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Run your admissions and post admissions process on auto-pilot

Automate application process and student enrollment. Map end-to-end student journeys - enquiry, applications, counselling, enrollment, and beyond.

Admission workflow automation - higher education CRM

Build a mobile-friendly, paperless admissions process

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  • Paperless, Self-serve and Fast

    Make the application processes paperless with self-serve forms. Allow students to resume filling in the application later. Notify counselors about the application status, and gently nudge students to complete the application.

  • Applicant Distribution

    Set rules to automatically assign student leads to counselors as soon as they come in. Distribution can be based on campus location, counselor availability, or in a round-robin manner.

  • Applicant Qualification

    Shortlist students: score and qualify students automatically. Help counselors prioritize follow-up with shortlisted candidates.

  • Counselor Efficiency

    Give your counselors customizable task views. Use click-to-call dialers to call prospective students from the CRM platform.

  • Enhanced Student Experience

    Ensure student engagement. Track their activities on your website, ads, social media. Assist them with the right information at the right time based on activity tracking.

  • Application Status Tracking

    Track the status of the application. Notify students of incorrect/missing information or document. Shortlist students and automatically move them down the admissions funnel.

Capture student inquiries from all your channels

Capture student inquiries from all your lead generation channels – digital, social media, education marketplaces, events, APIs, and more. Simultaneously distribute the leads to the right counselors or call center executives for timely contact.

LeadSquared cloud-based higher education CRM comes with marketing automation features. It ensures zero lead leakage and lets you communicate with students through email, SMS, WhatsApp, and phone.

Higher education CRM - lead capture automation

Higher education CRM - self-serve applications

Self-serve forms for a paperless application process

User-friendly, mobile-optimized application forms ensure a smooth experience for the students and their parents. The application can be resumed anytime, thereby enhancing the applicant experience and saving the counselors’ time. Initiate call center action in case of application drop-offs at crucial steps.

LeadSquared, the top CRM for higher education, lets you create and modify forms, landing pages, and more – without any coding.

Secure payment integrations in application portal

Get rid of the time-consuming fee collection process. Integrate your payment modules into the LeadSquared admissions portal securely. Let students complete the application online, including admission fees collection or payment for other kinds of applications. In LeadSquared CRM, the student payment portal comes integrated, and there’s no need for separate software or offline free collection.

Higher education CRM - payment integration

Student portals - higher education CRM

Student Portal

Allow your prospective students to create their profiles and view the status of their applications in real-time. They can upload documents, interact with counselors over chat, pay the application fees, and much more right from the portal.

Centralized lead management and 360-degree student profiles

Manage all your student data centrally with varied access to the different teams – call center, admissions, and others. It ensures complete visibility into the profiles, activities, and progress of all the applicants.

Integrate with student information systems and other software solutions for end-to-end student lifecycle management.

Student lead management - higher education CRM

student activity tracking - higher education CRM

Allow counselors to connect with applicants at the right time

Notify your admissions teams whenever an applicant shows a positive intent. – like if they spend 10 minutes on fee structure page, faculty page, or tries to initiate contact. These enrollment signals are captured, and the appropriate admissions team member is notified via email & text messages to take action.

Get in-depth insights on every aspect of your admissions process

Use in-built reporting and analytics to track application completion & drop-off rates, counselor efficiency, and more.

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CRM for Higher Educational Institutions FAQs

What is an Education CRM?

An education CRM is a software tailored for the education industry to manage the whole process from inquiry to enrollment to alumni and beyond. Although CRM can handle several micro-processes, the most important ones are the applicant and inquiry management, student communication, admission notifications, enrollment management, analytics, and reporting.

What is the best CRM for college admissions?

LeadSquared is the best CRM software for higher education that streamlines the admission process. It automatically captures student leads from sources such as social media, ads, websites, and education marketplaces. Further, it automatically distributes them to counselors, tracks student activities, and ensures follow-up with all prospective students. It also provides detailed analytics and reports, with which you can ensure campus management, counselor management, and student journey from inquiry to admissions.

What is meant by customer relationship management in the education sector?

Customer relationship management (CRM) in the education sector is the process of managing student inquiries and engaging with them to attract the best talents in the institution. It involves managing recruitment activities and structuring communications with prospective and enrolled students.
Software like higher education CRM systems help universities manage their application and student recruitment process, manage admissions teams, call-centers to make their admission process transparent and fast.

What are universities using CRM for?

Today, the student outreach process does not end with outreach events. It continues until the student is enrolled. To meet the targeted enrollment numbers, universities need to track their every interaction with students, make sure they’re in line with the university guidelines, and remove any bottlenecks in the admission process. In general, educational institutions use CRM to schedule campus tours, manage student applications, email and text messaging automation, counselor management, document management, payment management, and more. For the education industry, CRM software is essential as it helps manage student and alumni relationships effectively.

How do you promote college admissions?

To boost your college admissions, start your recruitment activities as early as possible. For instance, students who are contacted as sophomores are almost twice as likely to enroll as compared to students contacted as seniors. Next, be proactive in your email marketing campaigns, involve parents in your marketing campaigns, build a mobile-first college enrollment portal, and use a mix of digital ads and texting in your marketing communication. Also, ensure that you respond to every student lead diligently. Whether you are a university, college, or career school, CRM systems can help manage admissions and recruitment.

Which is the best higher education marketing CRM?

If you are looking for education CRM software for both – admissions process management and education marketing automation, then LeadSquared Higher Education CRM is the best software out there.

The best CRM for educational institutions

LeadSquared education CRM software has helped career schools and colleges increase their student enrollment rate and increase admission process efficiency by 75%.