A Complete Automotive CRM to Manage Pre-sales, Sales, & Services

Bespoke CRM and lead management solution for dealerships, auto services, OEMs, & used car sales.

Automotive CRM

Trusted by leading automotive businesses worldwide

Vaibhav Ghiya
Vaibhav Ghiya
Senior Product Manager

“LeadSquared has provided us with more than what we could’ve asked from a Sales CRM. The smooth implementation helped us decrease our development turnaround time and achieve our goals much faster. LeadSquared has improved our team’s efficiency and productivity which has resulted in better customer experience.”

Increase in Conversions
View Across Teams
Process Development
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez
Managing Partner

“LeadSquared is easy-to-use and connects all our third-party apps like Hello Sign, RingCentral and google sheets into automation and shortens the customer acquisition process.”

Customer Aquisition
Response Time
Aditya Chintawar
Aditya Chintawar
Product manager, Marketplace & Growth

“We have drastically reduced the time needed to get things done. Things that earlier took me 20 days now take me just 5-10 hours. This has helped us build our own product in a constructive manner. Additionally, LeadSquared helps us measure our own performance, allowing us increased transparency in our own processes.”

Increased Sales Productivity
Sales Funnel Management

Do More with Incoming Inquiries and
Improve Booking Rates

Ensure better buyer engagement & experience. Convert more inquiries into auto bookings.

Improve Booking Rates-Automotive CRM

Complete Automotive CRM For Improved
Vehicle Buyer Journeys

An end-to-end solution to manage pre-sales, sales, inventory and partner management, and after-sales services.

Never miss out on incoming inquiries-Automotive CRM
Build a paperless process from inquiry-to-delivery-Automotive CRM
Stay on top of your SKUs with seamless inventory management-Automotive CRM

Manage Your After-sales Services Easily

Deliver exceptional after-sales services. Improve your customer lifetime value by automating and optimizing your after-sales service processes.

  • Schedule timely reminders and alerts for vehicle servicing
  • Drive cashless vehicle insurance claims through finance partners
  •  Map opportunities from offers and exchange discounts
  • Send updates on policy claims and renewal dates
Manage Your After-sales Services Easily-Automotive CRM

Make Data-driven Decisions with
Actionable Insights

Get a 360-view on performance, ROI, revenues, and business trends.

Performance reports to take key decisions-Automotive CRM

One CRM for all Teams

Showroom Executives

Showroom executives

Prioritize leads and convert them faster!

Marketing Executives

Marketing executives

Engage and nurture would-be buyers effectively.

Showroom Managers

Showroom managers

Improve inquiry-to-booking rates

Field force agents

Field force agents

Reduce canceled test drive bookings.

Dealership Owners

Dealership owners

Reduce overheads and improve vehicle sales.

Vehicle Aggregators

Vehicle aggregators

Share qualified buyers and sellers.



Reduce inventory costs and streamline logistics.

Create a Smooth-selling Engine for Your Auto Sales with LeadSquared’s Automotive CRM

Automation CRM FAQs

What is CRM in automotive industry?

CRM in automotive industry refers to managing interactions and building strong relationships with vehicle buyers and sellers. Automotive CRM helps you streamline sales and dealership operations and aligns your teams and processes to bring in more revenue.

What is automotive lead management?

Automotive lead management is the process of capturing inquiries from multiple sources, qualifying & distributing leads based on showroom, vehicle type & location, sending out omnichannel communication, and tracking buyer touchpoints from inquiry-to-delivery & after-sales.

Why is an automotive lead management software important?

The importance of having an automotive lead management software translates to:

  • Effective management of inquiries, vehicle aggregators
  • Monitoring and improvement of showroom executives’ performances
  • Improved buyer engagement
  • Streamlined sales and inventory management
  • Better tracking of sales from various campaigns, showrooms, and agents
  • Centralized platform for buyer documents and conversarions.

What can an automotive CRM help you achieve?

A good automotive CRM can help you achieve –

  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Optimal usage of financial resources
  • Deliver better customer experiences
  • Build proficient sales teams

Which is the best CRM for automotive dealers & services?

If you are looking for a complete automotive CRM, then LeadSquared should be your top choice. Here is why it is the best!

  • It’s the most cost-effective CRM in the market
  • It is easy to set-up and simple to use.
  • Provides Out-of-the-box integrations with telephony and marketing tools you use
  • Supports custom automations as per your sales process
  • Seamless inventory management bringing in your dealer & partner information on the same platform
  • Manage the work days of your field teams with a mobile CRM

What is the price of Automotive CRM software?

LeadSquared’s automotive CRM starts at a price of ₹1250/per month-per user. If you are looking for an end-to-end auto management platform with inquiry, inventory, partner, and field force management—this is a great price point to start with.