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  • Automate student journey tracking & sales task automation
  • Increase sales productivity by 4X 
  • 100% capture of student inquiries across all channels 
  • Centralized, intelligent lead management 
  • Track student journeys and run targeted campaigns 

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We’re here to answer all your questions!

Customers who use LeadSquared report


Reduction in TAT


Increase in lead-to-enrollment ratio


Increase in sales productivity

Got started in 20-30 minutes

We have a large team, and with it comes custom requirements+ adoption challenges. But, within the first few hours, our team was able to recognize LeadSquared’s value.

Fast and consistent sales process through automation

LeadSquared has helped us go through our expansion without compromising the efficiency per sales rep. Without taking much of the tech bandwidth, LeadSquared automations have been able to solve our purpose. We’ve been able to create a fast and consistent sales process by automating all our back-end and low-value tasks.

Demo rates increased by 100%

Prior to LeadSquared, processes were manual. Due to lack of tracking, only 30-40% of students would attend demos translating to only 3% conversions. In 6 months of using LeadSquared, the number has doubled to 60%. This is mainly because of improved sales follow-ups.