Optimize Customer Responses with LeadSquared’s Chatbot

Improve customer engagement, save agents’ time, and serve multiple customers and prospects simultaneously through chat and web bots for flash-fast responses

Optimize Customer Responses with LeadSquared’s Chatbot

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One Chatbot | Multiple Use Cases | For All Industries

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Book appointments, share reminders to reduce no-shows.

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Financial Services

Build seamless onboarding journeys for your customers.

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Collect and verify documents easily.

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Real Estate

Share project & property details with interactive messaging.

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Re-engage with students to reduce drop-offs.

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Resolve student queries faster and increase upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

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Collect customer details and improve speed-to-lead conversions.



Set up qualification and self-serve workflows.

Never Let your Business Snoozezzz

Run Your Business Processes Round-the-Clock

Save your Agents’

Enable the bot to answer most asked questions, capture basic prospect details, collect documents, and send reminders so your agents only intervene when the going gets tough.




Build a bot to gauge whether a prospect is a serious buyer, doing initial research, or requires more nurturing. Nudge your sales teams to take over when the prospect is very interested.

Build a Centralized
Document Library

Allow the bot to collect documents from individual prospects for your team to access when they take the conversation ahead.


Lower Appointment

Program the bot to send out timely reminders, send appointment invites, and share information across stakeholders to avoid last-minute cancellations.

Re-engage Abandoned/
No-Action Prospects

Share special offer, one-time deals, personalized product offerings, and more with prospects that drop off without completing an action. Re-engage through multiple (automated) engagement steps to bring them back to the funnel.


Help Prospects Experience the AHA!
Moment Faster

Engage with somewhat interested prospects through product/service demonstrations, videos, teasers, walk-throughs, and samples to help them understand your offering better. Hasten the funnel movement from interested to opportunity.

Consolidate Buyer Engagement and Experience with LeadSquared Chatbot