Run High-Performing Email Marketing Campaigns

Stay put in your buyers’ minds with mobile-friendly emails and newsletters

Dozens of responsive, ready to use templates

Pick the one that fits your industry and campaign goal

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Email subject line analysis

Understand which subject lines got you most open rates with powerful subject line analysis. Find the email content that works the best for you by getting analysis on the emails with the best CTRs and response rates.

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Email performance reports

Email send-time analysis

Find out the day and time that works the best for you in terms of getting opens, clicks and responses. Use the findings to always run email campaigns that get high opens, clicks and responses.

Device open rate reports

Find the devices your leads use to open your emails. Use this report to optimize your emails accordingly. While building the emails, you can preview how it appears on different devices, and also send test emails to reconfirm.

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Advanced email analytics to improve your campaigns

Know which emails are performing well, and replicate their success

Sensibly priced email marketing tool

“Originally, we were trying to get more tracking and personalization to our email marketing. We used MailChimp before and it had its limits. I was blown away by what LeadSquared could offer to us.”

Toni Kulikoff

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