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One CRM for Every Stage of Your Home Buyer Journey

An automated solution to sell properties faster. From lead capture to distribution, site-visit, and conversion, ensure 100% buyer engagement.

Automate inventory management workflow - Real Estate CRM

Manage Real Estate Leads Efficiently

Streamline your sales processes, respond inquiries instantly, automatically qualify leads for sales outreach, and more.

Capture property inquiries across channels - Automate inventory management workflow - Real Estate CRM

Capture inquiries

Never miss out on property inquiries. Capture all offline and online opportunities to build your funnel. 

  • Website queries 
  • Social Media
  • Buyer Referrals
  • Walk-in site visits
  • Property marketplaces 

Segment leads intelligently

Segment your prospective home buyers based on various factors – property types, preferences, location, demographics, financial status, home loan status, and more. Use this information to always maintain relevant messaging with property buyers across all communication channels. 

Reduce response times

Set up autoresponders on Email, WhatsApp, and text messages for inbound inquiries. Distribute leads to sales agents in real time for quick follow-up. 

Track conversations, interactions like ad clicks, email opens, website page visits, etc., in one place. 

Automate lead and task assignments

Automate notifications (text, email, app) to your agents when a new lead is assigned to them, or if a new site visit is booked. Our real estate CRM sets tasks for them based on their calendar availability so that they don’t have to do it manually. 

Help your agents work smartly

Help your sales team identify the best sales opportunities by using the lead quality score. Define what qualifies as a high-quality lead to you and let our CRM system qualify leads henceforth. 

Prioritize your sales team’s tasks by using a combination of lead quality score and activity score (based on the prospect behavior and conversation tracking). Let them focus on high-potential deals first. 

Manage Your Real Estate Inventory with Ease

With automated inventory mapping, agents can view in real-time the inventory for different projects based on buyer preference.

Build your assembly line for property management

Design milestones, assign pre-set buyer scores, plan field agent meetings, & more 

  • Track buyer actions
  • Auto-update opportunity stages
  • Program efficient site-visit mapping
  • Encourage buyers to buyers to take action with personalized nudges  

Stay on top of your listings with seamless inventory management

Track and monitor every project, listing, and property  

  • Build micro-sites to showcase listings and capture inquiries
  • Map field agents to each listing or project
  • View trend reports on how each property is performing
  • Add offer opportunities and map potential buyers
  • Easily edit your inventory to add/remove properties 
Inventory management - Real Estate CRM
Mobile App - Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM Mobile App to empower your field agents

Enhance your field agents’ productivity with automation.

Empower your field force with an integrated Mobile CRM 

  • Smart views to plan and prioritize field visits
  • Optimize their site visit schedules
  • Update/add buyer inquiries on-the-go
  • Geo-fence tasks to know where your agents are
  • Track field agent and funnel reports
  • Enable 1-click text/call for faster connectivity rates

    Automate Marketing Campaigns for Your Leads

    A suite of marketing tools to help you run targeted campaigns across various channels.

    Drip marketing and lead nurturing

    Create automated workflows for nurturing leads through email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Personalize messages based on the lead profiles and their stage in the sales funnel 

    WhatsApp marketing

    Reach your prospective buyers on WhatsApp.  

    • Autoresponders 
    • Delivery and read receipts 
    • Create and save messaging templates 
    • Send or receive images and other files 

    Email marketing

    Send bulk emails to your entire lead list or targeted emails to a lead segment. Track email opens, link clicks, and more. 

    A/B test your email campaigns, track delivery and analyze metrics like best performing days and time for email campaigns. 

    Triggered communication

    Trigger omnichannel communication to your prospects based on new leads, site visit requests, opportunities, and activities. 

    Notify sales reps about their lead activities for timely interventions. 

    Campaign analytics

    Measure marketing campaign performance, revenue generated, sources of lead generation that are bringing high-quality leads, and more. 

    Marketing Automation - Real Estate CRM

    Make Data-driven Decisions with Qualitative Insights

    Get a 360-view on performance, ROI, revenues, and business trends

    Real Estate CRM Analytics

    Performance reports to take key decisions

    • Get detailed insights into team and channel-wise performance
    • Track important metrics like calls connected, inquiry-to-conversion ratio, etc
    • Predict lead-to-conversion ratios 

    ROI reports to manage investments

    • Understand how marketing, partners, and aggregator leads are converting
    • Invest more in high-performing channels
    •  Auto-generate monthly, weekly, quarterly, and yearly reports

    Revenue reports to understand income trends

    • Get revenue analysis based on projects, agents, and property sites
    • Manage personnel availability during higher volume inflows
    • Timely identification on low revenue generating sites or projects 

    Predict business trends

    • Understand city, area, developer, buyer persona level trends
    • Build predictive reports to plan your sales pipeline
    • Get lead-to-conversion timelines based on location and projects 

    Unlock Seamless Property Management with Cutting-edge Real Estate CRM

    In Case, You’re Wondering…

    What is CRM for real estate?

    A real estate CRM is essential to build stronger relationship with property buyers. It helps developers and builders to

    • Capture, manage, and track property inquiries
    • Streamline a real estate agent’s work day
    • Get detailed insights on pipeline and property sales
    • Automate communication
    • Run targeted marketing campaigns 

    It is also important to bring visibility across stakeholders in the ecosystem. It helps brokers and partners to 

    • Send out standardized communication
    • Easily create or update lead details
    • Get insights on how their leads are moving down the funnel 

    What challenges does a real estate CRM solve?

    A real estate CRM solves challenges like – multi-source inquiry capture, missed agent follow-ups, longer response times, site visit “no shows”, and leaks in buyer journeys. A CRM helps you manage and track buyer journeys to take course corrections in time. 

    Why is a real estate CRM important?

    The importance of having a real estate CRM  

    • Effective management of inquiries, partners, and agents
    • Standardized communication with potential buyers
    • Improved buyer engagement
    • Streamlined property and referral partner management
    • Closely monitored campaigns and channels
    • Centralized platform for buyer documents and conversations 

    What can a real estate CRM help you achieve?

    With an end-to-end real estate CRM, you can achieve faster inquiry response times, healthy pipeline of potential buyers, better inquiry-to-deal ratios, more site-visits, and higher real estate agent productivity.

    Which is the best CRM for real estate agents?

    If you are looking for a complete real estate agent CRM, then LeadSquared should be your top choice. Here is why it is the best –  

    • Cost-effective
    • Intuitive UI and ease of use
    • Out-of-the-box integrations
    • Custom automations
    • Inventory management
    • Field agent management
    • A platform trusted by 50,000+ real estate agents