How the Auto-tech Platform, Bikes24, Boosts its Development Speed with LeadSquared

“LeadSquared has provided us with more than what we could’ve asked from a Sales CRM. The integration process was carried out with utmost professionalism and dedication by Rajat and his team. The smooth implementation helped us decrease our development turnaround time and achieve our goals much faster. LeadSquared has improved our team’s efficiency and productivity which has resulted in better customer experience.”

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The auto-tech business loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Improved the post-booking process
  • Simplified on-field agent management
  • Enabled order-tracking for customers
  • Automated Lead Management

Increase in Conversions


View Across Teams


Sales Workflow


Process Development

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About Bikes24

With the success of Cars24, the company ventured into the online marketplace for motorbikes with Bikes24. Like Cars24, their guiding force remains hassle-free documentation and the best prices for the buyers and the sellers. The team ensures that buying second-hand bikes is seamless and as easy as buying any household item online.

Launched in April 2020, Bikes24 started its operations in Delhi NCR. They buy bikes from customers, refurbish them, and sell them to retail customers. The user doesn’t even have to step out of their house during the entire process because of Bike24’s 100% home delivery-based model. The website displays a catalogue of over 2000 bikes that they can get a 360-degree view without visiting a showroom. The seller and buyer responses have been consistently positive, and Bikes24 aims to expand its operations to several new cities in India.

As the great pricing, doorstep pickups, and free RC transfers continued to attract thousands of users, scaling up the post-sales activities became challenging. To extend this unmatched customer experience, Bikes24 wanted to eliminate all ambiguities from their journey and improve their sales process.

Why Bikes24 chose LeadSquared?

Once a buyer chooses a bike and books it, the post-booking journey begins, which involves multiple teams. This process continues till the bike is delivered and the Registration Certificate (RC) is sanctioned. Bikes24 wanted to make the booking and purchasing process frictionless and reduce customer drop-offs.

To complement their plans to expand rapidly, Bikes24 needed a scalable and customizable CRM. The main requirement was to smoothen out the process by streamlining the collaboration between teams, automating manual tasks and increasing internal transparency between teams. There were a few other challenges that were slowing down this process.


1. Poor customer engagement = missed opportunities

Owing to a high lead volume, confirmation and reminder calls got missed inadvertently.

2. Complicated on-field processes

The on-field fulfilment team would struggle to find the correct address for the test drive, and addressing this for a large team was tough.

3. No visibility into the buyer’s journey

Multiple teams, including on-field team, sales, finance, and operations, were involved in the process. It was essential to create visibility so each team could step in at the right time to avoid lead loss at each step.

4. Fragmented payment model

To complete a payment, a unique link had to be generated for every transaction; this slowed down the process.

5. Slow developmental speed

Bikes24 was fast growing, and the internal CRM system’s technology couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Bikes24 was fast-growing, and the internal CRM system’s technology couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Initially, the team relied on Google Sheets to track orders, jot down the detail and update every buyer’s progress. But the most significant limitation was caused by the enormous data volume which was hard to record and update in real-time.

To solve these challenges, the team evaluated many CRM options like Pipedrive, Salesforce, and LeadSquared. Bikes24 found the perfect fit for their requirements with LeadSquared’s 360-degree view and the GPS-tracking feature for their on-field teams.

Partnering up with LeadSquared has quickly helped Bikes24 create a more efficient sales process. Here’s what Bikes24 was able to achieve with LeadSquared:

Improved interactions with the customer

Buying a bike or a scooter is a significant investment and the Indian audience is fairly new to the vehicle e-commerce marketplace. The buyers need information at multiple points in the journey before making the payment. Bikes24’s Sales confirmation team ensures that the buyer stays updated on the process and has access to relevant information.

Here’s how the process has been improved with LeadSquared:

  • As soon as a booking is made, the lead stage gets updated, and the salespeople are notified.
  • This happens in just a few seconds, and since the lead stage is automatically updated, no confirmation calls are missed.
  • Integrating the calling features with LeadSquared also saves the team a lot of time because it takes just a click to make calls using the built-in dialler.

Simplified the home-delivery model

Bikes24 creates the most convenient and effortless buying experience for its users. With the 100% home-delivery-based model, the buyer receives the vehicle for a test drive, right at their doorstep. But from a logistics point of view, Bikes24 found it hard to keep track of their on-field fulfillment agents who take the bikes to the buyers.

Sharing the location details with the fulfillment agents and ensuring that they’re at the right location became extremely difficult to do manually. After moving to LeadSquared, the fulfillment agents use the mobile application.

Once the test drive is confirmed, the lead automatically shifts to the fulfillment team. They can always use the Google navigation feature to find the right delivery location. The managers, too, find it easy to track the number of test drives they’ve conducted in a day.

Setting up an order and lead tracking system


“Once the booking was completed, the status of the order and leads was a complete black hole. We lacked the information to keep track of the booking.”

The lack of information affected internal processes because the teams would not know whether the booking was canceled or still in progress. This created a lot of miscommunications with the buyers because they wanted to track their orders.

LeadSquared’s exceptional lead scoring and lead tracking features helped them eliminate the confusion.

  • As the buyer moves from one stage to another, their status gets updated, and all the information related to the progress is in one place.
  • Using the progress reports, Bikes24 was also able to create an order tracker with LeadSquared.

The order tracker elevates customer experience because the buyer can track each milestone—booking confirmed, partial payment, test drive booked—and stay updated on the process.

A better payment system

The buyer pays a percentage of the total amount on confirming the test drive. After they are satisfied with the bike and take it for a test drive, they can pay the rest to complete the purchase.

Before LeadSquared, this process needed a lot of manual interventions, such as forwarding payment links and the sales team informing the fulfilment agents after the payment was done. The buyers would also be wary of the payment links they were receiving from different numbers as they could be fraudulent.

  • The payment system they have developed with LeadSquared ensures secure payment with Razorpay. This integration makes the payment gateway reliable, and the payment updates are shared instantly with the fulfilment agents.
  • The buyer also can split the amount into cash and online transaction, which makes the payment process super customer friendly.
  • The details are entered in LeadSquared, and all the stakeholders (the buyer and the agent) get notified instantly.

Ease of implementation and use


Bikes24’s business model is very well received by their audience. This gave the team a nudge in the right direction, and they decided to expand aggressively. To do so, the technology they required needed to be easy to use, be implemented quickly, and scalable.

Bikes24 chose LeadSquared over developing an internal CRM system because it completely sped up their process. The workflows at LeadSquared can also be customized easily, so they fit all the sales process requirements.

Bikes24 chose LeadSquared over developing an internal CRM system because it significantly sped up their process. The LeadSquared workflows require no coding expertise, so they can be easily modified to fit changing sales process requirements.

“Integrating our process with LeadSquared has helped us develop our systems very quickly. Otherwise, what we developed in a week would have taken us two months. The increase in developmental speed has helped us provide our customers with a great post-booking experience.”

The result

  • By partnering up with LeadSquared, Bikes24 has created a highly efficient and scalable sales process.
  • The customer information flows directly into the internal systems and improves transparency between the teams.
  • The leads flow seamlessly from one stage to another, and the lead stages gets updated along the way.
  • Having a clear view of the customer’s most recent activity ensures the salespeople stay on the right track towards faster closures.

“We conduct sale events from time to time, where the number of leads becomes 2x and 3x. We have faced no problems with our sales processes even at that scale. When we expand to other geographies of India, LeadSquared’s scalability will come very handy.”

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