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What can I do with LeadSquared CRM?

Increase your sales team's efficiency by guiding them of the next best step to take

 crm software - lead capture

Capture leads

Eliminate lead leakage by capturing leads from all online and offline channels

 crm software - lead distribution

Distribute leads

Reduce response time by automating lead distribution to relevant salespeople

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 crm software -lead prioritization

Qualify and prioritize

Qualify and prioritize your leads based on their profile, actions and behavior

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 crm software -next best step

Next best step

Regiment your sales team by assigning them the next best step in the sales cycle

 crm software - tasks and reminders

Regimented followup

Ensure your salespeople never miss a follow-up with task automation

 crm software - enable actions

Catch sales signals

Catch signals automatically from various channels to identify sales-ready leads

 crm software - upsell and crosssell

Spot up-sell signals

Track your existing customers to identify up-sell/cross-sell opportunities

 crm software - reports and analytics

Custom reporting

Monitor what matters the most to you with customized and automated reporting

 crm software - integration

Ready to integrate

Integrate LeadSquared with other apps by native connectors and robust API’s

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Front end form and process builder for sales teams

Create highly efficient workflows without IT help

crm software - process designer

Streamline your sales process with smart views

Remove all the clutter from your salesperson’s work area. Promote productivity by showing them just the meaningful tasks listed in order of priority

crm software - smart views

crm software - lead tracking

Complete lead tracking

Track each and every interaction your leads have with your website, blogs, telephony, chat systems and salespeople in a singularly clean view

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Sales automation

Automate all your repetitive tasks like lead assignment, daily status checks, meeting reminders, etc. with sales automation

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crm software - sales automation

crm software - sales tracking

Sales tracking

Track all your revenue and sales performance metrics. Identify the salespeople who are performing well, and the ones who aren’t.

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Mobile CRM App

Track your entire field workforce with LeadSquared mobile CRM. Monitor their geolocation, the meetings they attend, the distance they travel and more

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