A brand new way to drive high velocity sales.

Get higher efficiency out of your call center, feet-on-street, digital sales and merchant operations

  • Higher sales productivity from all your teams
  • Flexibility, ease of adoption, and great support
  • Pre-screening automation to ensure quality of leads
  • Cut lead leakage to zero
  • Intelligent automation to increase speed to lead

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Customers who use LeadSquared report


Lead capture


Increase in sales efficiency


Increase in call center performance

Got started in 20-30 minutes

We have a large team, and with it comes custom requirements+ adoption challenges. But, within the first few hours, our team was able to recognize LeadSquared’s value.

LeadSquared CRM – Demo

Configuration of all the required targets

We were able to configure all the required targets for our team like how many leads we are getting, what actioning has been done, what is conversion rate, how many leads have been closed by the team with respect to their target. Being able to configure all different kinds of targets makes goals a very critical feature for us now.

LeadSquared CRM – Demo

Near zero downtime and no negative impact

LeadSquared’s automated lead allocation to agents enables almost a real-time touch-base with the drop-off user thereby increasing the probability of a positive conversion, and a better customer experience. The tech-support is very prompt and resourceful which ensures a near-zero downtime and no negative business impact