Stride Ahead knows what a prospect needs, even before the first discovery call. Here’s how:

“LeadSquared has helped my team achieve faster, data-driven sales. Our content is more personalized, and counselors are pre-assigned according to customer needs. This has enhanced the overall user experience and improved conversion rates dramatically.” 

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Stride Ahead loves LeadSquared for:

  • Easy integrations with connectors  
  • Convenience of the mobile application 
  • Extensive customization 
  • Flexible automation builder 

Lead Scoring


Sales Productivity


Lead Management



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About Stride Ahead

Stride ahead is a new-age Career Tech venture which helps young professionals kickstart their careers. Their core offerings include psychometric analysis, mentorship, and networking programs.  

What makes them unique? 

They offer data-driven career incubation support and personalized mentorship programs. 

Their Lead sources include  

  • Events (Both online and offline) 
  • Paid Ads (Facebook and Instagram)  
  • Partners 

Here are some of the challenges they faced before LeadSquared came in.  


1. Lead management processes were manual and inefficient

Capturing leads from multiple sources, qualifying them, and distributing them to sales teams was a tedious and time-consuming process. This increased the TAT and the total length of the sales cycle.

2. Low conversion rates

Sales reps were not able to effectively prioritize high-quality leads. 

3. Ineffective marketing

Without extensive lead data it was hard to create personalized and relevant content. Moreover, lead source & campaign attribution were major problems.


Earlier, Stride Ahead was using HubSpot as their CRM solution. However, high operating costs and an inflexible platform pushed Stride Ahead to look for other alternatives. After trying and testing out multiple software, they decided to go with LeadSquared due to its flexibility.

Here are some of the key areas of Impact:

Increased Sales Efficiency  

1. Eliminating manual tasks with complete process automation. 

Stride Ahead has integrated all its lead generation platforms with LeadSquared. With automation, leads are instantly captured, scored, and distributed according to Stride Ahead’s sales requirements. The reps can then make calls, note lead requirements, and update the lead stage all on the same platform. 

“LeadSquared has saved at least 2-3 hours of an employee’s average day which used to go on making notes and communicating with the sales manager.” 

Increased Sales Efficiency

2. Ability to identify and prioritize high-intent leads. 

Knowing the buyer’s intent and level of interest helps Stride Ahead close deals faster. They do this with the help of LeadSquared’s advanced Lead Scoring features. For example, Stride Ahead assigns high scores to sales-centric activities (like viewing the pricing page) and lower scores to generic engagement activities (like downloading an e-book).  

Personalized User Experience

1. Purposeful interactions lead to more conversions

Stride Ahead recommends counselors/mentors to students based on their education and interests. LeadSquared helps Stride Ahead understand student requirements beforehand and accordingly assign relevant mentors as the first POC, thereby increasing conversion chances. 

“Whenever students fill a form/take any action, the details get automatically added to the lead notes with the help of LeadSquared APIs. This helps us gauge the client’s need, and accordingly assign a relevant mentor for the first discovery call itself.” 

User Experience

1. Relevant messaging with powerful marketing automation.

LeadSquared’s automation is very flexible, it’s like Lego but for automation. A good performance marketer can do wonders with the tool.” 

Stride Ahead utilizes LeadSquared’s marketing automation tools to add value at each stage of the buyer journey. The team can segment leads based on product, quality, stage, and score for highly personalized messaging.