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Why choose LeadSquared for B2C Sales?

In most B2C businesses, the prospect-to-customer journey is never straightforward. In fact, there isn’t just one path-to-closure.

There are multiple sales journeys, involving different channels, processes, teams, and touchpoints. LeadSquared connects them all – processes, distributed teams, and touchpoints – to give you one complete end-to-end sales execution platform – for your digital teams, call center agents, feet-on-street teams (sales, partner onboarding, service), and operations. LeadSquared cuts down all the noise that your teams constantly wade through and allows them just to focus on just their next task, enhancing their efficiency and helping them sell more.

CRM Software for sales execution - complete sales process mapping

What can I achieve with LeadSquared?

Increase your sales team's efficiency by guiding them of the next best step to take

 Zero lead leakage - CRM Software

Zero lead leakage

Capture leads from all your channels automatically, manage them intelligently, transfer them to the right teams (and people). Ensure zero lead leakage and zero missed opportunities.

 Quick turnaround - CRM Software

Quick turnaround

Automate lead qualification, prioritization, and distribution to relevant people & teams based on advanced lead & agent attributes. Timely contact = higher conversions.

 Flexible workflows - CRM Software

Flexible workflows

No-code sales process builder. Sketch the best-possible sales workflows for your different products & teams. The sales processes are dynamic and completely flexible.

 Regimented sales - CRM Software

Regimented sales

Remove all distractions from your sales teams’ day & guide them of the next best step. Spot sales opportunities, and notify the right agent to take action – automatically.

 Workday planning - CRM Software

Workday planning

Plan the workday of all your customer-facing teams (digital, call center, or field). So, they can concentrate on doing more – thereby increasing their productivity.

 Connected teams - CRM Software

Connected teams

LeadSquared connects all your teams and processes together – multiple processes, distributed teams, and sales touchpoints can all be mapped in one platform.

 Mobile CRM - CRM Software

Mobile CRM

With LeadSquared’s mobile CRM, your salespeople can do everything on-the-go – their tasks, document upload, lead transfer – while you live-track them from miles away.

 Complete reports - CRM Software

Complete reports

Custom dashboards and 100s of default reports measuring everything important to you – campaign performance, agent productivity, or revenue metrics.

 crm software - integration

Ready to integrate

Integrate LeadSquared with all the other apps you use and love – native connectors, robust APIs, and developer platform.

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Front end form and process builder for sales teams

Create highly efficient workflows without IT help

Build as many sales workflows as you want with zero-code

No matter how many products, teams, or sales processes you have – you can manage every single one of them within one platform, and sketch several different sales processes simultaneously. The sales workflows require no coding and are completely flexible.

CRM Software for sales execution - sales workflows

Lead distribution - admission CRM software

Distribute leads intelligently to the right teams and agents

Distribute leads by any number of lead or agent attributes – lead location, products, agent seniority, performance, and more. Consider the potential deal size, preferred language of communication, and other parameters to completely customize your distribution criteria.

Best action, best time, best priority - Sales Smartviews

Remove all the clutter from your salesperson’s work area. Promote productivity by showing them just the meaningful tasks listed in order of priority.

CRM Software - smartviews

Opportunity Management Software - Capture new opportunities easily

B2C Opportunity Management or B2B Account Management

Choose what’s right for you. Whether you are a B2C organization managing several opportunities for one single prospect or a B2B one, nurturing relationships with different prospects from the same organization. LeadSquared allows you to set your sales processes the best way possible for your business.

Sell on the go with mobile CRM built for field sales

Empower your field agents to be super-productive on the go – make calls, find prospects near them, transfer leads, and sell more. Track your entire field workforce as well. Monitor their geolocation, the meetings they attend, the distance they travel, their attendance and incentives, and everything else in between.

Field force automation feature

Real-time sales tracking

sales tracking dashboard

  • Conversation Tracking

    Keep a track of emails sent by your team, as well as the open & click rates.

  • Calling Reports

    Keep a tab on the call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers.

  • Pipeline Reports

    Track the number of leads in each stage of the pipeline for your teams and reps.

  • Field Meetings

    A real-time metric on the meetings your field agents have every day.

  • Sales Closure Reports

    Keep a tab on all the deals your reps have closed against their commitment.

  • Activities Vs Revenue

    Track the revenue contributed by each rep and shortfalls vs. the activities performed.

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