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Distribute leads by countless lead and agent attributes – lead quality, location, languages, agent performance & more

CRM lead distribution

Enabling intelligent lead distribution for 2000+ businesses worldwide

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Reach your prospects faster than your competition

Preset every distribution logic, no matter how straightforward or complex to reduce response time

sales lead distribution software- distribute leads by advanced logic

Reduce response time, and improve prospect experience

Distribute leads across regions, teams and salespeople automatically

Distribute leads based on any lead or agent attributes

Automatically distribute leads by lead location, the products they are interested in, the sources they are coming from, and much more. Assign leads to the best-fit agents, based on agent-criteria, like seniority, performance, and more. Consider the potential deal size, preferred language of communication, and other parameters to set your distribution criteria.

automated lead distribution- based on agent and lead attributes

Use capping logic to limit leads assigned to sales reps

While it is important to maximize on follow-ups, never let it overshadow the quality of sales follow-ups. Set capping logic to ensure that your agents aren’t assigned more leads than they can handle without compromising on call quality. For example – if your agents can handle 10 prospects daily, refrain from assigning leads beyond that number.

sales lead distribution- capping logic to limit leads assigned to sales reps
CRM lead distribution- based on lead’s application status

CRM lead distribution based on lead’s application status

Distribute leads to your teams based on the status of their self-serve applications. If the application is complete and qualified, transfer directly to the application processing team. It saves your teams’ time by eliminating redundant follow-ups. You can also automatically assign follow-ups in real-time if a lead drops on a certain page of the application form.

Uberize lead assignment based on field agent locations

Lead distribution can be made uberized or hyper-localized by assigning the lead to the field rep who’s closest to the lead in case a face-to-face meeting is needed. This massively brings down the response time and enhances the overall customer experience.

lead distribution system- uberize lead assignment based on field agent locations
cheap lead distribution software- in round robin fashion based on agent shifts

Round robin lead distribution based on agent shifts

Distribute leads in a round-robin fashion if the lead quality is constant. Round-robin lead distribution can be combined with all your other more complex lead routing rules, like lead and agent-quality based distribution. You can also limit lead distribution to agents on their off-days, or after their shift hours.

Auto-distribute a churned agent’s leads to reduce loss of revenue

It’s very common for a sales agent, especially a field agent to churn. In such cases, hundreds, or thousands of leads under him would become orphan leads, leading to a break in communication thread and a subsequent loss in the opportunity. LeadSquared helps you avoid this by allowing automated or bulk distribution of such leads to other agents based on different criteria. In case, the sales rep is on leave, you can even route calls to the available team member.

crm lead distribution- auto-distribute a churned aganet's leads

Automations have reduced our turnaround time by 61%

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Before the turnaround time for acting upon new leads was 36 hours. Now it is less than 14 hours. This is a decrease of 61%. Our team is also able to do better follow-ups. They have all the data they need right there, and they also get constant reminders about their next task or meeting. As a result, follow-up breaches have reduced by 17%.
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Create your lead distribution rules in minutes

Lead Distribution Platform FAQs

What is lead distribution software?

Also known as lead assignment software, the lead distribution software is a digital tool that helps assign/route leads to the sales reps for follow-ups or nurturing. It saves time and effort spent in managing spreadsheets and manually assigning leads to agents. It also reduces the response time as the sales reps get notified as soon as you capture leads.

What is lead routing? Which is the best lead routing software?

Lead routing is the process of distributing incoming leads among sales reps. It is also known as lead assignment. Usually, lead routing is an automated process. A CRM software helps distribute leads to salespeople based on zip code, the product of interest, lead score, availability of the sales reps, or any other criteria relevant to the business. If you’re looking for lead routing software, check out LeadSquared CRM.

Is CRM software good for lead distribution?

Yes, CRM software, such as LeadSquared, helps in lead capture, distribution, and overall lead management.

What do you mean by automated lead distribution?

Automated lead distribution refers to using software to assign leads to sales reps in real-time as and when they are captured. Usually, there are a number of sources of lead generation and businesses (B2B and B2C) use CRM software for lead capture, distribution, and management.

How does a lead distribution system help sales?

A lead distribution system is an indispensable tool for sales teams. It helps prioritize leads, assign leads to sales reps evenly, route calls (if an agent is on leave), and more.