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Automotive CRM Software - Increase new customer acquisition and service revenue


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Prospect Journey Builder - Convert inquiries to test drives & bookings

Plan and track complete vehicle buyer journey

Automotive CRM Software - workflows

Cut your lead leakage to zero

Never miss a single vehicle buying or lease inquiry from your online or offline channels

Capture leads from online channels

Auto-capture vehicle buyer inquiries from your online channels – website, automotive aggregators and portals, phone, PPC and social media.

Upload event leads instantly, with source mapped

LeadSquared’s mobile CRM makes lead capture during events completely paperless, instant & error-free with quick lead upload with all the lead details mapped.

Automotive CRM Software - lead capture automation

Automotive CRM Software - advanced lead distribution

Auto-distribute leads to different consultants & showrooms

Use advanced distribution, redistribution, and capping logic. Distribution can be done based on the prospect, agent, or dealership/showroom attributes – like the location or Pincode of the buyer or showroom, vehicle make and model (and its availability in different showrooms), consultant performance, languages or more.

Capture all your interactions with vehicle buyers

Track every single activity and interaction that a prospect has with you. Phone calls, test rides, email or text interactions, or communication through any other channel – everything is tracked and recorded so that you always know the status of the lead and direction of the conversation.

Automated tracking - Automotive CRM Software

Automotive CRM Software - lead engagement

Segment leads & automate engagement campaigns

Make sure that more leads are converted to opportunities (test drives and bookings) with targeted nurturing. For instance, existing customers interested in servicing their cars would need to be engaged differently than a new prospect interested in buying a car.

Increase efficiency with lead qualification, prioritization & guided sales actions

Identify the best opportunities using a completely customizable lead quality score. Help your salespeople become more effective with task prioritization and guided sales actions. Smart views clear the clutter from the consultants’ workspace and show them just the tasks for the day, based on priority.

Automotive CRM Software - smartviews

Increase cross-sales, upgrades and service revenue for your dealership

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Retention Rates by acting upon cross-sell, upgrade and service opportunities automatically.

Automotive CRM Software - upsell, cross-sell and service revenue

Track everything - campaigns, showrooms, consultants and more

Structured performance visibility at different levels

For Manufacturers, OEMs, Dealerships & Marketplaces

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