Healthcare Mobile CRM

Boost your onsite caregivers’ efficiency with
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Healthcare Mobile CRM

Hicham Moro

100% Visibility into the processes

LeadSquared has helped us decrease patient turnaround time and provides us the visibility that we lacked in our previous system.

Tamara Young

More than doubled our pipeline

We’re able to cut down our turnaround time by responding to inquiries and reaching out to and communicating with many more leads.


The mobile CRM app is intuitive and has provided continuous value to our field sales team. The team was able to easily adopt and grasp the tool in a few weeks. The app’s functionality allows us to process leads, tasks, and activities, on the go, flawlessly. It also works offline which is very crucial for…

Create day plans for on-site caregivers

Build and view automated day plans for your onsite doctors and nursing staff in the app.

Make the attendance process more convenient by allowing online and offline check-ins for on-site caregivers.


Keep track of all patient records on a single platform

Provide the staff with the entire patient information and documents on a single platform, even when they are on the go, by connecting with EHR.

Enhance the analysis process with automated dashboards and reports to visualize the patient’s progress.

Update the patient record easily anytime and from any place with the platform in your hands.

See nearby patients with geo-fencing and tagging

Create geographical limits digitally and manage territory for therapists to find nearby patients using geofencing and geotagging features, even offline.

In the case of the field staff, improve transparency by tracking their location history in the app.

Your staff can also use Google Maps in the healthcare mobile CRM app to reach the patient’s given destination.

Assess wherever, whenever using healthcare mobile crm

Simplify assessing your on-site doctors and nursing staff

Determine the provider’s productivity levels by following through with the number of appointments/visits they had for the day.

Use their zip codes to distribute further leads, increasing your onsite caregiver’s efficiency.

Work with a safe & secure Healthcare CRM

LeadSquared’s Healthcare mobile CRM is entirely HIPAA compliant and abides by the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to ensure PHI security.

Allow your onsite doctors and nursing staff to text, call, and email your patients while following the necessary guidelines. Record all the interactions in the app for future reference.

Work with a safe and secure CRM
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Go Beyond the Desk with Mobile CRM for Healthcare

LeadSquared’s Healthcare Mobile CRM FAQs

What is mobile CRM for Healthcare?

Mobile CRM for Healthcare enables on-site caregivers to access the entire CRM system on their phones or tablets and create, update, or delete the data of patients as needed while on the go. It helps track location, analyze productivity levels, and generate day plans for field staff.

Does LeadSquared’s mobile CRM for healthcare work in offline mode?

Yes, the mobile CRM allows several features like geofencing, tagging, and check-ins, even in offline mode.

Does LeadSquared integrate with EHR/EMR tools?

LeadSquared’s mobile app integrates with EHR systems like Epic, HomecareHomebase, AthenaHealth, DrChrono, and eClinicalWork. It also allows custom integrations with more EHR tools as per your requirements.

Is it possible to transfer data from other CRMs to LeadSquared safely?

Yes, the mobile CRM permits the field staff to migrate the patients’ records from other CRMs to LeadSquared without losing or tampering with data.

What are the features of Healthcare mobile CRM?

LeadSquared’s mobile CRM offers automated day planners, territory management, geo-fencing and tagging, Google Maps for route guidance, real-time dashboards and reports for progress tracking, and many more.

Is LeadSquared healthcare CRM customizable?

Numerous use cases pertaining to the Healthcare industry have laid the foundation for LeadSquared’s mobile CRM, and the insights are apparent in the features and functionalities. However, the system is customizable to particular business requirements only.

Does LeadSquared’s mobile app support multiple languages?

The mobile app is accessible in English, Hindi, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Bahasa Indonesia, and Spanish (Latin America).