CRM Software to help you sell more, faster

Increase the sales velocity of your business

A CRM that guides your sales team to sell right

Prioritize leads & tasks, recommend actions, and help your team execute them

Prioritizes your leads, tasks and efforts

A CRM which will not let you chase junk leads

Lead scoring

Use lead scoring to identify sales ready leads. Sales team can be notified automatically when the score exceeds a predetermined value

Lead quality

Define what a high quality lead means to you, and present your sales team only with leads that match your ideal customer persona

Sales signals

The system catches signals from different channels –
social media, website tracking and activity tracking to identify sales-ready leads

Quick and easy set up

Lead qualification criteria is completely customizable & very easy to set up. Assign high scores to specific lead attributes & activities

Recommends actions for the sales team

Help your sales team put the best foot forward

Sets context to the conversation

Your sales team has all the information they need to make the right sales pitch. Enables powerful conversation with crystal clear context

Hooks your leads with right offers

Suggests the most effective and relevant offers for a particular lead. Knowing exactly what to pitch helps your team sell faster

Identifies up-sell opportunities

Monitor your existing customers to identify when there’s an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell. Also, identify customers with high lifetime value

Reduce training time drastically

You don’t need to spend a lot of time training new recruits, because the system helps them identify the leads to follow and actions to take

Works well on desktop or mobile

Make a highly productive workforce – telesales as well as field sales. Activities sync automatically across devices, keeping the team in-sync

Spots leads that are nearby

During their field meetings, salespeople get notified of other closure opportunities nearby, making the team highly productive

Executes lead actions without fail

Makes sure that no task or follow-up is missed

Action enablers - fast dialing

Inbuilt action enablers make it very easy to act on the system’s recommendations. Includes tools like fast dialer, quick emails etc.

Tasks and reminders

Automatically set sales tasks when a relevant event occurs. Ex: if the lead moves down the sales funnel or lead score crosses a certain value

Escalation when a task is ignored

If a follow-up is missed, or a task is ignored, the manager is notified, and a warning is sent to the salesperson to finish the task

Field sales tracking

Complete field sales tracking ensures that the manager knows if his team is attending the meetings, and completing their tasks

Lead distribution

If you have multiple products or services, and different teams handling them, send the leads to the right team automatically.

Ex: Blue leads to blue team and red leads to red team.

Lead distribution

Email integration

Email integration

Sync your email inbox with LeadSquared. Track all email conversations that your leads have with your sales team. Monitor if the emails match your company’s quality standards.

Sales automation

If the lead moves down the sales funnel, automate simultaneous sales alerts and activities. Change their lead stage, notify the relevant sales person and create a task for them to follow-up with this lead.

Sales automation

Sales tracking

Sales tracking

Track all your revenue and sales performance metrics. Find the sales people who are performing well, and the ones who aren’t. Know how much revenue is being generated collectively and individually by your sales team members. Monitor if they are completing their tasks or not, and more.

Integrate with the apps you love

Integrate LeadSquared with all sales apps that you use. Cloud telephony integrations (like SuperReceptionist, Exotel and more) allow you to capture calls as leads, and record and track phone calls for quality-control. Call center integration helps you manage your entire tele-sales operations. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.

Integrate with the apps you love

LeadSquared CRM Software keeps us focused on selling

“Most of the CRM systems in the market have bulky unnecessary features that divert users from its main objective. Not so with LeadSquared – it has just the right amount of CRM features any average business uses, and very neatly laid out interface. Plus, easy integration with telephony is a great asset for the sales team.”

LeadSquared amit

Amit Mishra

Ex-Marketing Head, TalentSprint

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