Digitising the Sales Process: Freight Systems increased their Sales Productivity by 50%

“We’re impressed with LeadSquaredwe have optimised the performance of our existing people, resources and datto increase our productivity by 50% in just three months. We now dial more numbers and connect with more people every day.”

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Increase in Sales


Customer Relationship




Lead leakage

The logistics company loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Helped them monitor their teams closely and hence increase productivity.
  • Simplified marketing workflows and reduced lead leakage
  • Provides suitable customisations at the best price possible

Increase in Sales


Customer Relationship




Lead leakage

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Freight Systems is an international freight forwarding company that started in 1988 with the vision to provide great logistical services. They enable export and import of finished goods and raw materials to companies in over 30 countries via airways, roadways, and maritime transport and ensure the shortest possible time with the least hassle.


Freight Systems provides information on the available carriers, their quotes and the port they leave from. This makes it easy for companies to book their logistics in one go at the most suitable pricing.

Digitizing the Sales process with the right technologyDecided that they need to choose a Sales CRM which is customizable to fit their requirements.
Quickly making the transition from Field-sales to Inside Sales Chose LeadSquared that has all the functions they need at the right price and is easy to implement and use.
Decreasing manual work using excel for pre-sales activities while retaining the in house solutions for post-salesThe dashboards, built-in dialer, and follow-up reminders freed up a chunk of the sales reps’ time. The customizations ensured that LeadSquared complements the current systems to create an end-to-end sales automation process.
Increasing sales productivity and setting up marketing activitiesAlong with the required sales function, LeadSquared also allows Freight Systems to create an effective marketing strategy using email campaigns and landing pages.

Utilising the right technology

Their aim, in the coming years, is to become the best freight forwarders in the world. They wanted to make the most of their existing resources and the right technology to expand their operations digitally to achieve this goal.

Choosing a tech-savvy approach, Freight Systems set out on a hunt for the right CRM to streamline their sales and marketing operations.

Like most B2B companies, the team at Freight Systems was dependent on the face-to-face mode of sales before 2020. This is because the deal size and the logistic method the customers choose are decisions that impact several other important metrics. It affects the projected cost for the delivery, the time it will take, and subsequently the company’s reputation. Freight Systems used their in-house solutions to register calls and visit logs and create quotations for businesses. However, to make the switch from direct to inside sales, they needed a CRM suitable to their needs to increase sales efficiency.

On the hunt for the right CRM

Choosing the right CRM was tough because they needed the finest features, automation, and a CRM that would perfectly fit their requirements. They required the CRM to be compatible with the current system they had in place and have a built-in dialler and allow them to follow up on all their interactions.


Other CRMs that they evaluated had similar specifications as LSQ. But, not only was there a huge difference in price but they couldn’t map the same ROI as LeadSquared. Their other options were also more focused on marketing, with less emphasis on sales automation, which was Freight System’s priority. On their CRM hunt, robust sales functionalities and an appropriate price point were Freight System’s non-negotiable requirements. After long deliberation and evaluating all the options, they chose LeadSquared.

The post-sales activities such as booking and accounting were easily managed in house. But managing sales functions like lead capture, activity and interaction tracking, easy calling (with dialler integration) were challenges that they were facing. LeadSquared helped them make up for these crucial sales functions.  It also made follow-ups easy with timely reminders, and the sales representatives could also see their daily activities on a single dashboard. Managing leads, engaging them, and tracking the lead stages were all done on a single platform, making the sales team’s life a lot easier.

The outcome of sales process automation


No Data Loss

In the freight business, data is procured from government portals, including information such as the company’s name and phone numbers. LeadSquared ensures that no leads are lost, and all of them are contacted at the right time.

Marketing campaigns simplified

Along with sales, marketing became easy with email and landing page builder. At first, they were apprehensive but creating the campaigns with the drag and drop editor and scheduling them with LeadSquared turned out to be easy for them.


Saving time and opportunities

With LeadSquared on board, the team has saved all the time previously spent on manual tasks such as entering phone numbers and maintaining excel records. Since the Freight business is highly competitive, even 15 seconds spent on dialling can cause lost opportunities, which is not a problem anymore.

Improved customer relationship

In the Freight System, building a long-term relationship with clients is key since most business is recurring. Frequent interactions, including automated emails and telephonic follow-ups, using LeadSquared have improved customer relationships and engagement.  In just three short months of using LeadSquared, their sales productivity is up by 50%.   

According to Savio Rodrigues, Manager-Inside Sales at Freight Systems, his favourite feature is the dashboard -not only can he view his team’s activity, but he can also customise the details. Now, he can view all the leads in the system and their status. This helps him plan the team’s activities and analyse important metrics like engagement and lead source.

In Conclusion

Last year just as the logistics business slowed down due to the pandemic, face-to-face sales became a roadblock. Freight Systems made the best of their existing resources and chose the right technology to go digital. With LeadSquared, they could sell online with their Inside Sales team and increase productivity to stay ahead of the curve.

They also found the right fit between their in-house solution and LeadSquared to manage their pre- and post-sales processes. They’re now planning to manage their end-to-end process on LeadSquared and expand their marketing usage as well.

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