A Healthcare CRM Built To Improve Patient Experience.

A HIPAA-compliant patient management system to track, manage, and communicate with the patients in your care.

  • Capture and build a 360-view of your patients’ journey
  • Automate patient management with custom distribution logic
  • Improve staff productivity with efficient doctor, patient onboarding
  • End-to-end healthcare management system with personalized patient communication
  • CRM for doctors to predict the caregiving program required for their patients

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Customers who use LeadSquared report


Increase in Patient Conversions


Increase in Staff Productivity


Increase in Call Center Efficiency

LeadSquared’s Healthcare CRM – Demo

60% increase in daily call center efficiency per agent

All the automations running within LeadSquared ensure that all our lead management activities are handled easily.  Our daily call center efficiency per agent has increased by 60%. We are also able to measure everything, much better. We always believe that what can be measured, can be improved. And LeadSquared helps us do just that.

LeadSquared’s Healthcare CRM – Demo

Increased patient conversions by 5X

LeadSquared helped us deploy an effective communication system that improved our conversions by 5X for in-patient leads and 2X for registrations. It is now a key platform we use to manage all our leads.