Identify Sales Ready Leads with Lead Scoring

Prioritize your follow-ups based on lead quality and sales-readiness


Track and score all your lead activities

Customize lead score completely

Assign high scores to sales-centric activities (like viewing the pricing page) and lower scores to generic engagement activities (like downloading an e-book). Custom activities can be assigned different scores too.

Identify sales-ready leads

Score leads based on how closely they match your ideal customer persona. Track and score lead activities. Use these scores to identify leads that are more likely to buy from you.

Automate lead funnel movement

If lead score exceeds a certain threshold, move the lead further down the sales funnel, by changing its stage automatically (Ex: Lead moves to Opportunity if lead score > 100)

Notify sales on relevant activities

When the lead score exceeds a certain point, and the lead stage changes, notify sales automatically about the change, reminding them to follow-up. You can set up sales notifications for other sales-relevant events as well.

Identify leads that need nurturing

While leads with a high lead score can be considered sales-ready, leads with a high quality score but low lead score, might need some more nurturing. Help marketing identify and nurture them.

Identify up-sell opportunities

Notify sales if an existing customer gets reactivated and is likely to buy again, by tracking a sudden increase in his engagement score.

Help your teams organize their day

Pre-sales teams (or lead qualification teams) can use quality and lead scores to identify the new leads that should be called first, and organize their workday, every day.

Know your lead engagement index

Find out the overall engagement of your leads (in percentage) to understand how well your marketing and sales activities are working to hold their interest in you.

Stage change automation

Set custom rules to change lead stages based on their scores. Notify sales reps automatically on stage change, allowing them to chase sales-ready leads faster.

Example: Move a lead from ‘Cold’ to ‘Warm’ stage when the lead score crosses 100, and notify the respective sales person to follow-up.

Stage change automation

Dynamic list segmentation

Dynamic list segmentation

As soon as a lead’s score exceeds a pre-determined value, and the corresponding stage change occurs, the lead can get added to a list dynamically. This allows the sales team members to manage their warm leads in their own lists, making follow-ups more organized.

Lead scoring helps us focus on hot leads

“LeadSquared helps prioritize real hot leads. The lead scoring mechanism has helped us improve sales productivity immensely. In fact, I am yet to see another cool and simple-to-use wizard setup of email campaigns. It’s always a delight to design, upload copy and schedule professional looking emails in a jiffy.”

Ganesh Rajendran - Market Simplified

Ganesh Rajendran

AVP - Marketing, Market Simplified India Ltd.

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