Dead Simple Lead Tracking

Monitor all calls, emails and chat interactions your leads have with your business


Makes you wonder why you ever used old-school CRMs and excel sheets

Capture all your online and offline leads

Capture lead information from all sources like forms, chat, emails, phone calls, PPC ads, social media and more. You can even capture info that they haven’t shared with you, like their social profiles.

Track all your lead interactions

Record every conversation your leads have with you – phone calls, emails, chats etc. Everything you track, including lead identity and activities is displayed in a clean time-based flow on the lead activities page.

Alert sales on pre-defined lead actions

Send automatic mobile and email notifications to sales team when your leads take a relevant action. Ex: When a lead clicks your sales emails.

Track leads on mobile (works offline)

All of your lead insights are tracked in the mobile app as well. Your team can check the lead interactions as they head for their next meeting, or grab their coffee.

Identify hot leads with lead scoring

Quantify the lead’s engagement by scoring each positive and negative interaction they have with your team. Identify interested and disinterested leads in one glance.

Get detailed lead analytics

Get insights on the leads being generated, the lead sources working best for you, the lead interactions with your sales team, and lead conversion analytics.

Tasks and reminders

Alert sales people and set up tasks for them as soon as their lead takes a notable action.

Ex: As soon as a prospect clicks on a “Call me back” link, you can automatically alert the salesperson chasing him, and set up a task for him to call the prospect.

Tasks and reminders

Trackable sales emails

Trackable sales emails

Send one-on-one sales emails to your leads in just a few clicks. All these emails get tracked in the lead activity history, including the response of the lead.

Lead activity history

Every conversation your leads have with your sales team are tracked and captured – phone calls, emails and others. Everything you track, is displayed in a clean time-based flow on the lead activities page.

Lead activity history

Detailed lead insights

Detailed lead insights

Get access to complete individual and collective lead insights. So, in addition to tracking individual leads, you’ll also be able to track the collective lead growth, daily lead addition summary, and the average time that it takes to win a customer.

Seamless lead tracking across multiple teams

“We wanted to track lead engagement of over 65,000 leads by multiple team members across Asia, across 15 different channels at one place seamlessly. We achieved that by using the plug and play model of LeadSquared. In addition to an exceptional product, the team is extremely reliable and prompt – they try to creatively solve the clients’ problem and not find ways to overcharge. Last but not the least – low cost compared to others in the market by at least 50%.”

Sasidhar Sista

Sasidhar Sista

PJM, Ashoka University

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