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Complete admissions platform for student acquisition, application tracking, student journey tracking, enrollment, and more.

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Average response time got faster by 50%

We are now looking at, at worst, about 5 minutes and the average response time is now 2.7 minutes. It’s accelerated our contact rate and increased conversion.

Rohit Rana

100% Student Inquiry Capture across sources

The admissions process at St. Andrew’s is very simple & student-friendly. LeadSquared helped us focus more on how we approach and communicate with the aspirant. The platform not only changed our process but also improved counsellor productivity.

Sanjay Dhingra

2X Admission Counsellor Efficiency

With LeadSquared, calls are automated, and the tags help us segment students through the admission funnel. This helped student counsellors 2X their efficiency by taking 75-100 calls as opposed to 30-40 calls before LeadSquared.

Paul Matylonek

Increased process efficiency by 75%

With the introduction of LeadSquared and continuous optimization of the product, they have experienced a net increase of 75% in terms of process efficiency & 5% increase in campus appointments.

Pankoj Roy

Admissions increased by 30%

The entire lead management process is at our fingertips as we have complete control over our data. The control and visibility of data and the user-friendly interface make it very useful to drive enrollments. We have increased our enrollments by 30% within a short span, and I strongly recommend LeadSquared.

Run Your Admissions and Post Admissions
Processes on Auto-pilot

Automate application process and student enrollment. Map end-to-end student
journeys – Inquiry, applications, counselling, enrollment, and beyond!

Enrollments made easy with the power of one!

End-to-end Student Journey US

Increase Student Admissions, Personalize Student Engagement & Improve Student Retention

Respond to student inquiries faster

Reach your students faster with communication automation. Prioritize interested students. Reduce inquiry leakage through automated inquiry capture. Improve student admission ratios.

  • Reduce lead leakage by capturing inquiries in real-time from all online and offline sources like social media or your call center.​
  • Surface the most engaged students as soon as they signal interest with prospect scoring and admissions signals​
  • Ensure students get a quick response with automated prospect distribution to the best suited admission rep​
  • Quickly launch email campaigns and landing pages to nurture prospects until they are ready to engage.​
Respond to Student Inquiries Faster
Higher education CRM - Speed-up the enrollment process

Reduce time to enrollment

Deliver a seamless student journey and paperless application experience.

  • Build personalized student journeys that trigger communication on the right channel based on their actions.​
  • Increase completion rates and give students a hassle-free application experience they can finish on any device.​
  • Connect all of your teams by centralizing the entire student application process.
  • Increase your student lifetime value by suggesting additional courses relevant to them once their course is complete. ​

Increase admission team productivity

Automate tasks and outreach following a contact strategy that works.

  • Design a workflow based on best practices and automate repetitive tasks at every step of the journey.​
  • Give admission reps complete visibility into their pipeline, calendar, and tasks, helping them know what to work on next.​
  • ​Focus on each student with a centralized place to view their details, contact them, and capture the required information.​
CRM for colleges - automate processes and increase admission team’s efficiency
A unified CRM for university admissions

Lower total cost of ownership

Consolidate to a single solution that is easy to use, fast to integrate, and customizable for your unique needs.​

  • Reduce costs by consolidating multiple solutions using LeadSquared’s end-to-end application and enrollment platform.​
  • ​Customize every aspect of the business process to fit your needs with our administrative tools that are intuitive, easy-to-use UI.​
  • ​Integrate with existing systems to provide a complete picture of every student using our built-in connectors​
  • ​Measure, optimize, and forecast by analyzing the complete application and enrollment funnel and internal processes.​
  • ​Zero coding knowledge required with LeadSquared’s workflow builder. ​

Get the best returns

Never lose students and opportunities with inquiry capture and automated reminders.

  • Never lose a single lead to leakage with our lead capture automation. ​
  • ​Never lose a single opportunity to missed follow-ups by automating reminders and escalations.​
  • ​Reactivate dormant leads and bring them back to admissions path with automated and relevant communication​.​
  • ​Lead Source Reports help you identify the most profitable lead sources.​​
The best CRM for higher education - maximize ROI

Run Your Admissions and Post Admissions Processes on Auto-pilot

Lead management CRM for higher education

Student lead management

Equip your teams with the complete admissions platform for student acquisition, application tracking, student journey tracking, enrollment, and post-enrollment processes.

  • Student Admission management
  • Student nurturing
  • Applicant tracking and management
  • Student scoring based on predefined parameters
  • Advanced student reporting
  • Publisher platform integrations
  • Student journey mapping

Admission automation

Capture student inquiries or admission inquiries in real-time from online or offline sources.

  • Admission portal for students with custom application forms
  • Automated admission workflows for document verification, scheduling GD, PI, etc.
  • No-code assessment platform integrations
  • Payment gateway integration & token fee collection
  • Create custom student journeys
  • Automate application processing
  • Lead Source Reports
Marketing automation software for higher education

Enrollment marketing automation

Engage with students through hyper-personalized enrollment marketing automation. Track students’ activities and send personalized, relevant, and timely communication to students and parents. LeadSquared’s Higher Education CRM provides all the tools you need to drive more enrollments.

  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced workflows and drip campaigns
  • High-converting landing pages
  • Communication channel integrations
  • Campaign performance analytics

Enrollment mobile CRM

Build highly productive admission teams by automating, planning, tracking, and monitoring your admission rep’s & advisor’s daily routine.

  • Prioritize inquiries based on daily planners
  • Assign new tasks and follow-ups
  • Capture or edit student inquiries
  • Reminder notifications for upcoming tasks
  • Complete visibility of counsellor’s day
admissions software for universities

Student admission portal

​Increase completion rates and give students a hassle-free application experience they can finish on any device.​ Create customized applicant forms, upload documents, verify documents and collect payments on the applicant portal.

Enrollment journey builder

Spot-engaged students using admission signal automation. Create personalized student journeys using a no-code drag-and-drop workflow builder and automate mundane tasks. Trigger communications via the right channels and at the right time. Suggest additional courses at the right time to maximize enrollment.

college CRM software - build student journeys easily
CRM for higher-ed with integrated admission tools


Connect all of your teams by automating the application process. Integrate with built-in connectors to provide a complete picture to your teams. Centralize student data management

Gain Complete Visibility into the Enrollment Funnel

Use in-built reporting and analytics to track application completion & drop-off rates, counselor efficiency, and more.

Admissions officer dashboard

Admission’s Officer dashboard can give you an overview of the following:

  • Student sources
  • Applicant stages
  • Number of applicants enrolled
  • Fees collected
Admissions Officer Dashboard

Marketing performance dashboard

Marketing Dashboard gives you an insight on your marketing campaigns and its outcomes.

  • Marketing channel sources
  • Email campaign performance
  • Conversion rate
  • ROI reports

Counselor efficiency reports

Counsellor efficiency reports will help you measure the following:

  • Number of students assigned to admission reps
  • Number of calls connected
  • Number of student onboarding/admissions
  • number of students opted for an additional course
CRM software for higher education - gain visibility into teams and processes

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Higher Education CRM FAQs

What is an Education CRM?

An education CRM is a software tailored for the education industry to manage the whole process from inquiry to enrollment to alumni and beyond. Although CRM can handle several micro-processes, the most important ones are the applicant and inquiry management, student communication, admission notifications, enrollment management, analytics, and reporting.

What is the best CRM for college admissions?

LeadSquared is the best CRM software for higher education that streamlines the admission process. It automatically captures student leads from sources such as social media, ads, websites, and education marketplaces. Further, it automatically distributes them to counselors, tracks student activities, and ensures follow-up with all prospective students. It also provides detailed analytics and reports, with which you can ensure campus management, counselor management, and student journey from inquiry to admissions.

What is meant by customer relationship management in the education sector?

Customer relationship management (CRM) in the education sector is the process of managing student inquiries and engaging with them to attract the best talents in the institution. It involves managing recruitment activities and structuring communications with prospective and enrolled students.
Software like higher education CRM systems help universities manage their application and student recruitment process, manage admissions teams, call-centers to make their admission process transparent and fast.

What are universities using CRM for?

Today, the student outreach process does not end with outreach events. It continues until the student is enrolled. To meet the targeted enrollment numbers, universities need to track their every interaction with students, make sure they’re in line with the university guidelines, and remove any bottlenecks in the admission process. In general, educational institutions use CRM to schedule campus tours, manage student applications, email and text messaging automation, counselor management, document management, payment management, and more. For the education industry, CRM software is essential as it helps manage student and alumni relationships effectively.

How do you promote college admissions?

To boost your college admissions, start your recruitment activities as early as possible. For instance, students who are contacted as sophomores are almost twice as likely to enroll as compared to students contacted as seniors. Next, be proactive in your email marketing campaigns, involve parents in your marketing campaigns, build a mobile-first college enrollment portal, and use a mix of digital ads and texting in your marketing communication. Also, ensure that you respond to every student lead diligently. Whether you are a university, college, or career school, CRM systems can help manage admissions and recruitment.

Which is the best higher education marketing CRM?

If you are looking for education CRM software for both – admissions process management and education marketing automation, then LeadSquared Higher Education CRM is the best software out there.