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Powerful Customization, Unlike Other Insurance CRM's

“Leadsquared Insurance CRM is very powerful in allowing customizations, unlike large CRMs. We use it to power our new telephony-assisted online sales channel. Automations help us engage customers without delays, and we have increased our conversion rates. The lead capture is seamless from all sources. The in-built connectors, APIs & Web-hooks are simple to use and can be integrated with your core systems.”


General Manager, Exide Life Insurance

Captures leads from all the channels

Capture all your leads from online & offline channels, including insurance aggregator websites, like PolicyBazaar, MyInsuranceClub, and others. Capture policy inquiries from your website, social channels, PPC campaigns, phone calls, and even traditional on-the-ground campaigns, like cross-promotional events. Leads from traditional channels like billboards etc. can also be captured with telephony integration.

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Automatically distribute leads to call center and field sales team

Distribute leads among your salespeople – based on different criteria of your choosing – including agent availability, past performance, insurance product specialty, location, simply in a round-robin fashion, or any other criteria important to you.

Help your team identify the best sales opportunities

LeadSquared enables you to identify the most suitable inquiries by checking their eligibility criteria such as age, financial status, interests, locations, policy preferences etc.

Just define the criteria once, and LeadSquared will allocate a quality score out of 10 to every new inquiry, making prioritization easy for sales team.

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Track all the communication in one clean view

With lead-tracking, your salespeople have all the context they need to know the complete details of the leads, including the policies they are interested in, the ones that they have already bought, and other details.

Record the phone calls also with LeadSquared mobile app or connecting the third party telephony /call center connector.

Smart views for your agents to plan their day efficiently

Customize your UI in minutes to manage your tasks and lead better

Alert your agents of each important action

Notify the insurance agents when prospective buyers visit an important page, like the policy details, cost break-ups, insurance premium details, etc.

Set the next task for the agent, as soon as an important activity occurs.

For eg: as soon as the lead shares the KYC documents, and the stage changes to “Documents received,” the agent will be notified and a task will be set for him to get the documents verified.

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Enable your field sales team with powerful mobile app

Keep a close eye on their meeting count, distance traveled, collections and more

Spot cross-sell opportunities

Know the complete customer details – including the policies the customers have purchased and complete details about them. Identify cross-sell opportunities using this data.

For ex: a customer who buys a health policy for their spouse, might also be willing to buy a life insurance policy.

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Automate renewal processes

Automatically notify policy-holders when their renewal date draws closer. Simultaneously, notify agents and set tasks for them to make follow-ups if the customers don’t renew on their own.

Monitor all your sales channels

Advance reporting and analytics

User-based access

You can set limited lead-view for your teams and salespeople based on hierarchy. So, one salesperson can only see his own leads, his manager can see leads of all the salespeople reporting to him and so on. This helps you avoid data-theft, and builds a secure system.

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GDPR Compliance

We recognize how important the safety of consumer data is, therefore, LeadSquared is GDPR compliant and ensures the complete protection of consumer data as long as the companies adhere to the set guidelines, about how they share the data that they possess.

Integrate with all your favorite tools

Out-of-the-box integrations with all the major marketing, sales, and business tools that you use – including Google Ads, Facebook, Chat tools, telephony & IVR tools and more. We even have Zapier connector that you can use to build all the Zaps you need, open APIs, which allow you to build your own connectors, and even a developer platform if you have in-house developers.

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We have a more efficient sales team now

“Lead management is a difficult task but with LeadSquared, that has drastically improved and leakages have gone down to 0%. Whether you are on the go or in office, LeadSquared is available online / offline on mobile and desktop and is one stop solution to LMS.”

Aditya Gupta

Executive Director , MG Housing Private Limited

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