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Customer journey builder


Opportunity management software - customers

Model journeys based on your goals

LeadSquared allows you to sketch customer and prospect journeys visually, identify pain-points and drop-off areas, and plug the leaks. No matter what your campaign goal – new customer acquisition, dormant lead reactivation, increasing upsell/cross-sell rates, increasing renewal ratios, app installs, app usage, or anything else – LeadSquared allows you to build end-to-end customer journeys across communication channels and devices, to increase goal completion rates.

Customer journey builder - for all your campaigns

Build personalized customer journeys for your industries

Enhance experience at every step of the journey

 Customer journey builder for banks


Design journeys to increase account open rates, app installs, app usage, application completion, enhance customer experience, reactivate dormant leads and increase cross-sell ratios.

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 Customer journey builder for lenders


Increase application completion rates, automate qualification, reactivate dormant leads, build up-sell/cross-sell and customer experience journeys, shorten onboarding cycle, and more.

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 Customer journey builder for insurance


Build optimal prospect and customer lifecycle journeys for all your insurance products and all your distribution channels – STP, bancassurance, agencies, field agents, and other intermediaries.

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 Customer journey builder for higher education

Higher Ed

Sketch student journeys right from inquiry to screening, application processing, enrollment, and placement. Guide students based on their intent to ensure lower drop-offs rates.

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 Customer journey builder for edtech businesses


Build intelligent student journeys to match your intelligent edtech apps. Increase new student acquisition rates, app installs and reinstalls, app usage, and more. Sell more subscriptions faster.

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 Customer journey builder for other B2C industries

Other B2C Businesses

Large B2C and B2B marketplaces, real estate, healthcare, & automotive are some of the others that trust LeadSquared to build their customer experience journeys, no matter how easy or complex.

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Model journeys based on your industries

Build end-to-end customer journeys across communication channels and devices.

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Start influencing your customer journeys

Make good customer experience a standard across all channels, paths and devices

Listen + Guide: Don’t just track your customers, influence them

Take any event as a trigger and guide them down the path you want them to take.

Capture live signals via prospect tracking on your website, and your other core systems (via APIs, LAPPS, or direct integrations), and automate intervention via the right channels – text or email messages, or manual intervention by call center and field agents.

Customer journey builder - listen and guide

Customer journey builder - prospect profiles

Know: Build 360 degree prospect and customer profiles

Get to know your prospects and customers as real people.

Weave information together from multiple data sources. Access their demographics, social profiles, behavioral data (activity tracking, conversation tracking – phone calls, emails, text messages & walk-ins), preferences, and more.

Act: Dynamic segments, visual journeys and reports

Build dynamic prospect segments & journeys. Analyze drop-off points and fix them.

All the customer journeys you need with absolutely zero code

Make good customer experience a standard across all channels and paths. No matter how many goals you have, you can create journeys for all of them within one system. The workflows require no coding and are completely flexible.

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