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Reach your prospects faster than your competition

Preset every distribution logic, no matter how straightforward or complex

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Reduce response time, and improve prospect experience

Distribute leads across regions, teams and salespeople automatically

Preset lead distribution rules based on any logic

Distribute leads by location, the product they are interested in, the sources they are coming from, and much more. Assign leads to the best-fit agents, based on agent-criteria, like seniority, performance and more. Consider potential deal size, preferred language of communication and other parameters to set your distribution criteria.

Lead Distribution Software distributes leads through multiple routing rules.

Lead Distribution Software distributes leads base on Agents Expertise

Distribute leads based on agent’s expertise and performance

Let your high performing agents handle potentially high-quality and high-value inquiries. This would help improve contact-quality and prospect experience at the first touchpoint itself and ensure that no deal is lost because of incorrect lead-agent mapping.

Use capping logic to limit lead distribution

While it is important to maximize on follow-ups, never let it overshadow the quality of sales follow-ups. Set capping logic to ensure that your agents aren’t assigned more leads than they can handle without compromising on call quality. For example – if your agents can handle 10 prospects daily, refrain from assigning beyond that number.



Distribute leads based on self-serve application status

Distribute leads to your teams based on the status of their self-serve applications. If the application is complete and qualified, transfer directly to the application processing team. It saves your teams’ time by eliminating redundant follow-ups. You can also automatically assign follow-ups in real-time if a lead drops on a certain page of the application form.

Distribute leads in round robin manner based on agent shifts

Distribute leads in a round-robin fashion if the lead quality is constant. Round-robin lead distribution can be combined with all your other more complex lead routing rules, like lead and agent-quality based distribution. You can also limit lead distribution to agents on their off-days, or after their shift hours.

lead distribution in round robin method

Automated lead distribution has dramatically reduced our response time

“Unlike competing apps, what we love about LeadSquared is the ability to immediately see all the most recent leads, filter out existing customers, and view where the leads are coming from. The lead distribution feature works exceptionally well here. It really speeds up the process, allowing us to follow up in real-time.”

Steve Wiideman

Steve Wiideman

President, Wiideman Consulting Group

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