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Higher education institutions go paperless with LeadSquared to achieve far greater efficiency.

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Higher Education Admissions CRM

Put your recruiting process on auto-pilot

More than 1,000 higher education institutions rely on LeadSquared’s all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platform to accelerate application processing and increase completion rates.

“Tricoci University is a creative organization and we do not necessarily look for employees who are computer proficient. Thus, my main concern was the ease of use. LeadSquared’s enrollment management solution is easy to use for employees who were more focused on non-technical matters.”

Paul MatylonekDirector of Admissions

“Our interaction with the potential students has never been so efficient. The introduction of automation within our admissions process has increased our enrollment by 60%. Record-keeping and tracking have become swifter and more systematic. LeadSquared has been a great advantage for us.”

Amod KrishnaDean
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Deliver a seamless student experience, streamline admissions and increase retention.

Admission workflow automation - higher education CRM

Deliver a seamless student experience

LeadSquared simplifies every stage of the student’s admission process.

  • Your admission process is transformed into a streamlined, paperless online portal your students will love—for mobile and desktop.
  • You can easily customize the platform to align with your existing admission processes.
  • Automate all follow-ups to send applicants engaging, personalized communications via the channels they prefer: email, phone, text, social media or the school’s student portal

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Streamline admissions

LeadSquared makes it easy to create effective contact strategies for your reps and provides integrated CRM functionality to satisfy the needs of higher education institutions:

  • Lead capture and distribution.
  • Lead segmentation.
  • Student engagement workflows.
  • Call center integration.
  • Integration with SIS.

Lower costs

Your costs are lowered because:

  • You need not subscribe to SaaS services for text, email, landing pages, task management, conversation recording, and analytics and reporting.
  • You can reduce the number of solutions you purchase and your dependence on the IT team.
  • You need not hire a third-party developer to build out your system.
  • It’s easy to integrate email, chat, telephony, SIS, and nearly any application you rely on.
  • You can automate repetitive tasks without taxing the IT team.
  • LeadSquared’s mobile app enables everyone to work from anywhere.

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In-depth Analytics for every Aspect of the Admissions Process

Increase retention

LeadSquared gives your team valuable data insights into your recruitment and admissions processes enabling you to not only optimize enrollments but also improve retention and alumni relations.

  • Real-time, customizable dashboards gather and present valuable insights.
  • Measure, optimize and forecast by analyzing the complete application and enrollment funnel.

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