Build a Highly Productive Bancassurance Sales Channel

Increase your bancassurance profitability by 70%


How does LeadSquared help your Bancassurance Sales operations?

Get Branch Health Statistics

Always know the performance of all your partner branches – in terms of new leads, new business, renewals & premium collection.

Suggest Recovery Actions

If a branch is lagging behind targets, Relationship Managers get automated recommendations to improve engagement.

Meet Branch Engagement Goals

Set targets for all your branches and relationship managers. Enable the relationship managers to meet their targets every day.

Track Branch Visits

Tracking relationship managers’ attendance at branches is one of the toughest challenges for Bancassurance teams. Do it automatically.

Improve Renewal Ratios

Help relationship managers plan their day according to renewal targets. Influence branch partners to take actions on pending renewals.

Maximize RM Efficiency

Send your relationship managers to their branch visits equipped with a prioritized task list & route maps to maximize their efficiency.

Measure and Improve Your Branch Engagement Ratios

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Relationship Managers

Help them achieve their branch engagement goals

Auto-plan their day

LeadSquared plans the daily activities of your relationship managers to help them get more out of each day:

  • Daily task planning to prioritize important tasks first, for instance
  • Branch visit planning to prioritize low- performing branches first
  • Route planning to follow the best routes for better time management.

Auto-plan their day

Motivate them to do more

Motivate them to do more

Keep your relationship managers on their toes! They always have a real-time view of their KPIs, performances, incentives & their current rank on the team.

Customizable dashboards for all users

Completely customize the app view for your Relationship Managers and other team members. In addition to their overall performances, they can view their daily tasks and activities, including:

  • Branch visits
  • Targets set
  • Next meetings & routes
  • Task completion metrics, like branches visited, premiums collected, renewal retention

and more…

Customizable dashboards for all users

Keep an Eye on Your Relationship Managers from Miles Away

Track every activity of your field team

Track each branch visit

Track each branch visit

Tracking Relationship Managers’ attendance at branches is one of the toughest challenges for Bancassurance teams. LeadSquared enables real-time update of RMs’ branch visits by:

  • Geo-tagging each branch visit activity
  • Geo-fencing to ensure that no fake branch visits are reported

Locate your RMs real-time

View the real-time positions and historical routes + check-ins of your relationship managers. Always know what’s up on the ground. You can check their complete day route at the end of the day as well.

Locate your RMs real-time

Get Higher Renewal Rates from Every Partner Branch

Get higher persistency ratios

Empower your Branch Partners/Branch Managers with Mobile App

Instantly map customer data to LeadSquared for engagement activities and cross-sell recommendations

Drill Deep into the Performance of Your Complete Banca Channel

down to the tiniest detail

Our lead to sale ratio has increased by 35%

We have observed that the introduction of LeadSquared, the average sales per day per agent (i.e insurance sales) has moved up by 40% and the lead to sale has increased by 35%. And this is just in the last three months. Plus the support has been phenomenal, even over the weekends and holidays.


Mayank Gupta

Growth Hacker, Acko General Insurance

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