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Why Leadsquared?

Track activities, monitor communication and intervene at the right time to drive productivity amongst your remote workforce

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  • Super-fast Implementation

    While configuring other tools can take months, LeadSquared gets you started in days.

  • Completely Connected Teams

    Connect and manage all your teams together – marketing, sales, operations, service & more.

  • Quick Adoption

    Fast adoption at scale across all teams and hierarchies. Easy to set-up, easy to use.

  • Mobile-first

    Built for mobile-first use. Your teams can get started without any complex set-ups.

  • Works Offline

    Allow your teams to work well despite the challenges of low or no network connectivity.

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    Get complete team reports along with corrective actions to improve performance.

Monitor your remote workforce

For a remote team or a team in an extended work-from-home situation, it is imperative as a manager to be able to track the productivity levels of the team. Leadsquared enables you to track all the activities of your field force like calls, emails, tasks completed. Get automated reports on every remote employee and ensure they’re on top of their game.

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Ensure high quality of interactions

The biggest challenge with remote workforce management, is ensuring all interactions with prospects or customers follow company standards. Leadsquared integrates with telephony services and email clients so you can track and record all calls and emails. Ensure that all communication follows company guidelines. Share call and email scripts with your entire team to help them achieve the highest standards

Motivate your teams

Empower your team to get real-time insights on their performance. Share automated report cards to your team and reward every milestone with a recognition. Day’s targets achieved? Congratulate them for hitting it out of the park even while they work-from-home. Somebody lagging behind? Nudge them with a different email to help them get back on track.

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Remote workforce management - upsell cross-sell

Drive upsell and cross-sell

Give your sales reps complete insights into customer habits and enable them to identify opportunities for upsell and cross-sell. Is a customer returning to check out a related product/service? Call them and try to understand what they’re looking for. With right segmentation, lead scoring & profiling, upsell & cross-sell can be turned into a process to help you generate additional revenue.

Intervene at the right time

Enable automations to track activities and trigger specific actions based on defined logic. An employee starting their day too late or not hitting their quota of calls? Get an email or notification so you can intervene in time and help them up their game.

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Remote workforce management - security

Ensure Security

Set up Two-Factor Authentication to add an additional security layer. Edit your Permission Templates to disable data exports or temporarily hide sensitive data from users. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, you can force log-out all users as the first safety precaution.

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