New-Age Digital Lending Solution

Unlock the power of a new-age low code digital lending solution to streamline loan origination, disbursal and collections.

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Kandarp Kant
Chief Technology Officer

“With LeadSquared, we could bring together all our processes and teams into a single enterprise-wide solution. Our agents are more efficient, and the journeys are more seamless, helping us deliver a premium experience to every borrower. Overall, our loan sales have taken a quantum leap with a significant reduction in our turn-around times.”

Increase in Loan Sales
Increase in Call Centre Efficiency
Reduction in Cost Per Lead
Nitin Gupta Finnable
Nitin Gupta
CEO and Co-Founder

“Finnable has been using LeadSquared for more than 2 years to manage the entire business process. We are glad that it has helped increase our productivity along the way with its product capability and support system.”

Increase in Efficiency
Increase In Sales Conversions
Harvinder Gandhi OLFS
Harvinder Gandhi
Group Chief Information Officer

“LeadSquared collections module helped us digitize our debt recovery process, building efficiencies and transparency. Also, tracking legal cases on the same module was a huge advantage.”

Collections Efficiency
Neekat Agrawal
Neeket Agarwal
Head of Growth and Strategy

We’re now plugging lead leakage by 25%! Earlier, we managed many processes manually and on multiple dashboards. Ever since LeadSquared unified these aspects, we’re seeing a positive impact in our day-to-day activities such as combating lead leakage.” 

Higher Sales Conversions
Reduction in Lead Leakage
Lead Distribution

Simplifying Lending for

What Makes our Digital Lending Solution the Right Fit for you?

Capabilities of LeadSquared Digital Lending Solution

CRM and Lead Management System-Lending Hub

CRM and Lead Management System

With LeadSquared, leverage a single platform with a holistic approach to lead management.

This includes capturing leads across channels, scoring and prioritizing leads, strategically distributing them across teams, and more.

Loan Origination System

LeadSquared enables end-to-end loan application management. Digitally onboard borrowers irrespective of the channels they choose, run eligibility checks, segment quality borrowers, ensure seamless document collection, and more  for a frictionless lending experience.

Loan Origination System-Lending Hub
No-Code Integrations Ecosystem-Lending Hub

No-Code Integrations Ecosystem

Diversify software functionality with the industry standard connectors that you love in no time for a hassle-free digital lending experience!

Diversify Process Functionality with a Robust Partner Integration Ecosystem!

  • Ready Integration with 25+ services for KYC
    verification, data fetch, OCR & others
  • No-code connectors that
    can be configured in a few minutes
  • Easy reusability across the platform in any form,
    process or automation
patient engagement solutions for hospitals - track engagement metrics
Dynamic Offer Engine-Lending Hub

Dynamic Offer Engine

A home loan borrower who makes timely repayments may also be eligible for a vehicle. With opportunity management, tap into upsell and cross-sell potential and roll out contextual offers based on every case.


With anything that’s routine and has the scope of being automated, a Business Rules Engine (BRE) can be a game-changer!

Reduce manual errors by configuring LeadSquared’s BRE with your business processes and perform tasks such as eligibility checks, knocking out customer dupes, and much more!

BRE-Lending Hub
Collections Management-Lending Hub

Collections Management

Empower your teams to track and follow-up with defaulters efficiently, predict debt recovery and enable faster collections!

WhatsApp Lending Bot

Leverage WhatsApp to improve contactability with customers, collect documents, initiate offers and plug drop-offs and cases of application abandonment with pre-built customer journeys.

WhatsApp Lending Bot-Lending Hub

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Digital Lending Solutions FAQs

What are the key capabilities that LeadSquared’s digital lending solution offers?

Multi-channel customer onboarding, video KYC and eKYC, self-service portals, borrower management, WhatsApp chatbot for lending, debt recovery automation, and more.

Is LeadSquared easy to configure?

Yes, leadSquared’s solutions are no-code and easily configurable based on your business requirements. LeadSquared is rated 9.2/10 on G2 for user friendliness and ease of set up!

Who can benefit from LeadSquared’s digital lending solution?

The Sales team, Credit/Underwriting team, DSAs, Risk Management teams in financial institutions will yield most value from our lending solutions.

What are the top use cases that LeadSquared digital lending solves?

Heare are the top use cases LeadSquared can help with- Lead Management, Loan Origination, Merchant Onboarding and Management, Dealer Onboarding and Management, DSA/Referral Partner Onboarding.

Can LeadSquared be integrated with other software systems?

LeadSqaured is known for its integration ecosystem that hosts 100+ industry standard connectors such as Perfios, Digilocker, Kaleyra, and more. It’s also one of the top-rated capabilities on G2 compared to other SaaS solutions in the market!

In what capacity does a digital lending solution help?

A digital lending solution helps lenders to simplify processes such as document collection, credit risk assessment, credit decisioning, loan offer generation, and collection tracking.

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