of travel etc. Custom activities like “Visa arrived” can be used to automate marketing and sales tasks.

Travel CRM - lead fields customization

Customize lead quality and activity scores

Customize lead quality and activity scores. Ex: Higher the frequency of travel, higher will be the quality score. This will help your agents prioritize inquiries that are more likely to close.

Lead Quality customization - Travel CRM

Travel CRM - prospect tracking

Keep complete tab on your prospects and customers

Track your prospects’ activities to identify their traveling intent this time around. Automate follow-up actions. If they are viewing multiple Beach packages, send them offers on the same etc.

Marketing Automation to Engage Prospective Travelers & Customers

Automate all marketing communications, booking notifications etc.

Travel Marketing automation

On travelers’ preferred mode of communication

Engage and entice prospective travelers across all media – use automated emails, SMSs, Facebook retargeting and Adwords remarketing, using targeted lists and automation workflows.

cross channel marketing for your travel business

Automated All Sales Tasks – like Internal Notifications and Task Assignment

Complete sales automation for an efficient team

Travel CRM - signals

Identify buying intent with tracking

Track the prospect activities throughout the buying journey – destinations they are interested in, forms they fill, and all other conversations.

Travel CRM - opportunity notification

Automate agent notifications

Notify your agents to take an action when an important activity occurs, like if they fill a form to get a quote, download itinerary, or request a call back.

Travel CRM - set tasks

Set tasks for agents

Set tasks for your agents to reduce response time. For ex: set a task when a prospect spends more than 10 minutes browsing through the package options.

Manage Your Inquiry and Agency Partners & All Other External Agents

Attribute closures correctly to the inquiry partners, and identify best and worst performing vendors

Travel CRM - Partner Management

Restricted access for partners

Set custom permissions for external agents and partners. This would make sure that partners can access only their own leads, and check the progress on them.

Travel CRM - restricted user access

Analyze the Booking Sources, Package Sales and Sales Performance

Get all the information you need in customized dashboards

Booking source analytics - hospitality marketing software

Booking source analytics

Identify the sources fetching the most number of bookings. Use this information to run targeted campaigns, and to reach travelers on the right platforms.

Travel CRM - Package report

Package booking reports

Analyze the packages getting the most and least interest and and revenue. This will help you remodel your strategies for low-selling properties.

target achievement - insurance agency automation

Sales agent tracking

Track the performance of your sales agents by the bookings they have sold, the revenue they have brought in, and the up-sells and cross-sells they have made.

Travel marketing and sales connectors

Integrates with all the popular hospitality marketing, sales, telephony and call center apps that you use and love. You can use APIs and customization to connect your inventory solution to LeadSquared as well. Zapier integration allows you to build your custom connectors as well.

Hospitality Marketing and sales connectors

Marketing + CRM + Lead management – all in one place

“Since using LeadSquared, we are able to maintain a higher engagement with our leads with email campaigns and automation. Detailed marketing reports give us an idea of our best performing campaigns. And the best part – it has all the tools we need for marketing, CRM and lead management.”

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