Creating an E-commerce Marketplace for SMBs—DotPe doubles its conversions with LeadSquared

“With the help of LeadSquared, we have been able to leverage data and technology to drive revenue through sales efficiency.”

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Increase in Conversions


Leads Increased


Customer Relationship


Sales Productivity

DotPe loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Automates communications with clients
  • Improves reporting and enables tracking of the client’s journey
  • Sets reminders for follow-ups and activities that increase sales efficiency
  • Simplifies Email Marketing

Increase in Conversions


Leads Increased


Customer Relationship


Sales Productivity

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Bangalore, India

Enabling SMB digitalisation

In 2019, the founders of DotPe, Shailaz Nag, Gyanesh Sharma, and Anurag Gupta had the vision to digitalise SMBs. They wanted every small brick-and-mortar shop to get the right share of online business and, to an extent, be at par with the bigger retailers online. With this vision, they began to ideate DotPe, unaware that the pandemic in 2020 would bring them the right product-market fit.

During the lockdowns, small restaurants began to go out of business and people were terrified to leave their homes for even groceries.

At this point, DotPe became a great solution for the sellers and buyers. It helped small businesses create (and expand) their presence in the online e-commerce marketplace. DotPe provides templates for digital catalogues which is an alternative to building a website from scratch—an expensive affair for most small retailers. This template includes an editable and customisable menu of the store, add to cart option, digital checkout and payments, and an option to enable deliveries.

SMBs benefit by taking their businesses online with DotPe because this gets them more customers. They don’t lose their margins to giants like Amazon, and it’s a lot more convenient (and cheaper) than developing and maintaining their own website.

Templates that DotPe offers


1. Lack of proper channels to engage with leads and manage conversations.
2. Managing employees and tracking their progress on excel sheets was hard which decreased sales efficiency.
3. Reaching out to all the customers and potential clients at every stage was complicated and follow-ups were missed


1. DotPe set up the right channels to collect lead information which increased leads by 30X.
2. With LeadSquared, all the data—the number of calls made, deals closed, and total talk time—became easy to track and monitor.
3. Onboarding LeadSquared, a CRM, which provides constant reminders and automated communication improved relationships with customers.

Finding the right technology to scale up faster

DotPe started with just 4-5 members in the team, grew rapidly, and is 200+ members strong now. As the team grew, they noticed a few challenges along the way.

Keeping track of their client conversations, monitoring their teams, and following up on every call became tedious as the operations scaled.

They realised that excel sheets couldn’t cut it anymore as they weren’t able to organise their outbound meetings and demos to align them to their targets. Plus, recording the data manually was a time-consuming and tedious activity. As a start-up, they couldn’t afford to spend their time in activities that could be automated. So, DotPe decided that they needed a CRM that could scale up at the same speed as them and help them save time with automation.

DotPe was an early-stage, seed-funded start-up when they made this decision. They had a few basic requirements, like monitoring their team and taking notes after every interaction. But these requirements were proving to be roadblocks as the team began to grow. So, the team at DotPe wanted to update their sales process to make it efficient and optimise all their workflows. Before they hired more people, they also wanted detailed reports and easy-to-view dashboards in place to set the team up for success.

They looked into a few options for their CRM which included Freshworks, Salesforce, and LeadSquared. The team at DotPe had a rough mind map for their Inside Sales team, which included collecting the right data, automatic assignment of leads, and automated messaging, to name a few. With LeadSquared, they found the right fit for their requirements, and of all the tools they evaluated, they found that it gave them the most flexibility to try different approaches and change them on the go. They were excited to try out the marketing features and in-depth automation for messaging as well.

Optimising the Sales Process

After they got LeadSquared on board, in the past year, they set up their Inside Sales team, and businesses began to go online using their website templates. They also brought a lot of in-depth updates to their product to make it easy to integrate for companies, even in a hybrid model. The updates for the offline mode included splitting tables, assigning waiters, and managing inventory at the dine-out restaurant. These updates along with the improvements in the Inside Sales’ outbound process with LeadSquared’s features helped them bring marque brands such as Mcdonald’s, Taco Bell, and Social onboard. Once the ball got rolling, over the year 20,000+ restaurants registered, and the Inside Sales team began working harder than ever.

To achieve these results, they brought a lot of change to their Inside Sales process, which was a major step up from working on excel for both the admin and the employees. The improvements in their sales workflow helped them achieve the following:

30X Increase in the number of leads

DotPe had noticed that they were not able to attain all the leads and connect with them due to an absence of proper channels. After setting up LeadSquared, they could automatically capture the leads from their campaigns on various social media platforms and Google Ads. The inbound phone calls were also directed into the system and automatically assigned to team members. The leads began to be contacted at the right time because of orderly assignment, and there was no lead leakage now.

The multi-channel approach enabled them to exponentially increase their leads per week from 500 to 15,000, a 30X increase.

Increased Sales Efficiency

When a business begins its digital transformation, the decision to go online is often a long process. This was also the case with a lot of SMBs that DotPe contacted. They needed frequent conversations and timely follow-ups before they onboarded a new business. Once they shifted to LeadSquared, they were able to set up tasks for this. After a short training, the team found it easy to use LeadSquared and began to set up calls and reminders easily. They were also able to make notes for every meeting, which subsequently improved the quality of the next call. Having a calendar of tasks and weekly activities charted out increased the team’s productivity and efficiency. While the efficiency and engagement with the customers increased, so did the conversions. Back when they used excel sheets to track their progress, the conversion rate was 4.6% which doubled to 8-10% after shifting their operations to LeadSquared.

Automated communications

To make all interactions with DotPe customer-friendly, the team wanted to keep the customer notified at all stages. Whether it was to answer their queries or share updates, they wanted to keep the customer in the loop. Action-specific automation on LeadSquared (that allowed them to send updates on emails and Whatsapp) proved beneficial here.

Improved Email Marketing

“When we didn’t have a CRM, I remember spending 2-3 hours every day just sending out about 200-250 emails to various customers. This was a tedious process which we’ve now automated with drip campaigns using LeadSquared,”

Now, whenever a lead shows any kind of interest or responds to a campaign or ad, the team can sit back and be assured that the engagement will happen in the background on its own. Aniket also finds it easier to design his email campaigns as he doesn’t have to rely on a designer anymore. The drag and drop editor and scheduling function are his favourites while sending his email campaigns to thousands of customers with just a few clicks.

Better Reporting and Monitoring

Keeping a check on 3-5 employees was manageable on an excel sheet, but as the team grew, DotPe was glad that they had LeadSquared. The team managers could now view the details of all their team member’s workdays. All the data—the number of calls made, deals closed, and total talk time—was easy to track and monitor. This also contributed to the team members becoming more accountable and compliant with the processes set in place.

The overall reports on the dashboards also show the lead status and the total number of leads that have entered the system over a time period. This helped DotPe assess the efficiency of their process and the outcomes of all their sales and marketing strategies.

“LeadSquared has completely freed up my bandwidth for more productive tasks. I can now do deep work, plan for the future, build more products, and set the right processes in place without worrying about what’s happening in the background. LeadSquared tracks and updates me on all my team members and leads, and we can focus on scaling up and bringing new updates to DotPe.”

In just one year, DotPe has scaled tremendously. The team size, restaurant chains that they have onboarded, and the efficiency of their sales process—everything is up. DotPe focused on solving all their user’s problems and used LeadSquared to increase quality engagement with their leads which significantly contributed to their growth.

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