Attract and recruit applicants more effectively

Capture and engage applicants' interest from all channels

View submissions and conversions from all your online and offline sources.

Student Enrollment Software - LeadSquared's lead capture solution

Engage your applicants with automated messages

Notify your admission team for important events

Student recruitment solution - student tracking

Track & score your applicants' activities and behavior

Know your applicants better by tracking what they do on your website, and how they engage with your newsletters and other marketing campaigns.

Send relevant messages automatically

Send automated emails or text messages whenever your prospective student takes an important action, like completing the application, viewing the scholarship options etc.

Notify admission officers on important events

You can also notify your admission team whenever an important action or page views occurs. This helps them reach out to the applicants on time

Sketch workflows to automate student communication

Automatically send relevant messages to prospective students based on their behavior

Segment your applicants properly for targeted campaigns

Segregate your applicants based on their demographic profiles, activities, interests and any other variable you want. Send them highly-relevant and personalized information throughout the application cycle. You can also perform custom list actions. Ex: Send all the leads in one list to a call center application for automated dialing with one click.

Student recruitment software - Marketing automation and list segmentation

Easy to use, drag and drop builders

No need of designers or coders. Dozens of templates to get you started

Marketing analytics for your recruitment team

Get complete recruitment insights - lead source performance, campaign performance and more

If you aren't using are paying too much for marketing automation!

“As someone who has used HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On and more, LeadSquared has all of the necessary functionalities at a fraction of the cost. We have a 10% reduction in bounce rate for emails now and our drip campaigns have resulted in 50% quicker movement of sales prospects through the funnel!”

Robert Evans

Robert Evans

Marketing Manager, VIKTRE Career LLC

Empowering Admission and Recruitment Teams for 500+ Institutions


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