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Lead Capture Automation

Capture phone calls as leads

Capture all inbound, outbound and even missed calls as leads. Attribute all phone calls to their source campaigns, identify the most profitable ones, to reinvest your ad money on them. Record calls, and track all ongoing nurturing activities as well.

Lead Capture Automation - Capture Phone Calls as Leads

Lead Capture Automation - Capture Leads Through Telephony Integration

Integrates with all major telephony and IVR tools

Capture all leads from IVR service providers like Exotel, Ozonotel, Ameyo, etc through telephony integration. Never miss an inquiry from your ads on TV, radio, and newspaper that tapped your IVR client, follow up with them at the earliest and bring your lead leakage down to zero.

Capture leads from PPC and digital ads

Capture all leads from different ad campaigns running on AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms. Track the response from every source and plan your marketing budget accordingly. Reduce your cost per lead with conversion-optimized responsive landing pages.

Lead Capture Automation - Capture leads from PPC and Digital Ads

lead capture automation for marketplace leads

Capture leads from marketplaces

Marketplaces are an important lead source for most B2C companies. No matter what industry you are in – finance, education, real estate, healthcare, or any other, LeadSquared captures leads through them via in-built connectors or APIs.

Capture leads from your website and chat

Integrate your web forms and chat tools with LeadSquared with zero technical help. Capture these leads, along with their conversations seamlessly. Understand their intent and connect with them before your competitors.

Lead Capture Automation - Capture leads from Website and Chat Bot

Lead Capture Automation for leads from Social Media

Capture leads from Social Media Campaigns

Capture all leads seamlessly from your social campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) to improve your response time. Use conversion-centric landing pages or in-built social media connectors (Facebook lead ads, Twitter) to improve your conversion rates.

Capture leads from self-serve application portals

Capture all leads from online application portals and track the completion and drop-off rates of multi-page forms. Ensure application completion with timely intervention via emails/texts or your call center. Allow the applicant to complete the application in multiple attempts – they can pick up wherever they left off.

lead capture automation - Capture leads from application portals

lead capture automation from api intergrated websites

Capture leads with in-built connectors and APIs

In addition to in-built connectors, capture leads from all the websites that have open APIs. You can even build your own custom lead capture connectors using our APIs and developer platform, that our customers absolutely love.

Add event leads one-by-one or in bulk

Don’t miss leads at any event or exhibition that you visit. Collect all inquiries as leads, along with their interests and meeting notes, and expedite follow-ups to gain more customers. Identify the quality of your event leads and allocate budgets accordingly.

lead capture automation -Upload leads at events

lead capture automation provides lead source report

Get accurate lead source attribution reports

Monitor and analyze the performance of all your lead generation channels – PPC, LinkedIn, Facebook, emails, events, website and more.  Get detailed insights into the lead quality and conversions and revenue attribution for each source.

Our lead leakage is now less than 0.1%

“Our channels for acquiring customers are not just online. Before LeadSquared, there was a lot of leakage in fetching all these leads and engaging with customers. We have drastically reduced lead leakage in 6 major channels, with present leakage less than 0.1%.”

Akhil Sikri

CTO, Zolo

Bring your lead leakage down to zero

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