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[Webinar] Accelerating Business Growth with Upcoming Innovations in Cloud Telephony
The Covid – 19 pandemic drove businesses and entrepreneurs to embrace technology like never before. We’re looking into the role of innovations in solving age-old call center issues and growing businesses in the post-pandemic world. Key Discussion Points: The changing landscape of call centers in the post – pandemic world How the latest innovations are...

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[Lending Roundtable Episode 3] How Indian MFIs can Leverage Digital to Offset External Shocks
The financial shocks from Covid-19 are still rippling through the global economy and inducing intense stress on the re-payment capabilities of borrowers. While the microfinance loan portfolio grew by 17% in FY21, the increasing count of re-payment delinquencies has severely affected the collection efficiency of microfinance businesses. To offset these challenges, the micro-credit industry needs...

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How to Master Contact Center Sales
The inability to contact clients was disheartening to most businesses during the pandemic. Right before Covid-19 had taken full effect, calls poured in from customers worldwide. The lack of prepared reps who could answer them from home was evident. Imagine a team of 10 dealing with 30-40 calls at the same time at home, disconnected...

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