HIPAA Compliant CRM for Dental Practices

End-to-end CRM for dental practice management


100% Lead Capture

The funnel gets larger, and more patients come aboard. That’s huge for us.

Tamara Young

2X+ Pipeline Growth

We’re able to cut down our turnaround time responding to inquiries and reach out to and communicate with many more leads.

Siddhartha Nihalani

Increased our call center efficiency by 60%

With the help of smart views, all our agents are able to intercept incoming requests quickly and call the patient in a few minutes.

Kiran Ramakrishna

Detailed patient records

LeadSquared’s APIs and connectors help us collect detailed patient data and integrate it with our EHR system effortlessly.

Hicham Moro

800+ New Leads Generated

LeadSquared has helped us decrease patient turnaround time and provides us the visibility that we lacked in our previous system.

What is Dental CRM?

Dental CRM helps dentists or dental practices streamline patient relationship management, automate tasks like appointment booking, follow-ups, and personalize communication with patients across channels.

An all-in-one dental CRM software for clinics & practices

CRM For Dental Practice

Streamline operations and elevate patient experience through appointment management, personalized communication, and proactive care.

Why do you need a dental CRM?

The average American visits a dental clinic at least twice a year. With the growing demand of dental services across all sub sectors of the market, dental clinics are swamped with phone calls, follow ups and appointments. While this is great, dental practitioners must ensure that the patient experience does not dip as they deal with the growing demand. An effective way to shift focus of the clinics’ administrative teams from manual and repetitive (yet essential) tasks to enhancing patient experience is by leveraging the power of CRM platforms. You can use a dental CRM to automate all the mundane administrative tasks, allowing and empowering your team to focus on end-to-end patient experience.

crm for dental practice/crm for dental clinics will help streamline patient management & patient engagement.

Improve Patient Acquisition, Engagement and Retention Through
CRM for Dental Practice Clinics

Patient Journey Mapping and visualize where they are in the funnel and engage them accordingly using a dental practice management software.

Top Dental CRM Features Loved By Dental Practitioners

Service Based Follow Ups
Service Based Follow Ups

Set the reminder frequency based on your preference – 3 weeks or 24 hours prior to a patient for their chosen service.

Patient Acquisition
Patient Acquisition

Acquire patients from different channels – like social media, Google local listings, ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search) easily. Create forms with LeadSquared or integrate your existing web forms easily.

Referral Tracking-1
Referral Tracking

Allow your referral partners to refer patients with portals or chatbots. Map the patients with the right doctors and track the best referral sources.

Engagement and Nurturing
Engagement and Nurturing

Send acknowledgement emails and texts when inquiry is received. Trigger communication based on information like service opted by the patient, their last appointment dates, and more. Empower patients with information to make the right choice for their health – at every step of their journey.

Appointment Scheduling-1
Appointment Scheduling

Allow patients to self-schedule appointments, automate acknowledgements and reminders, track appointment disposition (completed, cancelled, rescheduled, no show), and make the entire appointment booking process seamless.


100+ out-of-the-box reports to get detailed insights into all aspects of your practice – appointments booked, no-shows, engagement tracking, response time, email conversions, landing page submissions, staff productivity, and more.

How LeadSquared Can Help Align Your Dental Practice

Comprehensive Patient ProfileComprehensive Patient Profile 

Get a panoramic view into your patients’ profiles including patient engagement, their journey from inquiry to appointment and beyond, and everything else of importance – in a single view. As automated workflows take over manual intake work, your patient profile will serve as the single source of truth for not just your staff and dentists, but to trigger these automation as well. As relevant patient details are pulled from the EMR and stored against respective patient charts, LeadSquared helps your dental practice with better patient management.

Targeted Marketing

While certain patients might avail one-off orthodontic services, others might be seeking a primary care provider, or a dedicated clinic for long-term dental care. This information, along with the other available patient data, can be used to create highly personalized messaging for different patient profiles. This can make your communication strategy highly nuanced and relevant. Retain patients by building great relationships, not just with your service, but with targeted omni-channel communication. Use information like services availed, past and upcoming appointments, to educate your patients about preventive programs and other services that might be of interest to them.

Speed to conversionSpeed to conversion

With your practice’s phone ringing day in and day out with patients calling in to either book an appointment or follow up on lab reports, ensure that none of these inquiries is missed and always lands with the right department or staff.; Ensure each appointment request is catered to at the earliest using a combination of advanced distribution, personalised communication, and task automation for your intake team.

Robust Patient Acquisition

Leverage LeadSquared’s CRM to focus on what matters: enhanced patient experience. As virtual appointment booking, and digital paperwork becomes the norm, dental clinics also need to digitally engage and attract patients. Patients might hear about your services from social media ads, promotional newsletters, online reviews, or via the good old – word-of-mouth. Consolidating all patient sources into the CRM (along with easy-to-use patient portals that gives patients the power to control their care), you can rest assured that no matter the source, no patient inquiry is ever missed! Simplifying how patients access care leads to better experience, and therefore higher retention.

Appointment Scheduling

Enable your patients to book appointments for various services, across multiple locations through a self-service appointment scheduler embedded on your website.

Send appointment confirmation emails to your patients, along with reminders for intake team members to follow up, and keep track of appointment completion, cancellations or reschedules. With full access to doctors’ calendars across EMRs, automate your appointment booking and acquire bookings at a higher rate.

Referral TrackingReferral Tracking

Build lasting relationship with not only your patients but your network of referring providers through LeadSquared. Understanding the number of patients sent your way by your partnering practitioners or clinics across various services is an important metric to build your dental practice’s referral network. LeadSquared’s automated referral tracking enables your team to understand which partnerships work the best for your clinic and streamlines communication with the partners, thereby reducing delays in providing care.

Ease of UseEase of Use

Switching between different plaforms to manage patient charts, billing, and appointments hampers the team’s overall productivity and ultimately affects a patient’s experience with your clinic. Empower your team with the tools they need to provide the highest quality of oral care to your patients. Consolidating the functionalities of different platforms like texting, emailing, calling, and reporting into a single system equips your team with the power of greater operational visibility and user productivity.

Leverage extensive reportingLeverage extensive reporting

Understanding patient conversion sources has become the need of the hour, as drop rates increase with a new dental practice popping up every day. Retain your patients with a data-driven strategy that aids your team to understand source attribution, revenue analysis, ROI on marketing spend and track patient lifecycle- from inquiry to conversion.

Third-party integrations

For seamless and comprehensive patient tracking within a single platform, LeadSquared integrates with a host of third-party platforms and provides a one-stop-shop for your team. Our Open Dental integration helps facilitate a bidirectional flow of data between LeadSquared and the EMR. As an extensive and highly sought after dental practice management software, LeadSquared’s no code connector syncs patient demographics and appointment details between Open Dental account and LeadSquared system.

Integrations with Dental clinic management software
orthodontic practice management software & how it can integrate seamlessly with other aspects of your practice.

Native integrations

Our native integration can help you solve use cases such as:

  • Update, generate and refresh patient details in your LeadSquared account – instantly or regularly at a frequency of your choosing.
  • Whenever you schedule an appointment for a patient in your LeadSquared account, it instantly syncs and generates the appointment in real-time within your Open Dental account.
  • Use this instant data sync to automate your reminder and follow-up contact strategy with zero hassle.

Comprehensive Checklist For Buying A Dental CRM

healthcare crm features – healthcare crm software checklist

Why choose LeadSquared Dental CRM?

Call/text/send sms to your patients using LeadSquared dental practice management software

Automate patient communications

Manage patient interactions and appointments more efficiently with easy-to-create communication workflows. By tracking patient inquiries, appointments, and automating follow-ups, your practice can ensure that patients receive timely and personalized care.

Accelerate new acquisitions

Capture new patient inquiries from various sources through targeted and personalized content. Precisely attribute the leads to the sources in the CRM. Automate acquisitions through the self-serve appointment portal, tailored to your practice’s requirement.

Use patient portal to capture enquiries from all sources via LeadSquared dental clinic management software
Retain Patient by Automating Reminders, sending personalized text based on patient history using LeadSquared's dental clinic management software

Ace your patient retention with automation

Create healthcare workflow automations in LeadSquared dental CRM to engage patients for recurring events. For instance, you already have the date of the first yearly health check-up of a patient. Remind them of their health check-up next year automatically by using date-based triggers. Even something as simple as automating birthday wishes can go a long way in helping patient retention.

Compliance and security

Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, LeadSquared adheres to all relevant healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDRP, SOC1 and SOC2 audits in the US, to ensure patient data security and privacy.

LeadSquared - Compliance-and-Security
Get access to metrics such as patient acquisitions, engaged, active in month, drop-offs etc. using orthodontic practice management software

Analytics and reporting

Use LeadSquared dental CRM’s advanced analytics to track patient engagement, conversion rates, patiet-drop-off rates, appointment to enrollment ratios and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This data-driven approach will guide your practice to make strategic decisions for patient acquisition and marketing spends.

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Complete Dental CRM Suite for Your Practice.

What is a dental practice management software?

Dental office management software is a set of software solutions that help dentists and dental practice managers look after and optimize many of the operations across single or multiple practice units.

How to choose Dental Software?

Choose a dental software based on the following pointers:

  1. Is the software an all-encompassing solution?
  2. Is it HIPAA-compliant?
  3. Is it easy to use and has a user-friendly module for managers to work on?
  4. Does it give a better patient experience compared to your existing system?
  5. Is it easy to use workflows/automation?

What is a CRM software?

CRM software helps practices capture new patient acquisitions, track appointments, and automate patient communication and recurring events, thereby also helping to retain patients by providing personalized care. A good CRM will help dentists manage patients, prescriptions, billing etc. with the least human intervention.

Can LeadSquared CRM integrate with various dental softwares?

Yes, it can integrate with software such as Solutionreach, Dentrix, ExcelDent, EagleSoft, Cloud 9 Software, Lighthouse 360, Open Dental Software, CS SoftDent Software, Dolphin ImagingPlus and CS OrthoTrac.