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Run your high-velocity sales on auto-pilot

EdTech CRM

Accelerate Your EdTech Sales

Personalize student communication

Send personalized messages across channels based on student activities. Increase student engagement & conversions.

EdTech CRM personalises student communication
Automate sales processes with an EdTech CRM

Automate sales processes

Capture leads from ads, websites, phone inquiries, and offline interactions. Prioritize leads and distribute them automatically.

Automate sales processes

Capture leads from ads, websites, phone inquiries, & more. Prioritize leads and distribute them automatically.

Automate Sales Processes - Edtech CRM

Measure & analyze every aspect of your business

Track overall and source-wise performance of sales, courses, teams, and more.

Improve sales reporting with an EdTech CRM
Integrate EdTech CRM with WhatsApp to improve student engagement

Converse with ease through WhatsApp APIs

Your salespeople no longer have to juggle between chat windows and the EdTech CRM. Initiate and manage WhatsApp conversations on LeadSquared’s omnichannel platform.

Improve Sales Productivity and Efficiency

Map 360-degree student journeys

  • Capture student inquiries and app installs from ads, publisher websites, lead forms & more
  • Take timely actions based on lead stage, follow-up reminders & real-time student actions
EdTech CRM for complete student journey mapping

Centralized, intelligent lead management

  • Manage entire student data on a central platform
  • Ensure complete visibility into profiles, activities and student progress
Education CRM to centralize lead management

Run targeted campaigns

  • Track entire activities across web and app campaigns
  • Get insights on video views, page visits, link clicks, and more
CRM for EdTechs to run targeted campaigns

Automated sales notification and nudges

  • Set rules for automatic lead distribution
  • Send alerts to salesperson for important actions
  • Move students down the funnel based on activities
CRM for education automates sales notification and nudges

Help salespeople prioritize better

  • Qualify leads to help sales in prioritization
  • Customizable Smart views for team to plan their day better
  • Automatic tracking – conversations, closures, activities
EdTech CRM helps salespeople prioritise leads

Manage Operations and Get Visibility Across Processes

Hassle-free teacher onboarding process

  • Move your entire onboarding process on one platform
  • Manage document verification, setting up interviews, generating offer letter, & more
Improve teacher onboarding using an Edtech CRM

Resolve teacher’s daily operational issues

  • Fix day-to-day teacher-student issues, product issues etc
  • Manage operational conversations and tickets on the same platform
Resolve Teacher's Daily Operational Issues with an Edtech CRM

Get metric-visibility across all levels

  • Get real-time performance view at team and campaign levels
  • Predict goals and manage strategic metrics with higher data-visibility
Analyse student metrics with an Edtech CRM

Why EdTechs Love Us

Sangeetha Sethumadhavan

Achieved 80% increase in conversion rates

LeadSquared has made it easy for us to justify marketing ROIs based on advanced dashboards on leads generated, follow-ups, and conversions.

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Vishal Srivastava

Increased efficiency and revenue

I’m a fan of LeadSquared’s automation. We’re able to take the lead to the right place and at the right time with multiple alerts & notifications.

Marc Irawan

Supports the pace at which a business grows

Every time we pivoted, LeadSquared has helped us introduce and implement those changes seamlessly. The platform not only enables a business to grow but supports the pace at which a business grows.


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What is EdTech CRM?

EdTech CRMs builds a centralized information system across teams. This helps your sales, marketing, operations, and other teams reach out to students at the right time, resolve queries faster, nurture them, and keep track of your teams & campaigns on the same platform.

Which is the best CRM for online education?

LeadSquared is the number #1 EdTech CRM that businesses such as BYJU’s, Scaler, upGrad, have implemented to accelerate their sales process. It is a one-stop solution to mange student queries, improve student engagement, reach out to students, and boost sales outcomes.

Why do EdTech companies use CRM systems?

The top 6 reasons why EdTech companies use a CRM are –

  • Increase visibility using dashboards
  • Higher admissions efficiency with automation
  • Personalized student engagement by tracking lead activities
  • No silos across sales, marketing, and operations teams
  • Superior reporting
  • Improved productivity across teams and processes

How do EdTech companies manage student inquires?

Most EdTech start-ups use either google sheets or in-house solutions to manage student inquiries. In order for them to scale, they will require a CRM. An EdTech CRM – to capture, manage, and convert to help create a hassle-free enrolment process.