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LeadSquared checked all the boxes

The funnel gets larger, and more patients come aboard. That’s huge for us.

Tamara Young

More than doubled our pipeline

We’re able to cut down our turnaround time responding to inquiries and reach out to and communicate with many more leads.

Siddhartha Nihalani

Increased our call center efficiency by 60%

With the help of smart views, all our agents are able to intercept incoming requests quickly and call the patient in a few minutes.

Kiran Ramakrishna

Detailed patient records

LeadSquared’s APIs and connectors help us collect detailed patient data and integrate it with our EHR system effortlessly.

Hicham Moro

100% Visibility into the processes

LeadSquared has helped us decrease patient turnaround time and provides us the visibility that we lacked in our previous system.

Never miss a single new patient inquiry

Capture patient inquiries and appointment booking requests from your website, healthcare aggregators, paid ads (all digital and traditional channels) and more. Inquiries via phone calls and center walk-ins can also be captured seamlessly. Use APIs to automate patient intake inquiries from patient portals, forms and other channels

Never miss a single new patient inquiry

Transform patient experience from the first touch-point

Acquire new patients, improve appointment ratios, and retain existing patients with flawless patient experience from the first inquiry. Use automated communication (email/text) to reduce response time, auto-assign patients to the best-fit doctor and desired time slot. Ensure prompt appointment confirmation or support calls from the hospital call center or front-desk.


Reduce Response Time

Automating communication processes and streamlining patient data management can help you respond to patient inquiries and requests in a timely and efficient manner.

Personalize your patient interactions and provide customized care based on individual patient needs, preferences, and medical history and enhance your patient experience and increases patient loyalty.

Ensure Timely Call Center Reach-out

Streamline your call center operations to respond to patient inquiries and concerns in a timely and efficient manner.

CRM provides real-time data and analytics on call center performance, allowing providers to identify bottlenecks and optimize their resources to improve response time.

Ensure Timely Call Center Reach-out

Automate Doctor Assignment

Automate doctors to patients assignments based on a variety of factors, such as patient needs, doctor availability, and specialty using patient acquisition CRM. Improve patient satisfaction by ensuring that your patients will receive the care they need in a timely and efficient manner, without the need for manual intervention.

Maximize patient acquisition ROI with effective & proven strategies

Automate repetitive tasks, simplify workflows & enhance efficiency with task automation

Sync appointments + Notify care managers & doctors

Sync appointments from the appointment scheduling app automatically into LeadSquared, making appointment planning easy for both the doctor and care manager. Notify doctors and care managers of any changes or cancellations, to ensure timely action. This would improve patient experience and increase team efficiency.

Sync appointments + Notify care managers & doctors
Automate patient-doctor mapping

Automate patient-doctor mapping

Map patients to doctors of their choice or the ones that best fit their requirements in terms of specialty, location, availability and more. The distribution happens automatically as soon as the patient inquiry comes in, saving care managers’ time and ensuring a faster patient response.

Stay on top of your patient journeys, get actionable insights and re-focus your communication strategies

Track patient activities & conversations and act accordingly

Track patient journey and interactions

Track patient interactions across channels – website, phone calls, social media, walk-ins and more. In healthcare, you need to listen carefully before you advise your patients. Patient communication should be no different. Build trigger-based healthcare communication workflows easily in LeadSquared.

Increase patient acqusition ratios

Ensure timely and relevant patient communication

Increase new patient acquisition ratios by converting more inquiries to appointments with relevant communication every step of the way. For instance: Send appointment reminders, hospital location with links to maps, doctor reviews, etc. to reduce drop-offs before the patient visit.

Streamline patient experience for hassle-free appointments

Increase new patient retention with enhanced experience

Handle appointments effectively

Doctors and Care Managers have all the necessary information they need to ensure a hassle-free experience for the new patients on the day of their appointment – all their interactions are recorded by tracking and necessary records are pulled from the patient management system.


Collect and manage patient feedback

Ensure patient retention by collecting feedback at the end of the appointment. Positive feedback indicates high chances of retention and referrals, whereas negative feedback can be used to better future patient experience, and can be used to even bring back a disgruntled patient by making amends at the right point.

Get complete new patient acquisition reports

Know the role of your teams and channels in new patient acquisition


Patient Acquisition Reports

Simplify and streamline the new patient intake process with the implementation of analytical dashboards that provide visual representations of patient flow across various departments and doctors.

Gain valuable insights into trends and patterns that impact patient acquisition rates over time.

Patient Drop-off Reports

Utilize the patient drop-off dashboard to proactively monitor and address any significant changes in patient utilization of your services. This tool provides detailed insight into the specific sources of drop-offs, allowing for a in-depth analysis of the underlying causes.

Armed with this valuable data, healthcare providers can develop effective strategies to improve patient retention rates & enhance patient satisfaction.

Appointment to Visit Ratios

Appointment to Visit Ratios

Track and analyze appointment to visit ratios accuarately using the dashboard. Gain insight into wait times, appointment cancellations, and no-show rates to optimize your resources and provide better care to patients.

Identify trends and make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

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Patient Acquisition CRM for Healthcare FAQs

What is patient acquisition?

Patient acquisition is the process in healthcare institutions of attracting more people to use their medical services and facilities, expanding their patient base in order to increase revenue. It involves adopting marketing practices that show people why they should pick their services over the competition.

How does CRM offer patient intake solutions?

A CRM with a patient management system allows you to build trigger-based healthcare communication workflows, gain valuable insights on intake trends and patterns through analytics and reports, and auto-assign patients to best-suited doctors.

How can healthcare institutions automate their patient intake?

Healthcare institutions can attract more patients to opt for their services through digital ads, automated communication, prompt appointment confirmation, and many more approaches. To make these practices seamless, they can always incorporate patient intake software and a CRM in their medical ecosystem.

What are the different methods of patient acquisition in CRM?

Paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, referral programs, content marketing, and many more methods can be used for increasing patient acquisition in CRM.

What is a CRM for patients?

A CRM for patients is a software that helps healthcare providers manage interactions with patients, including scheduling appointments, communication, and billing. It improves outcomes by enabling providers to track patient interactions, provide personalized care, and improve communication, leading to better patient satisfaction.

Is LeadSquared healthcare CRM HIPAA compliant?

Yes, LeadSquared offers HIPAA compliant Healthcare CRM software with BAA in place to maintain PHI security.

What is the difference between patient acquisition and patient retention?

Patient acquisition deals with bringing in potential new patients and convincing them that your medical services are reliable and one of the best. On the other hand, patient retention is the process of ensuring high satisfaction among your existing patients, so they keep choosing your institution.