Build Custom Applications Based on Your Business Needs with Ease!

  • No fixed cost of provisioning 
  • Combine Lapps with Forms & portals to build custom UIs/Application 
  • Quick Delivery with easy to code, test and deploy 
  • Completely Reliable with inbuilt data security and encryption 
Build custom applications based on your business needs with Lapps

What you Can Do With Lapps

Lapps gives you flexibility in customizations, by allowing developers to write code/business logic in LeadSquared without worrying about the cost and complexity of hosting, deployment or security. 

Lapp marketplace  

Pre-formatted templates to provide better efficiency 

Get started with pre-defined templates from Lapp Marketplace based on your industry and business use-case. Select from range of templates like Marketing lead as Invalid based on Email, Converting EUR to INR, Unique ID generation and so on.

patient engagement software for doctor’s office - Automate appointment reminders, reduce no-shows
patient engagement tool to trigger instant and well-informed response calls

Send dynamic content to leads  

Accurate dynamic content management 

Send completely dynamic content to your leads. For example, send dynamic real estate listings to leads based on their location preferences and budget, customised travel packages to travellers based on their preferences and more.

Do complex custom calculations 

Handle sophisticated business calculations with ease 

Interconnect your business tools with LeadSquared, and execute complex calculations. For instance, fetch CIBIL score from your LOS to calculate the interest rate applicable for each loan application and much more.

patient communication software - Create post-diagnosis communication workflow
software for patient engagement - Educate your patients about the next steps

Generate Custom offers for customers  

Tailor-made deals for your customers 

Generate custom upsell and cross-sell offers for your existing customers by fetching their payment, eligibility and other details from your business systems, like a Loan Origination System.

Capture data from your custom forms 

Fetch more information about your lead from forms 

Send complete lead details from custom forms on your website to LeadSquared directly. No matter what application the forms are created on, you can capture complete data.

The best Patient engagement software to create recurring event reminders

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about Lapps, check out the complete guidebook of LeadSquared Lapps 

What are Lapps?

LeadSquared Apps (Lapps) is a developer platform that lets you build custom applications around LeadSquared based on your business needs. Lapps gives you flexibility in customizations, by allowing developers to write code/business logic in LeadSquared without worrying about the cost and complexity of hosting, deployment or security.

What is the outcome of Lapps?

LeadSquared Apps (Lapps) lets you write their own custom code, test it and publish code as a REST API hosted within LeadSquared itself.  Lapps can be called directly from Automation, Rules or Webhooks.  

Which language is used to write the code in Lapps?

Lapps allow you to write code in JavaScript only.  

Does Lapps allow User Interface customisation?

Lapps only supports code/business logic execution. It does not add any functionality to the LeadSquared User Interface. 

How are the logs stored for Lapps?

In Lapps, requests and responses are logged by system for each execution, however you can write your own logs, which will be captured in every execution.   

What are the key benefits of writing business logics with Lapps?

Ease of Integration  Easily integrate with other systems. 
Speed  Develop applications faster. 
Testing  Test faster using the Lapps test environment. 
Security  You don’t have to worry about security or data encryption. 
Hosting  There’s no need to maintain the source code or worry about version history. 
Troubleshooting  Easy logging, debugging, and troubleshooting. 
Reliability  You don’t have to worry about reliability or server downtime. 
Scalability  You don’t have to be concerned with scalability or handling API call volumes. Lapps can be scaled to meet as many executions as you need. 

What’s the timeout for Lapps?

By default, Lapps timeout is 10s however, it allows up to 15 min of execution timeout. 

Is Lapps a paid product?

Yes, Lapps is a paid product. To enable it in your account, please contact our support team at They will be happy to assist you with the activation process and provide you with further details about our pricing plans and features. 

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