Automating Debt Collection For Effortless Loan Recovery

The outlook for loan borrowers in 2023 seems bleak. High inflation and rising lending rates have reduced consumer spending. Additionally, high debt-to-income ratios are pushing borrowers toward delinquency.

Lenders/brokers everywhere must introduce the agility/flexibility required to identify at-risk cases and optimize the collections process to ensure a seamless recovery.

Tune in to our virtual talks on 15th March 2023, where LeadSquared experts will sit with leading collectors in the APAC region to find out how automation can bridge the gap in traditional collection processes and prepare businesses for the coming financial year. 

Key Discussion Points

  • Challenges posed by current market conditions and traditional debt collection processes 
  • Advantages of building a customer-centric and empathetic collections process 
  • Role of technology in optimizing recovery efforts and avoiding 
  • How can lending firms integrate new-age debt collection tools within their existing ecosystem


Atul Kurnani

Atul Kulkarni
Head – Business Development, Pepper Advantage

Michael Gatela

Michael Gatela
Head of Collections, Uno Digital Bank

Rajat Gurnani
Associate Director- Presales, LeadSquared

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