Mobile Call Center Solution for Telemarketing Teams of All Sizes

Dialing, recording and agent performance tracking – all on your mobile

Plug and Play Call Center for Distributed Teams

Don’t spend on expensive setups and hardware, spend on high-quality agents


Plug and play model

You don’t need a complex setup, expensive office space or costly hardware for your mobile call center. All you need is an agent, a mobile phone and LeadSquared app.

distributed teams

Perfect for distributed teams of all sizes

Used by teams working separately in remote locations, or together in an office. Empower your teams to deliver excellent performance no matter where they are.


Grows with your team

Affordable solution that scales as your team grows. If you have 1 agent, or a 1000, the solution would always be easy and inexpensive to use and set up.

Complete Inbound and Outbound Call Center

Auto-record and track all inbound and outbound calls of your agents

Automatically record all calls

Record all inbound and outbound calls being made by your agents with just a click. This helps in real-time quality control.

Automatically record all calls


Monitor agent performance and on-call time

Get complete performance reports of your agents (number of calls, quality of calls, on-call time and more)

Manage missed calls efficiently

Complete call tracking, even for missed calls. The number would get queued for follow-up later.

Manage missed calls efficiently
Used in multiple industries

Used in multiple industries

Like education, real estate, spas and wellness clinics, insurance, financial services, or any other sales driven businesses.

Used for multiple purposes

Like sales, telemarketing, support, service, cross-selling, upselling, follow-ups and more.

Used for multiple purposes
Used by multiple team types

Used by multiple team types

Like inside sales teams, telesales teams, field-sales teams, independent sales agents, DSAs (Direct Sales Agents), or Support teams.

Real-time audits

Record calls, run quality control checks, monitor performance, identify exceptionally good or bad agents in terms of call quality and closures, and give real-time feedback.

sms tracking

SMS tracking

Track all text messages your agents send and receive from the leads. Also, automate “I called, but you were busy” messages from agents to leads if they are unresponsive to calls

Works with popular IVR solutions

Out-of-the-box integrations with major IVR players, like Knowlarity, CallRail, Exotel, Ameyo and more.

Works with IVR solutions

Our Sales Team Knows Exactly Which Leads to Contact First

“LeadSquared has put us in complete control of our leads. It’s easy to track them, share information between teams and follow up in a timely manner. The sales team is also much more efficient, because they know exactly which leads to contact first.”


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