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Paperless applicant portal built for admissions in career schools and vocational colleges.

applicant portal for admissions
Helpline 400+ Colleges Switch to online paperless admission fast!
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Power enrollment process with automation

Configure all applicant details, documents, payment, and e-signature using automation. Set reminders and alerts for repetitive tasks for faster processing.

Control Entire Journey from Application till Enrollments

Sync their activities in CRM, SIS and customize your enrollment portal

Mobile friendly application

Students can upload documents, sign applications, check application status, do virtual campus tours, and make payments on any device. They get a process they can complete with their phones, on their couch anytime.

mobile applicant portal
e-signature and document collection

E-signature and document collection

Allow students to sign and upload enrollment documents digitally. Access documents online and save countless hours by decreasing paperwork shuffling and documentation management.

Built-in contact solutions

Increase engagement using omnichannel engagement solutions – texts, emails, calls, etc. Schedule automated emails and texts to remind applicants. Provide your students with the best engagement experience.

calling solution for admission rep
admissions crm dashboard

Integrate with admissions CRM

Control your entire student journey process. Track website activities and communication history of all students. Monitor productivity of admission rep using powerful reporting.

Integrate with your existing SIS

Connect the entire application journey. Join SIS of your choice with LeadSquared to create a bi-directional flow of information. Sync applicant details, communication history, financial aid forms, etc., seamlessly.

sis integration for crm

Here’s Why Our Customers Choose Us

“The contact rate went up by 13% and scheduled campus appointments improved by 5%. Admissions specific workflows helped the admissions team prioritize incoming inquiries, engage with more leads, and identify their passions in a more organized fashion.”

david vice asher college unitek

The features on the platform, particularly the capacity for automation and SMS messages were extremely helpful. Our needs evolved through the implementation process and LeadSquared was able to adapt to meet our needs.

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