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Give your Vendor Onboarding teams the only software they need to onboard more vendors, keep them engaged & build a profitable vendor community.

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Make Vendor Onboarding Super-easy
and Completely Connected

Easy to use, easy to adapt – across teams and hierarchies

Add new vendors easily- Vendor Onboarding

Add new vendors easily

Allow your vendor onboarding teams to collect, upload and sync documents digitally and paperlessly – while on the field. Route them to the verification team based on agent availability or any criteria of your choosing. Integrate with verification systems in real-time.

Dynamic forms for different verticals

Your vendor onboarding team might be divided by the product category or verticals that they handle. Dynamic forms make their work easy by displaying only the fields necessary for their particular vertical. This gives your team a clutter-free experience when they onboard a new vendor, reduces the chances of manual error, and speeds up application.

Dynamic forms for different verticals- Vendor Onboarding
Automatically connect with verification teams- Vendor Onboarding

Automatically connect with verification teams

As soon as the vendor onboarding team adds a new partner, you can route them to the verification team based on agent availability, vendor category, product category or any other criteria of your choosing. Integrate with verification systems in real-time. Approvals or rejections can then instantly happen.

Build a Highly Productive Vendor
Onboarding Team

Make it easy for them to plan their day, their week and their month

Auto-plan your team’s day

LeadSquared automatically plans your vendor onboarding agents’ day, including meetings in order of priority, best routes to follow, goals for the day and more. Increase your team’s productivity by auto-identifying possible meetings in their proximity.

Auto-plan your team’s day- Vendor Onboarding
Track your agents real-time- Vendor Onboarding

Track your agents real-time

Track everything your vendor onboarding team does. There’s auto check-in for agents, geo-tracking to validate meetings, geofencing to identify location mismatch and ensure no meeting is misrepresented, and tracking of all the conversations and activities.

Help Your Vendors Perform Better, Constantly

Trak their performance, suggest corrective actions and more

Live-track vendor performance

And suggest corrective actions accordingly. You can measure the performance of one vendor against others. Accordingly, trigger messages for vendors with tips to improve performance, and for account managers to take relevant action. Set tasks automatically for account managers as well.

Live-track vendor performance- Vendor Onboarding
Identify and act upon up-sell_cross-sell opportunities- Vendor Onboarding

Identify and act upon up-sell/cross-sell opportunities

Allow your team to identify and act upon upsell opportunities, using digital signals + manual activity addition.

For instance: Agents can add activities straight from their mobile app if they identify the need for a loan or insurance (if that’s one of your offerings for your vendors); tasks are then automatically created for the loan/insurance teams to connect with the vendor.

Keep your vendors engaged

As soon as a vendor meeting is over, you can automatically send meeting details, onboarding steps, tips to improve an existing vendor’s performance and more to the vendor based on the disposition of the meeting.

Keep your vendors engaged
Location Tracking Reports- Vendor Onboarding

Dig deep into the performance of your vendor onboarding teams

Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Manager - Inside Sales

Increased Supplier Onboarding Productivity by 70%

Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a prospective supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute. The best part – not only are our suppliers engaged, but the onboarding process have become much easier for our team.

Build an Effective Vendor Onboarding Team