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Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers
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Build a Highly Efficient Doctor Onboarding Team

Onboard more doctors, improve team efficiency and more

Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers - Schedule Planner

Plan your onboarding agents’ schedule

Create complete meeting plans for your doctor onboarding agents for the month, week and day. Allow them to view the meeting schedule on their mobile app, listed in order of priority, along with the purpose of the meetings – new doctor onboarding, payment collection, agreement signing, and more.

Auto-plan your agents’ workday

Your doctor onboarding teams have complete visibility into their workday, thereby increasing productivity. With the meeting schedule already planned based on priority and the best routes to follow, the team can concentrate on onboarding more doctors instead of on planning their meetings

Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers - Day Planner
Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers - Leads near me

Help them identify meetings nearby

Increase your onboarding teams’ productivity by auto-identifying & displaying all their prospective doctors in proximity and possible meetings near them. This would help them change their plan on-the-go if it helps them cover more meetings and complete more tasks in lesser time.

Track your onboarding agents real-time

Track everything your doctor onboarding team does. There’s auto check-in for agents, geo-tracking to validate meetings, geofencing to identify location mismatch and ensure that no meeting is misrepresented, and tracking of all the conversations and activities.

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Make Doctor Onboarding Super-easy and Completely Paperless

Completely connect your teams and processes

medical CRM software for diagnostic centers - document upload

Power-up document collection & agreement signing

Sign, upload and sync partnership agreement and other verification documents digitally – while on the field. Route them to the finance or verification teams directly with the click of a button. Integrate with verification systems in real-time via APIs.

Automatically connect with verification and finance teams

As soon as the doctor onboarding team adds a new partner, you can route them to the verification or finance teams real-time based on agent availability, partner category or any other criteria of your choosing. This would help speed up the verification and financial agreement processes.

Medical CRM Software for diagnostic centers - connected teams
Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers - meeting notes

Automate post-meeting notes instantly

Based on the meeting disposition, automate follow-up notes to the doctors – to welcome them on-board, share next steps, etc. – thus keeping them engaged. It also helps improve your team’s efficiency by automating basic communication that was otherwise manual and time-consuming.

Keep Your Doctors Engaged with Marketing Automation

Improve doctors’ revenue contribution by simply being more connected with them

Engage doctors with timely and relevant communication

Increase onboarding rates by sending your potential doctors relevant content like testimonials of affiliated doctors, and benefits of working with you. Engage existing doctors with timely content – like wishes for important life-events or sharing information about medical conferences and more.

Physician Engagement Solution - keep your doctors engaged - medical CRM Software
Medical CRM Software for diagnostic centers - referral acknowledgement

Automate referral acknowledgements

Automatically map each patient against their referring doctor, and monitor referral frequencies. Also, as soon as a referred patient books an appointment (online or via calls or walk-ins), the referring doctor can be sent an acknowledgment about the same via email, text message or an IVR call.

Monitor doctors’ performance to suggest corrective actions

Track the performance of your doctors in terms of referral numbers, frequencies and revenue generated. Accordingly, trigger messages for doctor onboarding or management agents to set-up performance review meetings with the partner doctors, or to send tips to the doctors directly.

Medical CRM Software for diagnostic centers - doctor performance tracking

Dig Deep into the Performance of Your Teams, Partner Doctors and More

Get predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve performance

Increase Direct Patient Acquisition Ratios for Your Diagnostic Center

Lead capture, patient communication, appointment booking and more

Capture diagnostic leads from all channels

Capture diagnostic inquiries and appointment booking requests from your website, healthcare aggregators, paid ads (all digital and traditional channels) and more. Inquiries via phone calls and center walk-ins can also be captured seamlessly.

Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers - lead capture

Ensure easy appointment booking

Allow patients to schedule their diagnostic appointments easily with user-friendly forms. These forms sync with your appointment schedulers and calendars, making appointment booking hassle-free for the patients and error-free on the back-end.

Medical CRM Software for diagnostic centers - easy appointment booking
Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers - communication

Automate patient communication

Ensure that inquiries translate to appointments and appointments to visits, with relevant engagement campaigns. For instance: When a patient books an appointment, you can automatically send them appointment details, link to the diagnostic center location, etc.

Automate recurring-event reminders

Create workflow automation to engage old patients for recurring events. For instance, for regular preventive health check-ups, you already have the date of the first test. Remind your patients of the routine checkup next year automatically using date-based triggers.

Medical CRM Software for Diagnostic Centers - Recurring event reminders

Get In-depth Analytics for Your Direct Patient Acquisition Process

Analyze and improve constantly

Our Agent Productivity Has Increased by 10%

Since using LeadSquared we have seen 3 major benefits: 1) Increased visibility into the performance of our campaigns, 2) Much higher agent productivity because time is not wasted on redundant tasks anymore, and 3) An incredible amount of resource-saving, because we have been able to automate a lot of our processes that were manual before.

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Increase Revenue for Your Diagnostic Center