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Digitize your admissions cycle with LeadSquared. Map student journeys. Deliver superior experiences with 360-degree tracking and analytics

K S Baskar
Founder and CEO

“LeadSquared, as a platform, is a dream come true. The team envisions the problems we face and provides end-to-end solutions that significantly improve the efficiency of my teams.”

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View of the Leads
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Sangeetha Sethumadhavan
Sangeetha Sethumadhavan
Digital Marketing Manager

“With LeadSquared in place, we can track end-to-end student journeys. Automation enables us to constantly build rapport with the students and make data-driven decisions on marketing campaigns and product pitches. All of this is based on quality insights from custom reports.”

Increase in Conversions
More Calls Connected
Counsellor Productivity
Maggie Zaman
Maggie Zaman
Director of Admissions

“With LeadSquared, we can take a deeper look at our processes and utilize new technology to study how we’re doing as an institution. We always keep our mission at the forefront of everything we do, and LeadSquared has helped us bring information to students much faster.”

Start Show Rate
Over 10%
Lead to Inquiry Conversion

Higher Education CRM for all Institutions – Big or Small

Build a Digital-first Admissions Process

Manage every touchpoint for student onboarding
on a single platform

1. Inquiry Capture

Eliminate missing out capturing inquiries from various sources like website, social media, ads, partners, walk-ins, and more with LeadSquared’s one-click integrations

Inquiry Capture-Education Hub
2. Inquiry Distribution

Use pre-set distribution logics to assign the right counsellor for the right query as soon as it is placed.

Inquiry Distribution-Education Hub
3. Automated Student Response

Send out automated email communication acknowledging every student inquiry to start their journey on a personalized note.

Automated Student Response-Education Hub
4. Applicant Portal

No more paper-based forms. Capture, collect, and intimate students on the progress of their application details via custom student portals.

Application Portal- Education Hub
5. Omnichannel Engagement

Enable counsellors to have conversations across multiple channels – emails, text messages, WhatsApp while capturing the entire journey on LeadSquared.

Omnichannel Engagement-Education Hub
6. Student Journey Mapping

Track every student activity and their movement along the funnel. Auto-update student stages based on the actions they take. Access a one-click view of your entire admissions funnel.

Student Journey Mapping-Education Hub
7. Student Nurturing

Engage with students by sharing relevant information, documents, interactive messages, and more to help them make the decision to study with you easier.

Student Nurturing-Education Hub
8. Marketing Automation

Build robust automation for counsellors and marketers to send out timely communications. Acknowledge each important action that a student takes to build the trust in your university.

Marketing Automation-Education Hub
9. Admission Analytics

Get a bird’s eye view of your channel, team, investment avenues to minimise decision-making time. Gain qualitative insights to make data-driven strategic changes during peak admissions cycle.

Admission Analytics-Education Hub
10. SIS Integration

Do not lose out on the pre-enrolment engagements. Share student information to and from your student information system.

SIS Integration-Education Hub
11. Publisher Management

Capture, manage, and track publisher panel inquiries. Get a one-shot view of verified vs non-verified inquiries, inflow of inquiries across publishers, and updates on their progress ahead.

Publisher Management-Education Hub
12. Data-Privacy and Security

By prioritizing data-privacy and security, our education CRM products help institutions build trust with their students and maintain regulatory compliance with ease.

Data-Privacy and Security-Education Hub
13. Opportunity Management

Map and convert multiple opportunities for the same student. Assign counsellors based on courses applied, campus, geography, etc and track each movement.

Opportunity Management-Education Hub
14. Payment Integrations

Initiate payment links, integrate multiple payment gateways, and auto-send status updates on payment completion/failures to counsellors and students.

Payment Integrations-Education Hub
15. WhatsApp Business APIs

Connect WhatsApp business accounts with LeadSquared to converse with ease. Answer student queries in real time, engage with pre-approved templates, and track multiple conversations.

WhatsApp Business APIs-Education Hub

No Need to Switch Tabs Anymore–Enable 1-Click Integrations

An End-to-End Admissions CRM for All Your Teams and Prospects

Tele-calling Teams icon-Education Hub

Tele-calling Teams

Student Counsellors icon-Education Hub

Student Counsellors

Educational Agents icon-Education Hub

Educational Agents

Admission Managers icon-Education Hub

Admission Managers

Marketing Managers icon-Education Hub

Marketing Managers

Finance Teams icon-Education Hub

Finance Teams

Administrative Staff icon-Education Hub

Administrative Staff

Students icon-Education Hub


Education CRM Checklist

Here is a list of important capabilities
in an Education CRM you choose

  • Student Management
  • Student Response Automation
  • Landing Page Builders
  • Payment Collection
  • Counsellor Dashboard
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Discount Offer Generators
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Inquiry Source Attribution
  • Referral Management
  • Applicant Portal 
  • Student Quality Score 
  • Dynamic Student Forms 
  • WhatsApp Integration 
  • User-friendly 
  • Call center capabilities 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Custom Reports 
  • Student Counsellor Mapping 
  • Publisher Management 
  • Opportunity Management 
  • SIS Integration 
  • Document Collection 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Low Code/Intuitive UI 
  • Bulk Messaging 
  • Customization & Flexibility 
  • Data Security
  • Opportunity Management 
  • Student Journey Mapping 
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