Simplest Lead Distribution System

Distribute your leads based on geography, interest or any other criteria


Contact your leads before your competition does

Create multiple distribution rules

Distribute leads by location, the product they are interested in, the sources they are coming from and more. You can run multiple distribution rules simultaneously.

Create rules with AND/OR conditions

You can set several AND/OR rules to distribute leads. Ex: Leads from New York AND interested in Copywriting can be sent to Team A, and Leads from Los Angeles AND interested in Design course can be sent to Team B

Round Robin lead distribution

Distribute leads fairly between the sales team members in a round robin fashion. Reduce conflicts within the team, and increase efficiency.

Reduce response time drastically

Assign leads to salespeople as soon as they come in. This reduces response time, and helps your sales team connect with the prospects before your competition.

Automated lead distribution has dramatically reduced my response time

“Unlike competing apps, what we love about LeadSquared is the ability to immediately see all the most recent leads, filter out existing customers, and view where the leads are coming from. The lead distribution feature works exceptionally well here. It really speeds up the process, allowing us to follow up in real-time.”

Steve Wiideman

Steve Wiideman

President, Wiideman Consulting Group

Create your own distribution rules in minutes

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