Easy, Error-free Patient Appointment Scheduling CRM

  • Manage patient appointments efficiently
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Automate reminders
  • Make rescheduling easy

Say Goodbye to Manual Appointment Scheduling

Improve patient experience with glitch-free self-scheduling or assisted scheduling, appointment handling, automated reminders, patient profiling, real-time information visibility, and more.

Book appointments anytime, anywhere!
make online self-scheduling simple and hassle-free

Eliminate manual scheduling processes. With online forms and portals, allow patients to book appointments anytime, anywhere.

  • Create user-friendly forms for appointments
  • Capture appointment details
  • Save time for both staff and patients

Sync your appointments seamlessly and stay on top of your schedule

Ensure seamless appointments with complete calendar visibility for all your staff.

  • Get real-time visibility into physician’s availability
  • Reduce cancellations. Eliminate double bookings

Effortlessly create, manage, and enrich patient profiles

Collect, store, and update patient info in real-time. Create a comprehensive patient profile to know and treat your patients better.

  • Integrate EHR to access patient’s health records
  • Gain quick and real-time access to essential information
  • Personalize communication

Appointment management for call centers.
make phone call booking easy!

Enable patient and doctor data visibility for your call center agents. Integrate your call center software with LeadSquared and simplify patient appointment scheduling.

  • Get visibility of available slots in real-time
  • Cancel or reschedule easily
  • Reduce call center wait times

Seamless integration of EHR and in-house systems

Simplify your appointment booking process by integrating LeadSquared with your EHR and in-house appointment scheduling systems. Seamlessly connect all aspects of your healthcare practice to ensure smoother operations and informed decisions.

  • Ensure easy flow of patient data across departments and care managers
  • Increase team co-ordination and efficiency

Automate Patient Scheduling Processes.
Focus on What Matters Most – Your Patients!


Notify care managers and doctors about appointment updates

Ensure no more missed information, just effortless coordination with real-time updates about any change in the appointments.

  • Notify doctors and care managers for
    every new appointment booked
  • Send updates about rescheduled appointments
  • Send reminders for upcoming appointments

Add and save message templates for streamlined appointment booking

Create and save templates for appointment confirmation, reminders or sharing updates. Set-up autoresponders for patient inquiries. Utilize these in automations to save time and increase patient engagement.

  • Personalize each message
  • Maintain consistency and accuracy
  • Create templates for SMS, WhatsApp, and Emails

Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders

Ensure more successful appointments and better outcomes with automated reminders. Never worry about no-shows again!

  • Send timely reminders through SMS, email, or WhatsApp
  • Offer flexible rescheduling and avoid cancellations
  • Increase appointment-to-visit ratios

Automate workflows for follow-up and recurring visits

Create healthcare workflows to handle recurring patient appointments & notify patients automatically before each session.

  • Send reminders for recurring health checkups
  • Automatically block doctors’ calendars
  • Notify both patients and doctors once the appointment is booked

Identify and Repair Bottlenecks in Seconds with
Customizable Appointment Scheduling Reports

Appointment to visit ratios

Patient Appointment to Visit Ratios

Appointment drop-off reports

Appointment Drop-off Reports

Appointment booking source

Patient Appointment Booking Source

Patient feedback

Patient Feedback

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Patient Appointment Scheduling FAQs

How do you manage a patient appointment?

You can use an appointment scheduling CRM to manage and streamline the patient appointment booking process. It helps you schedule and reschedule appointments easily. You can also set automated reminders for upcoming appointments and follow-ups.

What is an online patient appointment?

An appointment booked by patients through any online channel is an online appointment. They can either book through the hospital website or mHealth platforms like Practo. 

What software is used for appointment scheduling?

There are many software available in the market for patients to book appointments and for hospitals and clinics to manage them. Some popular appointment scheduling software are: AdvanceMD, Athena Health, eClinicWorks, and more. 


What are two methods used to schedule patient appointments?

The two methods generally used to make appointments are through online channels or phone calls. The online channels to book patient appointments are hospital websites and apps, healthcare aggregators, or WhatsApp. 

What are the methods used to remind patients of their appointments?

Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages are proven methods to send reminders for appointments to patients. You can also use software to automate these reminder messages and ensure no appointment is missed.