Accessible Healthcare with Customizable Self-Serve Patient Portal

Optimize patient onboarding, appointments, reminders and payment processes with a simple and secure self-serve portal.

Patient Portal

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations worldwide

Save your Admin Team’s Time with a Simple
to Use, Mobile Friendly Patient Portal

Gather patient history, offer instant appointment booking and collect
payments all in one portal

Instantly Capture and Verify Patient Information

Patients can easily enter their basic information and get it instantly OTP verified. They can also upload their medical history which gets automatically updated on your CRM and/or EHR system.

Make Appointment Scheduling Smoother than Ever- Patient Portal

Make Appointment Scheduling Smoother than Ever

Save time by offering available appointment slots of all your doctors. Your patients can choose date and time at their own convenience. Allow re-scheduling of appointments to reduce no-shows.

Send Reminders for Filling-in Onboarding Forms and Upcoming Appointments

Send notifications to ensure your patients provide all the necessary information before their visit. Also, reduce no-shows by sending them automated reminders regarding upcoming appointments.

Send Reminders for Filling-in Onboarding Forms and Upcoming Appointments- Patient Portal
Have All Your Patient Reports in One Place with Dashboards- Patient Portal

Have All Your Patient Reports in One Place with Dashboards

Make all patient reports and prescriptions available on the patient’s dashboard to make it easier for them to access whenever and wherever they want.

Offer Instant Query Resolution

Ensure patient satisfaction by quickly resolving any queries they have regarding upcoming appointments, hospital policies or mandatory forms.

Offer Instant Query Resolution- Patient Portal
Allow Secure Payments- Patient Portal

Allow Secure Payments

Integrate with payment gateways of your choice and enable your patients to make instant payments for medical tests and consultations booked.

Keep Your Patient Data Safe

LeadSquared patient portals are fully HIPAA compliant, with Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place to maintain PHI security. Protect your patient data with industry defined standards.

Keep Your Patient Data Safe- Patient Portal

Integrate With Your Existing EHR

Doctors can get a complete view of patient history by connecting seamlessly with your existing EHR system.

Collect Patient Feedback

Easily gather patient feedback on services and doctors to keep them accountable and improve patient experience.

Collect Patient Feedback- Patient Portal

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Swetha Priya

For us, improving the patient experience has always been a priority. LeadSquared helps us understand the patient’s requirements, streamline communication, and share updated information with patients.

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