Meet SIERA, LeadSquared’s Self-Serve
Reporting Tool Powerhouse

SIERA makes it radically simple for you to make (and share) custom reports for your business.
The result? You spend less time building reports and more time taking action.

Loved by 2000+ customers all over the world

Reporting’s Not a Migraine Anymore

Powerful doesn’t have to be complex. SIERA’s intuitive and dead-simple UI makes
reporting so easy, you’d wonder why you haven’t used it before.

Report Templates

Choose from 50+ pre-made templates

Customize from 50+ templates. Get templates for lead source, opportunity insights, call analytics, user performance, revenue reports & more!

DIY Report Builder

Build your own report from scratch

Your reports, your rules. Pick any metric, slice and dice filters, and build reports that are tailor-made for your team. Save the ones you like.

Report - Builder

Fast Load Times

Large volume of data? It’s no problem for SIERA

Have large chunks of data to analyze? No worries, SIERA won’t take more than a second, literally. Experience ultra-fast load times.

Fast load times
Permission Templates

Permission Templates

Share only what’s necessary

Want to share reports, but not all the info? We’ve got you. Set custom access controls to view, comment, or edit certain fields.

SIERA + LeadSquared

Take corrective action, immediately

See an anomaly? Need a deep dive on a particular lead? Just click on it! It’s one of the best perks of being seamlessly integrated with LeadSquared’s core CRM.

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Use that report every day? Put it on Your Dashboard!

Get a bird’s eye view of everything that’s important to you with real-time dashboards. You can completely customize it for every user!

Make Data-Driven Decisions,
Faster Than Ever