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Capture applicant's inquiries

Automatically capture enrollment inquiries from all online and offline channels like – phone calls, chat, website forms, text messages, PPC campaigns, blog, landing pages, Snapchat, Facebook and more.

Applicant tracking

Understand your applicants inside out, and not just sharing irrelevant information with them. Understand their finances, GPA, interests, application history and communication in one clean view.

Applicant scoring

Use lead scoring to identify sales ready leads. Sales team can be notified automatically when the score exceeds a predetermined value

Communication tracking

Every conversation your applicants have with your admissions or marketing teams is tracked in LeadSquared – including phone calls, emails, text messages, social media interactions and others.

Lead deduplication

Make sure that a prospective student’s queries and activities are tracked under a single record – even if they use multiple channels of communication (email, web-form, phone call etc).

Lead distribution

Instantly distribute student inquiries to the right departments, based on pre-defined triggers. This helps reduce response time and improve student experience

Complete lead profile

Get detailed insights into the lead’s interests, preferences and hobbies by tracking their activities. You even have access to the social profile of the prospective candidate.

Tasks and reminders

Automatically set sales tasks when a relevant event occurs. Ex: if the lead moves down the sales funnel or lead score crosses a certain value

Email integration

Sync your email inbox with LeadSquared. Track all email conversations that your leads have with your sales team. Monitor if the emails match your company’s quality standards.

Mobile CRM

Give your admission officers the freedom to finish their tasks from wherever they are- Education fairs or managing campus tours, they can follow-up on their tasks on the go, make calls, attend to admission inquiries assigned to them, and much more

Create your own logical interface in minutes

Create your own logical interface in minutes

Integrate with all your favorite tools

Out-of-the-box integrations with all the major marketing, sales, and SIS systems that you use – including Google Adwords, Facebook, Chat tools, telephony & IVR tools and more. Use Zapier connector to build all the Zaps you need, open APIs, which allow you to build your own connectors, and a developer platform if you have in-house developers.

Integrate with all your favorite tools

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