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Powerful Lead Management with Sales Efficiency at its Core. Capture, Qualify, Route, and Track Leads & Activities.

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Feature-rich Lead Management System

Find all the tools you need to manage your leads and convert every sales opportunity. 

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Lead capture automation

Capture leads from all sources – website, Facebook, Google, lead providers, referrals – onto one platform with zero leakage.

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Quality & engagement scoring

Auto-qualify leads based on pre-defined rules. Assign scores based on actions they take. Like – website visits, email opens, link clicks, inquiries, etc.

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Lead distribution

Easily track and distribute leads between your teams based on requirements or other dynamic criteria.

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Sales & Marketing automation

Automate sales processes. Communicate with leads across various channels - WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Phone, and more.

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Built-in dialer

Call prospects in just one click. Track and record conversations to ensure high compliance and productivity.

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Real-time dashboards & reports

Over 135+ reports help you measure every piece of your process – from campaign spending to sales closure rates.

Reduce Lead Leakage
to ZERO!

With LeadSquared’s lead management
solution, easily capture: 

  • Online leads (website forms, chatbots, ads, social media, etc.)
  • Offline leads (list import, phone calls, voicemails)
  • Leads from third-party websites and lead aggregators.
best lead management software for small businesses - capture leads from all sources

Manage Leads and Accounts Without Any Hassle

No more information discrepancies. Get one view of leads for all.  

Best lead management software - manage lead profiles, activities, and more

Lead profiles

Know your leads:

  • Their contact details
  • Their location
  • How they came to know about you
  • Their requirements
  • Where they are in the sales funnel
  • Past interactions they had with your brand

Track activities

Understand the interactions the lead has with your people and brand assets.

  • Ads clicked
  • Phone calls
  • WhatsApp, SMS conversations
  • Email opens, link clicks
  • Website page visits

Use this lead tracking information to intervene if necessary and reduce the sales cycle.

Find leads in one click

Use advanced filters to find leads based on:

  • Lead created date (predefined or custom date range)
  • Source
  • Type of sales activity
  • Sales pipeline stage
  • Industry
  • Region
  • Lead score, and many more

Lead-account mapping

Are you juggling with multiple leads from the same company? The account management tool in LeadSquared’s lead management system simplifies it for you.
It maps all the leads with the same organization name (can be extracted automatically via email domain) into one account. Making it easy for sales managers to track the follow-up activities with the right POC.

Mobile Lead Management App for Field Force

Work on the fly with LeadSquared’s lead management app.

  • Get automated day plans and meeting recommendations
  • Check-in/check-out from the app
  • Get leads assigned in your vicinity
  • Log meeting notes
  • Work offline or with low connectivity
Mobile lead management app

Sales Lead Management Made Easy

Translate your efforts into revenues. Track what’s happening to the leads. Ensure your people follow the sales process thoroughly. 

Lead qualification and prioritization

Ensure only qualified leads enter the sales pipeline. Prioritize leads with higher revenue potential. Qualify leads based on their:

  • Demographic details
  • Geography
  • Product interested in
  • Lead source
  • Activities on your website and other brand assets, and more

Distribute leads

Assign leads to your team based on a round-robin manner or:

  • Requirements posted by leads
  • Agent/sales rep’s expertise
  • Agent availability
  • Location, and more

Sales notifications

Never miss a sales opportunity. Send timely notifications to reps for:

  • Task assignment
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Lead stage change
  • Overdue tasks

Manage people and process

The best sales tracking software to know where your leads are in the sales pipeline. Analyze data and devise strategies to reduce your sales cycle.
Ensure your team pays full attention to leads assigned to them. You can:

  • Track their target vs. achievement
  • Give role-based access to SDRs, BDRs, Sales Managers
  • Allow lead access for a definite time
  • Transfer the lead to another rep if the current rep isn’t able to build rapport with them
sales lead management – lead scoring, qualification, prioritization
Up selling and cross selling opportunities 

Spot up Selling and Cross Selling Opportunities

Easily manage multiple products, processes, teams, and sales workflows in one place.  

  • Capture upsell/cross-sell signals (Like ad clicks, website page visits) 
  • Distribute the new opportunity to reps based on their specialization
  • Sketch sales process workflows for each opportunity type 
  • Avoid duplicate lead creation

Automate Marketing Campaigns for Your Leads

If the lead isn’t ready to buy your product/service yet, nurture them till they’re ready. 

Manage lists

Create dynamic lists:

  • whenever a new, potential customer sign up
  • for when a lead moves from one stage of the sales funnel to another.

Send targeted content to these lists with a gentle nudge to try your product/service.

Omnichannel communication

Use Chatbot, WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Phone, and more to talk to your prospects.
Personalize conversations with the details you have like their names, location, requirements, etc.
Use pre-built templates or create your own!

Campaign enablers

LeadSquared’s lead management system has just the right tools to run a successful sales and marketing campaign.

  • Landing page builder for ads and website forms
  • Email campaign builder with beautiful email templates
  • Website widgets like a top bar or slider notification
  • Website chatbot
Manage lists
Out-of-box integrations

Out-of-box Integrations with Popular Sales and Marketing Tools

Connect your WhatsApp business API, analytics, chat, telephony, payment gateways, meeting schedulers, and more with our lead management system.

  • Telephony: Ringcentral, CallTrackingMetrics, SuperReceptionist, Ozonetel, and more
  • Chat: LeadSquared Converse, Tawk.to, LiveChat, and more
  • Meetings: Zoom, Calendly, Google Meet, and more
  • Payment gateways: Razorpay, PayU, Cashfree, and more
  • Ads: Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more

Analyze and Act!

Create your own dashboard or select from 100+ sales and marketing reports that matter to you.

Some of the commonly used reports are:

  • Field sales tracking
  • Lead stage analysis
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales and revenue
  • Customer analysis
  • User activities
  • Account (company) insights
  • Marketing reports (email, lead source, and more)
Lead management crm – analyze sales and customer data

What Makes LeadSquared the Best Lead Management Software in the Market?

Unlike other lead management solutions, we have just the right tools to help you get going from DAY 1! 

LeadSquared: A Simple Lead Management System. Loved by 2000+ Customers

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What is a lead management system?

A lead management system is a software to track and manage leads throughout the sales funnel. It typically includes lead capture, qualification, scoring, nurturing, and distribution modules. It helps businesses improve their sales process, increase conversion rates, and generate more revenue.

How to manage sales leads

Here are the steps on how to manage sales leads:

  1. Define your lead qualification criteria
  2. Set up a lead management system
  3. Capture leads from all sources
  4. Define criteria to qualify leads and set up your lead management software for it
  5. Assign leads to the right sales team members
  6. Nurture leads with relevant content
  7. Track sales activities on qualified leads.

By responding to leads within 5-10 minutes of inquiry and personalizing communication, you can increase the chances of conversion to a great extent

What is lead in sales management?

In sales, a lead is a person interested in your product/service, is actively looking for it in the market, and has a budget to buy it.

What is the cost of a lead management system?

It depends on the features and service providers. To give you an idea, a simple lead management system, like LeadSquared, costs about INR 1250 per user per month

What is lead management in CRM? Is lead management part of CRM?

CRM software helps manage relationships with customers. However, as you may know, the customer journey starts much before they buy your product/service. Precisely, from the time they came to know about you or dropped a business inquiry. That is, when they are just a lead.
That’s why lead management is an important part of a CRM system.
Lead management in CRM covers activities like lead capture, assignment, nurturing, follow-ups, etc.—until they become a paying customer.

Which is the best lead follow-up software?

LeadSquared’s lead management system is the best lead follow-up software. It lets you create follow-up sequences over email, text messages, WhatsApp, and chats to follow-up with your prospects.

Which software is used to organize leads?

A lead management system is the dedicated software used to organize leads.

What are the benefits of lead management software?

A good lead management software ensures:

  • Leads are captured from all channels
  • Higher sales productivity and efficiency
  • Smooth sales processes
  • Personalized interactions
  • Automated routine and redundant tasks

What are the features of a lead management system?

The following are some of the key features of a lead management system:

  • Lead capture from different sales and marketing channels.
  • Lead qualification based on defined customer profile.
  • Sending leads relevant content and information (nurturing).
  • Lead scoring to help companies prioritize their sales efforts.
  • Lead distribution to assign leads to the right sales team members based on their expertise and availability.
  • Calling facility with built-in dialers. Tracking calls for training and quality purposes.
  • Reporting to track important sales KPIs.
  • Automation of sales processes to save time and reduce errors.
  • Collaboration to allow sales and marketing teams to access up-to-date lead information.
  • Integrations with other tools like email marketing, social media management, telephony platforms, etc.
  • Mobile app to allow remote access to the lead management system.
  • Security mechanisms to protect sensitive customer data.

Can you place a call from your lead management CRM?

Yes, LeadSquared offers Lead management CRM with a calling facility.

Which is the best lead management system for enterprises?

Trusted by leading organizations like AmazonPay, Kotak Securities, NIIT, Manipal Hospitals, and many others, LeadSquared is the best lead management system for enterprises.